Harry Styles is gay culture: a study

Harry Styles is gay culture: a study

Happy Pride! There is one rule that is the most important thing possible. If you even THINK about getting in my way while I’m dancing… i don’t even stan harry im like. an x-men lesbian but im bored so here i am writing captions for you all Boston (Austin?) put your hands up! baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed It only counts if you saw nipple. on your wonderful, wonderful arse *click* alright, pass it back there it- yeah, there it is alright, there you go. i’m just uh “What are you drinking?” “Vodka!” “Is it straight?” “No, gay.” a’ight you rock, america, happy pride. *mumbling* … you got drunk on me and now i’m wasted i take my medicine. take my medicine, rest it on your fingertip, and down to your mouth i’m feeling it out, feeling it ouuuuuut and down to your mouth, feeling it out, feeling it out and when i sleep i’m going to dream of how you little smirk EVERY time i’m gonna dream of how you i’m gonna dream of how you funky disco soundtrack at it again! Whose is this? “Harry, help me find a girlfriend.” “My name is Pilar and I’m 19– Pilar? Pilar. –and I’m 19.” Pilar. A Harry Styles fan. A fan of Harry Styles. A fan of me. That’s very nice. Yeah! Um… Someone pretty, maybe. Uh, someone gay. Someone gay. Someone that likes girls too. Make some noise for Pilar! It’s your birthday. can i just tell you BILLY ON THE STREET: You gay? Man: What? are you gay? (mouths no) OH COME ON Are you gay? (women laughs) no- Billy: YES let’s go you GAYS? LOOK HOW GAY! goodbye gays! not gay enough, not gay enough you look very serious are you okay? (pouts) (very gay) I’M having a good TIME you having a good time? (gayer than before) I’M having a good TIME we’re gonna sing another song now (sassy) no, no, no i see what happened there, you went- (poses) five days, how was it so far? (scandalized) what? it’s the big apple! when’s your birthday? the FIRST of april? it’s too- it’s a bit, it’s a bit of a stretch it’s your birthday, is it today? when was it? when? monday! there’s just too many [good songs] to choose one make some noise! and now i’m gonna sing my personal favorite, i am. SHOOKETH.

86 thoughts on “Harry Styles is gay culture: a study

  1. every time he said “happy pride” was that during pride month or do we genuinely have a year round woke king :,)

  2. in the end i always cry because i know they are together, they love each other so much and they remain strong as they always were.♡

  3. We love this baby. Even though times have changed and people are more accepting of lgbtq+ , it’s still hard to come out or feel supported especially if one is surrounded by people who don’t support them. Many people look up to Harry and that makes me so happy because he helps people feel more comfortable to be express who they are. He uses his platform in a positive way. I admire how he’s doesn’t care about any negative opinions. He still gives kindness to everyone but he’s so unapologetic with his fashion, attitude, and support. This encourages everyone else to not give a f about negative people either. He really does help kids feel supported and accepted. I admire other artists who do this as well.

  4. okay but Harry never said he was gay, so he can bi/pan or anything really 🙂 so if he doesn't like labels let's just not use labels for him

  5. Okay the gays own vodka now. It's a fact. We own it. No arguments. I don't even drink but I guess i can hold it since legally it belongs to my people.

  6. Good for Harry!! If Freddie were watching, I think he'd be clapping and whistling and saying "Good on ya, mate!" I'm disappointed to see 541 thumbs down. I'm guessing that you were already aware that Harry is gay so what did you expect. This is 2020, people. Don't we have enough crap going on in this world that we can just let people love whoever they want to by now. I adored Freddie and I adore Harry…also Adam Lambert and I'm straight but I could give a damn about their sexuality. I think all of them are brilliant entertainers and I'm pretty sure you know what you are going to see when you watch a video like this. The answer is simple…..don't watch. It's all about LOVE and PEACE & FREEDOM to LOVE whomever you choose. Let's try to be kind to each other especially with so much serious stuff going on in the world. Let's try a little tenderness and humanity. Love and light to all.

  7. This video year ago made me fall in love with Harry and join Larry fandom🏳️‍🌈💛 and I can’t wait to see Harry at the concert in June💃🏻

  8. sometimes i forget this is the same boy who was in 1d he’s so different like wtf they’re the same person
    edit: it’s only been a week and here we are again

  9. I love that the fans passed the flag back to the fan who asked for it from Harry. If that was any other artist those fans in the front would’ve kept it and the artist wouldn’t have said anything

  10. The last part though.. OMG!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 STILL THE ONE ❤️❤️❤️ I mean… His expressions totally give it away!!!!! Larry ❤️❤️❤️

  11. whenever I order a drink it's going to have to be a gay vodka. it's not going to be my fault if people don't understand. straight vodka is out, gay vodka is in

  12. I’m just gonna say to the creator of this video we both know this was in a study you were just bored and decided to create 13 minutes and 50 seconds of pure joy

  13. The part where Harry looks for permission he shouldn’t need to care he has enough fans and platform so he shouldn’t care he should do himself

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