Hard Money Lenders Virginia – Hard Money Loans in VA

Hard Money Lenders Virginia – Hard Money Loans in VA

Rehab Financial Group is a lender that has
made a significant number of loans in Virginia to rehabbers looking for loans to both purchase
and rehab 1-4 family non-owner occupied investment properties. Our loans are very similar to
hard money loans in that, frankly, they are expensive, but they’re priced to the risk
and to the amount of time that is takes to underwrite and administer one of these loans.
This is a market segment that a traditional bank will generally not touch, but they’re
happy to refinance them once the properties are finished, can get certificates of occupant,
or have tenants in them. There are a lot of similarities between hard money loans and
the loans that Rehab Financial Group does which we prefer to call “private money rehab
loans”. One of the biggest differences is that the hard money lender is really looking
at the underlying collateral, or the piece of property that the borrower offers as security
for the loan. Rehab Financial Group looks at both the borrower and the underlying piece
of property to make sure that the borrower can afford that loan and that in Rehab Financial
Group’s opinion, the borrower can make money from that property. Someone once said to me
in a forum that if the private money lender won’t lend to you, you should really re-look
at the deal because that fact is, you have to have enough spread between what it’s going
to cost and what you believe you can sell the property for in order to make it a profitable
business for you. In the end, it’s Rehab Financial Group’s goal that a borrower coming to us
for a private money rehab loan, or a hard money loan in Virginia will be able to make
significant profit on that property and will come back to RFG time after time for their
rehab projects.

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