Guest Speaker Pastor Clayton Young: Jeremiah 18, 2 Timothy 2:20

and speaking of God’s Word I have a good
friend of mine his name is Clayton Young and he’s here today with his wife Lisa
I’ve known Clayton for many many years I first met him at the River of Life as we
were serving together feeding the homeless there on River Street Kings Street
I forget what street that is and so he’s an associate pastor at Calvary
Chapel central Oahu and we also did a basketball clinic together we had like
70 or 80 kids we did at Komomai and his heart was that I don’t know what to do
but I just want to be here and I said come and so he just helped us and he
helped us with the kids but the thing that he did that was a blessing to me
was that he shared God’s Word with the kids before we did our basketball clinic
and that was that was awesome in itself so without further ado I’d like
to introduce you Clayton Young pastor Clayton Young it is such an honor to be here we are so
blessed oh it is such a privilege and honor to be here this morning got a call
a couple weeks ago to fill in for pastor JD just want to say that you folks are
blessed to have JD as your pastor over the years when I and when I’m on
vacation we go and sit in in different churches and get you know fed ourselves
and Calvary Chapel Kaneohe has been one of the churches that we have visited
over the years and the first time we visited was at the Seventh-day Adventist
Church and you folks many of you remember that right and and then just
maybe two or three weeks after you opened up this place we were here and
had a chance to talk to your pastor and he encouraged me I just want you to know
he encouraged me so much on that visit but you’re blessed to have JD my
wife and I really love his teaching he’s just called by God and just being used
by God in a mighty way but you’re also blessed to have this building look at
this you know God has really blessed you in so many ways and so we’re excited but
more than just a building we’re excited about you because you’re the church and
God is going to use you in such a great and mighty way in this place in this
community in this state and that’s really what’s impressed on my heart so
my prayer and my hope is that I would come this morning to be used by God to
build you up to encourage you so that you can be all that God has intended for
you to be as a church and so we’re going to trust God for that at this time open
your Bibles to Jeremiah 18 we’re going to look
and see what God has for us as he had spoken to the children of Israel our
title of our message is a vessel for honor and why don’t you bow with me as we
seek the Lord for prayer this morning Father in Heaven we call upon Your name
we ask You to come and fill this place may Your spirit dwell among Your people
here this morning fill us empower us open up our eyes and ears to what the
Spirit has to say this morning may we receive Lord personally from You to each
one of us Your message Your instruction Your hope so thank You Lord for what You
will do in Jesus name Amen all right read with me as I start in
chapter 18 starting in verse 1 it is a section in the life of Israel where God
has called Jeremiah to be a prophet to the nation’s and here in this section
God calls Jeremiah specifically to do one thing and it is to go to the
potter’s house and to observe so as we study the text this morning let’s make
some observations let’s suppose that we are following Jeremiah to the potter’s
house and we too are observing what takes place starting in verse 1
the word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying arise and go down to the
potter’s house and there I will cause you to hear My words then I went down to
the potter’s house and there he was making something at the wheel and the
vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the Potter so he made it
again into another vessel as it seemed good to the Potter to make then the word
of the Lord came to me saying oh house of Israel can I not do
with you as this potter says the Lord look as the clay is in the potters hand
so are you in My hand o house of Israel the instant I speak concerning a nation
and concerning a kingdom to pluck up and pull down and to destroy it if that
nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil I will relent of the
disaster that I thought to bring upon it and the instant I speak concerning
the nation and concerning a kingdom to build and to plant it and if it does
evil in my sight so that it does not obey my voice then I will relent
concerning the good with which I said I would benefit it now therefore speak to
the men of Judah and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem saying thus this says the Lord
behold I am fashioning a disaster and devising a plan against you return now
every one from his evil way and make your ways and your doings good in
Jeremiah 18 we just read God calls Jeremiah to go to the potter’s house and
after making that observation of the Potter working the wheel he says can I
not do to you Israel as the Potter does to the clay you see Israel is in
rebellion to God so much so that God had to divide it into two kingdoms the
northern kingdom and the southern kingdom ten tribes in the north two in the south
more specifically God calls Jeremiah to go and be a prophet to the kingdom in
the south known as Judah but both kingdoms were in rebellion to God and
God brought judgment among His people and he divided his people into those two
kingdoms what was part of the rebellion well first of all these guys were made
up of 12 brothers Jacob’s sons that’s the 12 tribes and they came from
well Jacob had two wives so they came from the two moms and these half
brothers were at enmity with each other they couldn’t get along they were
fighting within the family so that was one problem but the second problem was
that these guys were in rebellion to God they weren’t listening to God they
disobeyed God and in fact they went to worship false gods idols idolatry was
taking place God refers to this as spiritual adultery
