100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on Obama calling out cancel culture

  1. out of all the guys that in the closet greg have mentioned, is better than orange man trump, ok case close rookies

  2. Barry knows that Creepy Joe Obiden is going to eventually bring a tsunami of negativity to light about that 8-year stint they called a presidency.

  3. I think what Obummer is really saying ( many miss that) , they have to become serious leftist resistance Activist and stop all this emotional being offended stuff.

  4. Calling yourself "woke" should become synonyms with being ideologically bias, to the point that you're incapable of accepting that people have different perspectives.

  5. Amazing Obama did nothing but golf and give our money away to people that burn our flag for 8 years. Excuse me he did set free terrorists that killed and cut off the heads od American citizens. They got $33,000.00 apiece and a jet ride to Yemen. You`re a real one Omama? Why you`re still breathing is beyond my comprehension. Wake up America.

  6. As a a lifelong democrat until recently, I really don't think the woke nonsense reached it's current level of insanity or become so widespread until after Obama left office, and specifically after Trump got elected. Obama may have contributed to a small degree, as have most democratic politicians with their pandering or at least tolerance of the crazies, but I think it's pretty crazy to pin this on him.

    Blame the intersectional feminists who somehow infected academia, becoming gender studies and race relations professors, who have turned these schools into factories spewing out an army of green-haired delusional and self-righteous narcissists who are angry and want to tear everything down and replace it with some sort of socialist, anarchist fantasy (that makes no sense of course but sense doesn't apply to these people).

    And then these far'left lunatics get jobs in media publications, to mainstream these ideas, and why why get the idiotic and delusional ideas like microagressions, the wage gap, pink tax, etc..

    Obama calling this out is a good thin. It won't do much, and I'll bet that most media outlets will ignore it entirely. I think the most that is likely to happen is it will hurt Obama's standing among the far-left, who will know say that he's part of the problem and pretend that they never liked him that much in the first place.. Still, maybe it will do some good, we can hope..

  7. Public figures talking about cancel culture isn’t the same as a former president. I have much respect for Obama because it was genuine.

  8. I can not agree more. He is being an Adult here. Everything post Obama has been childish. It was about time some common sense prevailed. What are people gonna say now Obama their Idol is wrong and call to cancel him???? Lmao! I don't think so!! They need to hear this over and over until they get over their childish woke sjw views of the world. This are children of the corn.

  9. I think Obama watching this is embarrassed about the new generation after his presidency / his legacy, and as a Parent and Ex President of two kids in college feels compelled to tell this kids to face the real world.

  10. Listening to this fraud that is obama is sickening! Whenever he talks, he is condescending since he actually believes is better than the rest!

  11. Thinks he can pull a 180 and try and convince the world he has always been against this, when in reality, he started the whole thing in the fucken first place!

  12. It seems like people, for the most part, are agreeing with him even on the left side. There are some left extremists who still disagree with him, but I think we need to treat those people the same as the left treats our right-wing extremists.

  13. Your a scumbag Obama. Arent you dead yet. Quit shadowing President Trump. Its just a matter of time before you are in prison. Your a nothing but a fraud and a phony. So swan dive off a 10 story building. Please just do it. I hate you you lying fraud.

  14. Lol Fox please don’t lump yourself with these guys. Stations like this help foment agitation in the loony left

  15. OBAMA Heb 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

  16. That's strange because Obama started all this ! now they're starting to use it against liberal socialist Democrats and he doesn't like it anymore !

  17. I appreciate a leftist being honest about stupidity. But would like to know, what game is Obama playing. Just an attempt to remain in public view or a cash grab. I suspect he wants to be in the spot light, when he is called out here soon. A terribly stale, generic ploy. What, if anything, is he positioning for. The only thing harder to trust than a lying democrat. Is one saying something true or meaningful to you.

  18. I'm not surprised by this. He said and acted the way he did to get elected, reelected, and get rich in the process. He realizes he sold his soul to the devil and it's too late now.

  19. Obama is so right, but here's the thing folks, for all the crap that the left does and they do it, it doesn't mean that the right doesn't cancel people either. Obama was talking about the general aspect of being woke, not saying that one particular party does it more than other. Just because he said that doesn't mean I'm going to pretend that Foxnews isn't state TV.

  20. Obama is not and has never been the best Democrat alive. He is just a scum bag, an insignificant blip on the timeline of history.

  21. Typical when Obama says something Fox and traitors essentially agree with, they still paint him with a negative brush.

    Also, Obama has said many times that reality is complicated, that racism exists but that progress is also there. The guy is, and has been, super nuanced.

  22. Obama is a treasonous lefty s.o.b., all his statements prove is that no matter how crooked the source, the truth is mistakenly divulged once in a while!

  23. Tim Pool just made a video about this showing snl not caring anymore for making an offensive joke about trans. I guess they are now going the opposite direction because their leftist god obama said so.

  24. I can’t believe people think this guys great he’s helped practically none n thinks he’s the best president to ever do it u suck

  25. Consummate liar.
    Just remember, it’s all about him…always was. Same with the Clinton’s.
    In fact, the same with all of them. Once they are out of office, the “real” hypocrite shows up.

  26. I love Barracks cute, "street" talk….like he's one of the home boys….he left his Harvard articlation at home…such a phoney.

  27. This guy is a nothing a nobody just one racist communist that wants a civil war. He cares less who gets destroyed as long as he promotes his agenda. Look up his family his past and his associates all communist. A day of reckoning will come for him also as we are all judged for our time here.

  28. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🥴🤦🏾‍♂️🥴

  29. One of my favorite people, I voted for him twice, but I was disappointed in his last year as president. Maybe he is realizing it and coming back to his senses

  30. no matter if you like fox or not atleast they're funny cnn is like a old lady in the 50 smack you for anything and and tell you how bad of a child you are.

  31. Man the news is so stupid lol, they fight each other like children. It's honestly so entertaining to watch in the middle when you decide to not stick your head in the sand

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