Gummy Animal Breeder – Mini-Mocks

Gummy Animal Breeder – Mini-Mocks

– Gummy animals
don’t grow on trees, they grow here at my
gummy animal farm. I’m Jane, and I raise, breed,
and slaughter gummy animals. We’re not like the
other gummy factories. We keep our animals cage-free and happy in their
natural habitat, right up until the time
we end their lives. It’s such a lovely place, I
think most of these creatures have no idea that the main
point of their existence is to be killed so
we can eat them. The gummy bears are
my favorite to breed because you never know
what color you’re gonna get and they can’t kill
you like regular bears. Gummy bears are unique
in the bear family in that the females
grow to full size, whereas the males
stay bite size. This can intimidate the males, so we need to help
them a little bit. Once the mamma bears
are ready to pop, I’m right there ready
to catch them babies and get them ready
for consumption. Now, there are a few
ways to slaughter. There’s suffocation,
blunt force trauma, or you can just go
for the jugular. At the end of the day,
I can rest assured knowing my gummies
are ethically raised before making the
world a sweeter place.

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  2. To the people being serious (trolls and jokers need not apply) I am typing very slow so you can read this better. This is a little something called a skit. Can you say that with me? S-K-I-T. Meaning this is a small piece of something called comedy. Though some skits are depressing, most are for the sake of comedy.

  3. Wtf is this there something wrong with this fat BITCH and gummys its fukkin sickening to even knows this bitch took her times to this.

  4. Wait so if the makes stay bite sized and there was two small bears fucking… Then that was two guys😭😭 either they said no homo or it's gummy Charles ¿???‽


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