instead of being loyal to the one and only true God they were worshipping
false idols false gods from Egypt they were backslidden and they refused to
heed the voice of God so God sends Jeremiah to the potter’s house and He
says cannot I do with my children the children of Israel as the Potter does
with the clay and that was the image the observation and the message that
Jeremiah needed to take to his people as a prophet as a spokesperson as a
mouthpiece from God God’s heart was breaking God’s heart was grieved because
his own people were not loyal to him judgment had already taken place because
of the division in the two kingdoms and God was calling His people back to Him
in that passage we just read we not only observe the potter working the wheel but
there was also a warning and God is imploring His people He is urging He is
pleading with His people to return back to Him because further judgment is on
its way it is imminent but God’s heart breaks
for His people He wants to spare them of the discipline and the further judgment
but isn’t it interesting human nature we think we know better than God when we
read the Bible and God tells us to love our enemies we
says no God I know better than You I don’t want to do that God says to bless
those who curse you on the road there’s so many cases of road rage even for the
Christian when somebody curses us we need to bless them the Bible says but
yet our human nature thinks we know better than God love your enemies do
good to those who hate you bless those who curse you and pray for those who
spitefully use you and mistreat you the Bible says and yet so many times we
think we know better than God and here God is pleading with His people to
return back to Him and the people refused that reminded me of a joke that
was sent to me by my auntie a couple of years ago and the story goes
like this there was a old retired farmer after many years of working the farm he
decided to retire but yet he still wanted to make some money so he decided
to open up a medical clinic so he made a sign and he stuck it outside of his
house or his barn right and he says medical clinic if I can cure you it will
cost you five hundred dollars but if I cannot cure you I will pay you a
thousand dollars and there was a young MD medical doctor in the town at the
time and he came across this barn and he saw the sign and he thought to himself
what does this farmer know about he don’t know no beans about medicine this is a
good opportunity for me to make some money right so he walks into the guy’s
barn and he says hey so this old geezer is in the barn and he says a doc you
know all of a sudden I can’t taste anything I think I lost all my taste
buds so the doc says hey nurse go to box 22 and put three
drops on his tongue so he sticks out his tongue the nurse puts three drops and he
goes ah that’s gasoline so the old geezer says congratulations you’ve got your
taste buds back that’s $500 and so the guy went home but the next day he said
man I’ve got to get my money back I can get my money back so he walks into the barn the
next day and he says hey doc I think my memory’s going I can’t remember a thing
hey nurse go to box 22 and put three drops on his tongue oh no you don’t
that’s gasoline congratulations you’ve got your memory back
that’s another $500 and so he goes home and a couple days later he says he’s so
angry that he’s got to figure out a way and so he says okay a couple days later
he goes back knocks on the door and he tells the doc hey Doc I think my eyes
are going bad I can’t see a thing he says okay you’ve got me I can’t cure that I
owe you $1,000 so he gives the guy the money and the guy looks at that says hey you
said $1,000 that’s only 500 congratulations you’ve got your eyesight
back that’s another $500 you see so often in life we think we can outsmart
God so often in life we think we know better than God God instructs us in the
Bible with commands and instructions and all God wants from us is obedience a
loyal heart and the children of Israel was not able to give that to God the end
of the story as we read through the Book of Jeremiah we find that the
kingdom in the north was judged not only by being divided but they were judged by
being taken captive by the Assyrians and when Jeremiah pleaded with the people in
the south they didn’t listen to him and nobody turned and they
got taken captive by Babylon so you know the story but what about us
today are we going to be like the children of Israel and continue to
harden our hearts towards God refused to listen to Him and obey Him and heed His
words and His commands let’s look at the three things going back to the text when
Jeremiah went to the potter’s house there was three pieces and parts that
we’re going to take a look at the first as the Potter the second is the clay and
the third is the wheel all right the Potter represents Almighty God he is
our Creator he is our Heavenly Father the Potter represents God because the
Potter is the one who will determine what he will form shape and mold the
clay represents us there we are sitting on the wheel at the mercy of God it is
God who created us that’s why we’re here we didn’t create ourselves nobody else
brought us into this world it was God who has a plan for our lives it is God
who brought us here we’re the clay and we need to submit and surrender to God
and allow Him to work His will in and through our lives Amen the wheel
represents life and the circumstances and the trials of life that come with it so let’s look at God as the potter it is
interesting that as we examine ourselves Second Corinthians says to examine
ourselves in the context of taking communion it says let a man first examine
himself less judgment come upon him so we want to examine ourselves
as we examine ourselves what I find is there’s a lot of things in my life that
I’d like to change there’s a lot of flaws there’s a lot of weaknesses and I
certainly want to change these things but one of the things that I find is
it’s very difficult to change myself we had a Ohana group at my home we just
