Greater Building Society TVC

[Noise of shopping trolley on road] [Stool clatters to the ground] [Jerry Seinfeld:] Excuse me. Show here later. [Background music plays] When it comes to your money,
you don’t want great, you want Greater. It’s like Maximum. Why go to a drugstore to get pain medication? I want maximum strength. Figure out what will kill me,
then back it off a little. [Jerry:] Where are you from?
[Lady:] Here [Jerry:] Well it’s nice to have you back. [Voice-over:] The Greater Building
Society has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the world. If you want to know why, speak to an expert,
ask a Greater customer. [Jerry:] Anybody here from Wagga Wagga? Don’t miss me next week,
I’ll be in front of the Laundromat.

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