started a couple months now every Friday night we invite the church to come over
and we eat dinner together at 6 o’clock and then we have worship and
then we break into groups the youth group goes across the street to somebody
else’s house and then the children go into the house in the living room and
they have their own childcare thing and then the adults meet and then we have
our teaching and then we divide into guys and girls for the application part
so that’s been a great time of fellowship for us but one of the guys
were sharing in our time together he says you know one of the things that he
discovered is he cannot change himself and as he was sharing I was thinking to
myself that is true that’s so true we cannot change yourself so many I mean
how many guys are married ok it’s your spouse that wants to change you right I
know right it’s our spouse that has all these
things that they want changed about us and yet we have a hard time changing
ourselves so anyway he was sharing and he was saying you know we can’t change
ourself and I was thinking that’s so true but there’s only one person that
can change us and that’s God it’s God working through our lives to bring about
those changes so God is the Potter He wants to change us He is sovereign God
is at work in your life Ephesians chapter 2 says we are His workmanship
created in Christ Jesus for what to do good works that is the purpose God is at
work in us so that we can do good works in Philippians 1:6 it
says He who has begun a good He who has begun a good work in you will complete
it till the day of Jesus Christ God is not done with us we are in process God
is completing us till that day of Jesus Christ
so God patiently directs your life just as the Potter works the clay we are in
process of becoming all that God wants us to be alright we’re the clay let’s
talk about the clay what is clay I wrote in my Bible years ago clay nothing but
dust because what is clay clay is basically
dust plus water there’s nothing special in and of itself clay is not valuable
because it is so common I’m taking a Hebrew class right now and my Hebrew
name is Adam which in English is Adam and why is my name Adam because Adam
came from the ground made from clay so anyway I was thinking clay nothing but
dust and I go what’s my name Clay yeah common and not valuable and not worth
much you know and then anyway but God reminded me actually it’s a good
reminder for me because I need to be reminded that apart from Christ I’m
nothing I’m just a clay vessel made from dust and that’s who we are and so anyway
in this Hebrew class my Hebrew name is Adam which means man that came from the
ground made from clay but isn’t it when the Spirit of God goes into an earthen
vessel that something great can happen in and of ourselves we’re nothing we’re
weak vessels we’re flawed vessels but when the
Spirit of God comes into us and uses us for His glory we can do great and mighty
things for Him amen so you and I are clay pots and we want
to be useful to the Master and at that point we become valuable a vessel for
honor Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
when I got called in the ministry sixteen years ago that was the verse
that God gave me he called me with that verse because I
always thought of myself as some weak vessel that I couldn’t do much I
couldn’t be used by God and God gave me that verse He says you can do it because
I’m going to do it through you and then He gave me a cross-reference verse in
John 15:5 and it says I am the vine and you’re the branches he who abides in Me
and I in you will bear much fruit for apart from Me you can do nothing and so
that was a great balance for me on one hand God can use a clay vessel an
earthen vessel for God but at the same time if I ever think that I can do
things apart from God I need to think twice because apart from Him I can do
nothing Jeremiah in Chapter one was called by God it’s chapter one is the
calling of Jeremiah and it’s just a beautiful what we find there is God calls
Jeremiah and He says before you were formed in the womb I knew you see God already knew
Jeremiah’s soul even before he was formed in the womb and God already had a
calling on this man’s life God called Jeremiah to be a prophet to the nation’s
to be God’s spokesperson to speak to God’s people Jeremiah became a vessel of Honor
because he allowed God to use him to work in and through him going back to
the potter’s house in order for the clay to become a useful vessel it has to
yield to the Potter if the clay resists and if we resist to God we cannot become
the vessel that God wants us to be we must yield in the Hebrew class that
I’m taking there’s another Hebrew word I want to share with you it’s called hineni hineni means here I am to do your will with complete obedience and there
are several examples in the bible where men that was called by God said Here I
am Abraham at Mount Moriah what took place what’s significant about Mount
Moriah and Abraham remember it is when God called Abraham and Abraham said here
I am Lord God called Abraham Abraham and and Abraham responded here I am and what did
God tell Abraham at Mount Moriah he said Abraham I want you to take your son that
I promised to give you your one and only son Isaac and what did he tell Abraham
to do with Isaac God said Abraham I want you to take that son that I promised you
and I gave you and I want you to take him up at Mount Moriah and sacrifice
him to Me when Abraham says God I hear You Here I
am it is the deep meaning in Hebrew means Lord here I am to do Your will
with complete obedience that is the kind of obedience God wants from us as clay
vessels so that we can be useful to Him it is not hey how many of you want to go to
help wash cars next week oh I volunteered it is not that kind in the
English when Isaiah said who will go before me and Isaiah said here
I am send me again it’s hineni here I am with complete obedience Lord send me
is that the kind of heart that we have here today because that is what God is
calling from us complete obedience heneni when Moses was at the burning bush
God heard the cries of His children in Egypt they were being not only captive
but they were oppressed and the cries from His children reached the ears of
God it says and so God calls Moses at the burning bush and Moses says here I
am and God says take off your sandals for you standing on holy ground in each
of these cases we see that each of these men completed the call of God on their
life they obeyed God completely in fact for Abraham he was being tested
he rose that knife and then the angel of the Lord appeared it was a test and God
says because you passed this test I want you to take a look at the stars
on the sky and the dust of the earth and the sand of the sea and your descendants
are going to be more than can be counted we have to obey God completely give God
our whole allegiance it was here I am hineni life at the wheel let’s talk about the
wheel what is the wheel the wheel represents the circumstances in our life
isn’t it interesting that oftentimes we have no control over the circumstances
in our life God is sovereign it is He who is in control God determines our
journey God arranges the circumstances and He molds us we see the potter
pushing into the clay pulling up on it and pressing into it
God is the Potter and we are the clay we need to let God we need to allow God to
work His will into our lives allowing the circumstances in our life oftentimes
sometimes and sometimes oftentimes we find our life going through difficulties
sometimes life is painful there are circumstances that happens in our life
and it’s very painful difficult and sometimes grievous I’ve experienced
those times even in my life where the soul is just grieved and you cry out to
God and tears just come down flowing from your face but at
the same time that it’s Grievous it is also cleansing and it’s a time
that you’re drawing near to your God and a time of surrender and a time of yielding
and allowing God His sovereignty in your life I don’t know what you go through
but I can be certain that every one of us has gone through difficult times
tribulating times the Bible says that we are going to go through tribulating
times the Bible says life is hard and there will be tribulation but what does
Jesus say but be of good cheer because I have over
the world our church Calvary Chapel Central Oahu has been one of two
churches in Calvary 1 of 5 churches in this state that has a lawsuit laid upon us
because there were two atheists about I think it was about five years ago that
went and visited churches and looked for things that they can claim a lawsuit
against Waxer’s Church he’s a you guys know Waxer he’s another pastor at One
Love and Calvary Chapel Central Oahu are the two remaining churches out of the
five in this lawsuit and just recently we went to court and to the appellate
court praise the Lord we have a great defense team the Alliance Defending
Freedom that’s defending us pro bono they’re not charging us a penny you know
for it and these guys of course claimed that these guys have no grounds but it
hasn’t gone to anything but a hearing at this point and we don’t know where this
is going to lead it could go to a trial court it could go to the Supreme Court
this is the first time in the history in our nation where somebody has used this
kind of lawsuit against churches we’re living in the last days
there will be persecution and certainly we’ve experienced some of this so
continue to pray for us because this is where it is it’s not over yet and it’s
been about maybe five years now that this thing’s been in court but talk about the
circumstances of life we have no control but God has allowed it and you know so
we’re going to we’re going to trust the Lord and see where that goes
as we consider the life of Joseph in the Bible he’s one of my heroes because he’s
gone through a lot of circumstances in his life but yet at the end of the story
we see how God has used him in a great and mighty way Joseph was betrayed by
his brothers he was hated by his brothers his brothers envied him they
conspired against him and threw him in a pit and then what did they do they sold
him as a slave to Egypt and while in Egypt it goes from bad to worse
right so while in Egypt Potiphar buys him and Potiphar allows him to oversee his
household but Potiphar’s wife falsely accuses him and we find Joseph in prison
and in prison he meets the baker and the butler and they promise one of the guys
when he got our promise that he’ll remember Joseph but what happened he
forgotten Joseph for another two years he was in prison but then that doesn’t
end the story the Pharaoh at the time needed someone to interpret dreams and
there we find Joseph being called out of prison interpreting the dreams and
becoming second to Pharaoh but God in His sovereignty is using Joseph to save
His people His people of Israel are in Canaan and there’s a famine and without
Joseph in Egypt His people would have perished
we know that the Messiah has come through this line and God in His
sovereignty needed to get Joseph from point A to point B right there in Egypt
to save his family so the Messiah can come through where
would we be today now did Joseph understand all the
circumstances that went on in his life you can be sure and I can be sure that
there was a lot of suffering going on in Joseph’s life I mean how many of us have
been betrayed by someone right how many of us have been conspired against if
you’ve been hated and mistreated or even falsely accused in this case Joseph
went through all of that but he trusted his God and God used him in a mighty way
as a vessel for honor see that Joseph is no different from any of us
because God wants to use you and your life in a mighty way for His kingdom and
His glory Joseph who was he he was a clay vessel he came from the ground he
was made out of dust just like you and me my name we’re nothing but dust but
when we can be obedient and saying whinny here I am Lord with complete
obedience I give myself to you God can use you in a mighty way Amen if we know that God is sovereign and He
is and if we know that God loves you and He does then if something happens to you
if something happens to us it is only because God allowed it if God allowed
something had to happen in your life then we know that God is going to make
something good out of it Romans 8:28 what does it say for God
works all things together for good to those who love Him according to His
purpose God works all things together for good when Joseph was thrown in the
pit and sold to the Egyptian slaves as an Egyptian slave God needed Joseph
to go from Canaan He had to get him into Egypt Joseph didn’t understand that but
God in His sovereignty could see all of that but we have to trust God if we
fight God along the way if we complain and if we raise our fists at God then
maybe God cannot use us as He wants to use us and He might have to use somebody
else but you have a great opportunity to be used by God in a mighty way the
message I have for you today is don’t resist the Potter yield and surrender to
God let God mold and shape you into His image so that He can use you in a great
and mighty way all right so we talked about the Potter
and the clay and the wheel what also comes with the wheel and circumstances
is trials and trials are the furnaces in our life when the clay is formed and
shaped and the potter completes what he had intended to make in that clay from
that lump it is not complete until you place that clay into the kiln the kiln
is a furnace that has to be you have to fire that clay the heat is what makes
the heat is what makes the clay useful and valuable if you form a
beautiful piece of pottery a ceramic piece from a lump of clay but fail to
put it in the kiln imagine you can’t use it useless it has to be heated in the
kiln and the kiln will raise and increase temperature up to 2,000 degrees
can you imagine that all right so what is the boiling point
of water I’m a former science teacher myself so I know so I just thought I’d
show that you don’t have to answer the boiling point of water is 212
degrees Fahrenheit placing that lump of clay that piece of pottery into the kiln
will bring it up to 2,000 degrees that is ten times the amount that it takes to
boil water that’s a lot of heat the kiln is regulated because it doesn’t just go
from zero to you know 2,000 it’s regulated at stages and reaches that
stage then it increases the temperature and you can kind of program that kiln
but it’s that clay piece is not going to be completed until it reaches that
temperature this is what gives the clay strength and beauty by the way my wife
is sitting here and I’m blessed to be married to Lisa it was just a week ago
Saturday that we celebrated our 28th anniversary and as I thought about our
anniversary this year I thought about where would I be today without her and
then of course as I was thinking about it even coming up here
driving up here this morning God in His Word say it’s not good for man to be
alone I will make you a helper she has certainly been my helper over 28 years
and men if I can give you one advice this is it listen to your wife the
advice the things that I’m blinded to I cannot see but she can see in fact she sees
sees all my flaws but when I listen to her and I heed the advice it
betters myself it makes me better that’s a wise man I’m
still learning and there’s still much to learn
but where would I be without her I have been blessed we’ve got two kids
my daughter’s 24 my son’s 19 and they’re both working now and doing well but even
for me it has in ministry she has supported me and where would I be
without her you know so thank you Lisa and I’m blessed because God’s blessed me
with you but I remember when we were newlyweds
Oh for those of you that have been married a while think back when you were
just married newlyweds and I remember one of the there’s so you know being
married when you’re young and there’s so many things you don’t know you know and
you do things you make mistakes but that’s how you learn but those are also
fun times but of course challenging times but I remember when we’re newly
was one of the things I was learning how to cook you know and so if you’re not
married yet by the way any of you another advice is to learn how to cook
now because so when you’re married you you’ve got that much ahead I don’t think
either of us she had a grandma that did all the cooking and I had a great mom as
a cook and my mom did all the cooking there were three two brothers there’s three
boys that she raised and none of us were in a kitchen you know so but when we got
married if you know cook you’re not going to eat right so so we were
learning how to we had to learn how to cook but anyway I remember and one of
our meals we had this chicken and when the chicken was done um it was
incredible incredibly tough like you got one knife and the knife no can penetrate
this chicken and it’s like what is wrong with this chicken what do we do I mean
it was so tough that I promise if we if we if we dropped this chicken that
thing would have bounced little did we know we bought a stewing
chicken instead of a roaster we somehow bought we made a mistake we
bought this stewing chicken by mistake it was like rubber I tell you and you
know and it wasn’t me who bought the chicken by the way I’m not going to mention names
but anyway but we learned and that was the one and only stewing chicken we ever
bought in our life interesting but our lives think about it are like this stewing
chicken tough hard resistant callous rebellious and stubborn right in and of
itself left alone to our own nature that’s who we are and there’s only one
way to cook this stewing chicken it’s to cook it slow right low heat for long
periods of time greater than 3 hours what am I talking about I’m talking
about a crock pot you’ve got to stick that chicken in a crock pot crock pot is an
interesting way of cooking because because your food in a crock pot would
become incredibly tender you would get deeper results because the flavor can
infuse over time and it breaks down the connective tissue that makes that thing
tough stew meat for example is another one you would want to put in a crock pot
break down that connective tissue softened at meat and ho three hours
later come home from work ho that thing smells good right all the flavor
infusing through that whole stew and that’s exactly what God wants to do in
and through our lives God is after something that is valuable in you in us
the clay in and of itself is common invaluable but God doesn’t see you as
just a clay vessel He doesn’t just see you as a clay pot He sees you
as a vessel for honor something that is valuable that will last for all of
eternity and one of the things that God is after right now in and through our
lives your life my life is character character development He wants to
develop us and how does He do it in the book of James chapter one he says
consider it pure joy my brother’s whenever you face trials of many kinds
knowing that the testing of your faith will produce patience patience is
character a patient person has character anybody can be impatient and it is no
fun to be around impatient people but a person that is patient is a person of
character Romans 12 says that we need to be patient in tribulation Colossians 1
says to be strengthened with all might according to His glorious power for all
patience and long-suffering low heat for long periods of time long suffering with
joy character development takes time it is a slow process James also says but
let patience have it’s perfect work so that you may be perfect and complete
lacking nothing character development involves suffering God is the Potter who
is orchestrating the circumstances of your life and nowhere in scripture does
it say that we are going to be without suffering without hardship without
difficulty but with tribulation be of good cheer for I have overcome the world
our lives in a sense are going to be like needing to be in that crock-pot low
heat for long periods of time some of some of you some of us might have been
wondering how long O Lord how long and we may have thought
about those those thoughts because it seems like it’s been a long time that
we’ve suffered a long time we’ve been in this trial and it hasn’t been over yet
well it’s because God is not done with us and He’s working He’s breaking down
that connective tissue that strong will in us that has to be broken He’s working
His patience in and through our lives sometimes in life it’s people that we
have difficulty with sometimes it could be our financial problems maybe it’s
even our health and just the pressures of life that can bring this kind of heat
that we need in our life but if we see these agents as something God is using
to help make us into what He wants us to be then maybe we can better cooperate
with God and not fight God knowing that God is good He is sovereign He is in
control and he’s working His will in and through us the trials that God allows in
our life are you being used to break down that self will you remember Jesus
in the garden when he wrestled with his will the Bible says sweat drops of blood
fell from His head and he wrestled with the father and He says father if it’s
possible let this cup pass from Me nevertheless not My will but Yours be
done Jesus submitted his will over to the
Father’s will Jesus knew from the moment of having to
turn back to Jerusalem on that donkey on Palm Sunday he knew that it was just a
time of suffering for Him but He gave up His will
we need to do the same Father never not my will be done but Yours be done
trials is what’s going to make us into a gentle person a patient and kind person our lives will begin when we allow God
to work through the trials in our life to begin to attain the fragrance of
Christ the Bible talks about the aroma is there Christ’s aroma in your life the
next time you’re tested by a trial is there an aroma of Christ coming out of
you or is there an aroma of the flesh God is making us into His image just
like a goldsmith how does a goldsmith purify gold how does a goldsmith make
gold pure he melts the gold in a furnace and he allows the impurities of the gold
to float and rise to the top and then he removes the dross off but how does the
goldsmith know when he’s done with the gold when he can see what his reflection
of that gold Jesus is not done with us until the fragrance of Christ comes out
of us when we face trials when something is going great and wonderful in your
life the non-believers and the believers no difference because the non-believers
can have being you know you can’t tell but when a trial hits both the difference
you’re supposed to see is with the believers
they’re still joy they’re still rejoicing there is still glory there is
still faith and a trust and a hope we don’t have to get uptight angry
impatient is God done with you is He done with me another thing that we
studied and learned from chapter 18 Jeremiah was that the potter had to redo
that lump because there was some marring taking place the the clay that the
potter was working with was marred in his hands and he had to take that lump
and start it all over again maybe that’s something God has to do with us
sometimes has to start all over again because we messed it up it’s interesting
that in that illustration God does not take another lump he doesn’t throw away
that marred lump of clay and get a new lump as He’s working and pushing and
pulling and pressing in to the clay to make that vessel sometimes there might
be something hard that as he’s pushing in just mars the thing on the wheel and
then he has to start again that tells us that God is a God of second chances there might have been some mistakes done
in our life there might have been some sin there might have been some
disobedience there might have been times when you took matters into your own
hands say yeah God I know what I know what you said and I know what you want
but no I’m going to be in control and I’m going to do it my way
I’ve made that mistake and there’s times that we get impatient and we’re saying God
I’ve been waiting but you know what I’m going to run ahead of You and I’m going
to I’m going to go do it and we run ahead of God’s timing and as God is
shaping and forming us oops the vessel is marred and we discover we made a
mistake when we see the results there’s no fruit there’s no peace there’s
confusion and it we made a mess out of it we’re notorious
as clay vessels to do that but God is gracious isn’t He He is a merciful God
He is a God of second chances and He takes that lump and He restarts it maybe
there’s some of us that needs a new start today in Second Timothy 2:20 it talks about a
great house and he says in this great house their vessels of gold and silver
and vessels of wood and clay some for honor some for dishonor and it says in
2nd Timothy that if a man cleanses himself from the latter he will become a
vessel for honor there are some prerequisites for us to be used by God
as a vessel we have to be we have to clean ourselves we have to be cleansed
God is a holy God He cannot work with a sinful vessel praise the Lord for what
First John 1:9 right if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive
us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness we need to do that
regularly we need to clean our vessels we have to be a clean vessel so that God
can use us in that same passage in 2nd Timothy it says flee youthful lusts pornography is one of the biggest
problems in our society today doctor David Jeremiah gave this statistic and I can’t
remember exactly but it was like the amount of people that have gone on this
one website this pornographic website through all these electronic
devices has accounted for so many hundreds and thousands or even millions
of hours or something like that it’s crazy but scripture says you need to
clean your vessel you need to flee youthful lusts you cannot compromise you
cannot play around if you want to be a vessel for honor and you want to be used
by God you have to make a commitment and it has to be decisive and you have to
not say oh you know I can do these things these sinful things and then come
to church and serve in church who are you fooling God sees right through the heart
don’t be deceived don’t be thinking that we can have one foot in the world and
one foot in the church and be pleasing to the Lord the Bible says that the Lord
looks to and fro throughout the whole earth what what is He doing looking for
someone with a loyal heart someone that he can use God wants to use us but we
must have loyal hearts clean vessels and we need to be purified so confess your
sins flee youthful lusts and pursue righteousness faith love and peace it
says I want to give you a moment and I want you to consider and I want to pray
for you this morning we want to be wrapping up pretty soon and I want to
give you an opportunity to make a commitment Abraham Moses Joseph Isaiah
great men in the Bible and as a believer you’re going to see these guys one day
when we go to heaven these guys are going to be there and you’re going to
fellowship with them you’re going to eat with them it’s going to be a great time
you know so who’s your hero that you want to see Joseph is mine I’m going to
I’m going to sit down with Joseph I said man how did you do it man from
going from the frying pan to the oven you know how did you how did you do that
man you know but these are the heroes of our faith but you know what you can be a
hero of the faith and I want to give you an opportunity to consider and I want you to
consider making a commitment this morning and if that is you this morning
to say hey I want to be a vessel of honor and I want to make a
commitment not to mess around and I want to yield and I don’t want to fight God
and I want to yield to the Potter and let Him complete His work in and through
me and I want to be used by God in a great and mighty way this life is soon
to be passed but only what’s done for Christ will last
we have eternity at stake and like again your pastor has given you week after
week prophecy updates and I can just tell you
that this life is so short and it’s already passing each moment each day
it’s just getting shorter and we’re going to be with the Lord and all we
have is eternity but what you do in this life will impact eternity and what God
can and will do through your life will impact all of eternity so if that’s you
this morning I’m going to ask you to stand wherever you are and I want to
pray for you and as you stand you’re making a commitment to the Lord to say I
want to be a vessel for honor I want to be used by You for Your glory go ahead
at this time if that’s you go ahead and stand and I’d like to pray for you so is
there anybody else is there anybody else what you’re saying is
God you see my heart and I want to live it for You because my life is not my own
I was bought with a price I belong to You and You can do whatever it is You
want with my life and I want my life to count if that’s you I’m going to pray
right now over these people dear Lord Jesus I thank You for these people these
people are Your people Lord they belong to You You died for them You love them
You saved them and these people Father You see their hearts whatever
commitments they’re making to You this morning Father they’re making it to You
and they’re saying Lord that I want my life to count because You are the Potter
andYou formed me and I want to use my life for Your glory help me Lord to make
this commitment not to compromise with the world but to be cleansed from the
world to be unspotted with the world help me Lord to pursue righteousness
peace faith and love and help me Lord to become a vessel of honor that You can
use for Your glory and I’m offering myself to You today and I thank You for
dying for me for loving me in Jesus’ name I pray Amen
all right you may be seated at this time I want to give another opportunity maybe
there’s someone here today that has not opened the door of your heart to receive
Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior maybe there’s someone here today
that don’t know that when you die you’re going to go to heaven that is a very
important question if I asked you or someone asked you do you know that you
know for sure that when you die you go to heaven recently I got a chance to
talk to a lady about just that and I said do you know
you’re going to go to heaven and she says you know what I think I am well I
tell you what you cannot just think you have eternity at stake you either
gotta know you’re going you either know you’re going or you’re not going that
there’s no I hope I’m going I think I’m going to go so in this dialogue that I had
with this lady I said tell me how does one get to heaven and she says well you
know what I know I’m not as good as some people but I’m not as bad as some people
so I think I’m somewhere in between and I think God is good so I think I’m going
to go to heaven and I shared with this lady I said it doesn’t work that way that
you think you’re good I said well let me let me ask you a few questions have you
ever lied she goes yeah I said well what does that make you and she said a liar I
said have you ever stolen something and she says yeah and I said well what did
that make you she said a thief I said have you ever hated somebody she says yeah I
said you know what Jesus says He says if you hate somebody is as if you murdered
them because Jesus looks into the heart and I told her by your admission you’re
a liar you’re a thief and you’re a murder at heart and it says when you die
you’re going to face God in judgment I said you’re a sinner a rapist how many
times does a rapists have to rape in order to be considered a rapist just one
time how many times you need a sin to be a sinner just one time
and so she realized that she’s a sinner and she goes well in that case then
nobody’s going to go to heaven and I said you’re absolutely right because
none of us deserve to go to heaven we’re all sinners the Bible says all have
sinned and fall short of the glory of God and the wages of sin is death and in
your sin you die you face God in judgment and your sins remain but there’s
good news I said actually we went over there was a
crew of us about eight of us that went to the lady’s house because she wanted
to renovate her house and one of the guys that works at our church is a
contractor so he and the lady wanted to donate all this furniture and all her
goods to a garage sale we’re having for Operation Christmas Child which is going
to take place on Saturday all right so that’s why we were there
so right before I left I needed to use the bathroom right so I said hey can I go use
a bathroom and she says yeah come on in and then I went to use the bathroom and
on my way out that’s when I was talking to the lady and I said you know just
like how I asked you if I could use the come into your house use the bathroom
you opened the door you let me in that’s why I went in I said if you didn’t let
me use the bathroom I wouldn’t have gone into your house Jesus is knocking on the
door of your heart and only if you open that door and invite Him in will He
come in otherwise Jesus remains outside when Jesus when you invite Jesus into
your heart it is His blood that will wash away your sins so when you die in
your sins I mean when you die and face God in judgment there is no sin because
His blood washed it away but if Jesus is still outside and you didn’t open the
door to invite Him then your sins remain and when you die you’re going to have to
pay for that sin and Jesus talks about the penalty for sin is separation from
God from all of eternity it’s only heaven or hell and it’s only by the gift
that you receive Him will you be saved so either you have Jesus so you don’t
have Jesus and that will determine whether you go to heaven or hell not
that I think I’m a good person because I’m better than all these guys but I
know I’m not as good as all these guys so I must and God is it doesn’t work
that way we’re all sinners in a moment I want to give you because maybe there’s
someone here who maybe never opened the door of your heart and maybe you only
hope you’re going to heaven but don’t know for sure today you can know for
sure I want every eye closed and I’m going to say a prayer and for those of
you that are believers I want you to pray because the eternity is at stake we
only have a short amount of time the Bible says today is the day of salvation
once we pass in this life it’s over and all we have is eternity either with
Jesus in heaven or in hell separated because of our sin
every eye closed I want those believers to start praying maybe there’s someone
sitting next to you that needs Jesus this morning maybe there’s somebody here
that is not sure well today you can be sure the Bible says if you confess with
your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the
dead you will be saved the Bible says call upon for those who
call upon the name of the Lord will be saved
Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart will you open that door and invite
Him in say Jesus yes I open the door I want You to come in I want You to
forgive me of my sins I know I’m a sinner please forgive me of my sins
thank You for going to the cross and dying for me if that’s you right now if
that is you I want you to stand every eye closed I want you to stand and I’m
going to lead you in a prayer to receive Jesus today is there anybody here today
not sure that would like to be sure you just stand wherever you are and I’ll
pray for you lead you in a prayer is there anybody as the worship team comes up we’re going
to close our service today and Lord we thank You for what You have done for us
the Bible says God demonstrated His own love for us in this that while we were
yet sinners Christ died for us thank You for Your sacrifice for going
to the cross in our place dying for our sins thank You Lord Jesus thank You for
saving us give us the grace Lord to share the gospel so others can come into
the kingdom and be saved we pray in Jesus’ name and we ask your blessings on
today service Amen

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