Has NASA Discovered An Alien Civilization? – UNCOVERED

Has NASA Discovered An Alien Civilization? – UNCOVERED

In 2006, Coast-to-Coast AM radio received
an unusual dial-in. A woman identified only as “Jackie” called the station and claimed
that whilst working at NASA in 1979, she’d witnessed a government cover up. Not only
was NASA in touch with alien civilizations, but it was also building human colonies on
Mars. Jackie had worked on the Viking Project – the
first U.S mission to land on the Red Planet. Its cameras had revealed two humanoid figures
walking across its surface. Her superiors immediately locked and taped up the door so
no one could see in. The event was never spoken of again. So, why the cover up – what was
NASA trying to hide? Jackie’s story was never verified, but her
testimony is far from unique. Thousands of claims have been made charging NASA with hiding
its links to alien civilizations. Are we being tricked? Has NASA discovered an alien civilization? Jackie might be a questionable source, but
verified NASA employees have also come forward with evidence. Former NASA astronaut Dr. Brian
O’Leary said “Civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time…these visitors
use the technologies of consciousness…[and] they use co-rotating magnetic discs for their
propulsion systems”. KIC 8462852 may be the key to this mystery.
NASA has collected data on the star for 4 years. Its unique light patterns suggest artificial
structures are harvesting its energy. Penn State astronomer Jason Wright says this is
evidence of an “alien mega-structure”. Other top scientists such as Yale Researcher
Tabetha Boyajian make similar claims. In January 2015, Toby Lundh was live streaming
International Space Station footage when a UFO appeared. NASA shut down the camera for
15 seconds. When it came back on, the object had gone. This was the second incident of
its kind in a week. Lundh captured a still of the image, which he claims proves that
NASA is working with extra-terrestrials. However, Lundh is also part of an online conspiracy
community with no formal aerospace training. NASA’s response to previous allegations
is that objects appearing to be UFOs are in fact space debris. There are over 500,000
man-made objects orbiting Earth at 17,500 miles an hour. These range from rogue satellites
to meteoroid parts. Switching off a camera might be a safety measure as debris comes
perilously close. KIC 8462852 might be the closest we’ve come
to finding aliens, but there’s insufficient evidence to make solid claims. While the media
was quick to jump on an extra-terrestrial conspiracy, it failed to report later findings
by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Dr. Massimo Marengo collected the star’s infra-red signals.
The data was consistent with theories that unusual light levels were due to a swarm of
comets circling the star. In January 2016 Nobel Prize winning astronomer
Bradley E. Schaefer allegedly found errors in both the comet and alien megastructure
hypotheses. If he’s right, maybe there’s something even bigger going on. Something
we don’t yet have the technology to understand. But anomalies remain. In 2010 WikiLeaks published
diplomatic cables that raised some intriguing questions. A classified email from Albinas
Januška – advisor to the Lithuanian Prime Minister – stated “there are a group of
UFOs who are making influence [sic.] on the cosmos”. Other hacked cables from senior
sources, including a Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary and Tajik Parliamentary Chairman,
also seemed to confirm alien life. Perhaps most revealing, however, was a Tweet
from former senior Presidential advisor John Podesta. On February 15th 2015, Podesta wrote
“Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the
UFO files”. And Podesta had a point. Were there nothing
to hide, would NASA continue to stonewall the release of files relating to known UFO
investigations, such as the 1965 fireball sighting in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania? Podesta
is now Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Manager. He is credited with Clinton’s promise
to release UFO files if she is elected. Until these documents are declassified we
can only speculate as to whether NASA has discovered an alien civilization. Government
refusals to make all UFO investigations public suggest that the issue is not as clean cut
as it is claimed. Whether this is a simple matter of national
security, or something more sinister, is a question only harder evidence can answer.
If Hillary trumps the 2016 election, it may only be a matter of time until we find out.

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  1. us trying to figure out spacial anomaly's is like a 1700's pilgrim trying to figure out what and iPad is if you took one back in time and showed it to him. mega structures?? for real ??

  2. Aliens in thr world must be having youtube like channel and they also use to upload, humans caught on cam, humans visited us 😂😂😂

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  5. Why would NASA hide such thing anyway? And why the hell it's always on Area 51. There are only answers. First, You are fooling yourself believing in these things. Second, Aliens are Americans. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. You life is a lie; you live in a simulation.
    The Star is a part of The Puzzle. The unusual light spectrum
    is due to a glitch in The Code. You "humans" can also interpret
    The glitch as a hint.

    This is a automated message form future inc.

    Sent by BOT12149:v12.3.13; Time – 18471.83817483.123
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  7. If aliens live was announce it will change the concept of God as we know him and a lead to collapse of religion which will lead to anarchy. Our minds set are not there yet. Yahweh was nothing more than an extraterrestrial warlord fighting other extraterrestrial lucieferic being. Its all in the old testerment; chariots of fire, his command of thunder to earth, the distraction of sodom and gomora by what seem to be a nuclear/atomic bomb, fury cloud leading the way for the isrealite to cannan

  8. American 95 %illuminati and they are using everything wrong on human's and waiting hard for dijjal but in the end the dijjal will also die and bad condition

  9. This is Total bullshit and not for the intelligent to watch after just 50 seconds of this video I knew it was going nowhere except cloud cuckoo land 👎

  10. The thing that surprises me is aliens only see US on the planet and not any other country. These people making such claims are just looking for some attention.

  11. People now can handle more of the truth if it is true all this alien stuff. Practically everyone already believes 👽 now anyways.

  12. Reason for hiding this and many things is with over 500,000 man made pieces of debris orbiting earth that's like inviting people over for a pool party when ya been throwing your aluminum beer cans in there for 40 years, ya know how it is when friends come over and your room is a complete disaster,I wouldn't want to step through it either.

  13. Does NASA have the responsibility of telling us? Is that a joke? Why not instead of going to la la Land why not stay up past 10 and go outside and look at them for yourself,trust your own eyes first,if your in bed watching a movie that your mind has conjured up on the backs of your eyelids you will never know your true reality,after 3 summers of looking into the night sky,well let's put it this way,once you see them in our atmosphere you can't unsee it, so make sure your ready to change your simple existence. If God made the Heavens first that kind explains that they are an older civilization and obviously so much more advanced, enough to get here. The End There is 3 of us for sure that know they land,they watch over the ground unit,the don't all get along and fire weapons and chance each other,some just fly,I have to tell people this even though I know they will look away and keep it simple,well that's what the bull and cows do in the fields not know that last line they got in wasn't to sex sumpin,but to receive the ol hammer steaks for all.

  14. Has NASA discovered an alien civilization? Really, how ignorant do you think we are. The public has known this for years, we are light years ahead of the probability curve. How bout, how long has the military had an outpost on Mars, who are the guys standing around and cleaning the solar Panels on our machines up there. We have the saucers folks, had them since WW11. Its us were looking at. Don't be misled by the illuminators.JESUS HELP US.

  15. Screw NASA! If they did ever discover alien life they'll never tell us anyway. And That's the problem with us humans, we always need some sort of leadership because we all afraid to lead on our own. We don't need NASA to tell us what we already should know.

  16. I think half this video is full of shit, but still think there's probs aliens. But you said that maybe turning off a camera is a safety precaution? It's still gna break if it gets hit m8, it's not retractable it's on or off

  17. it's a political tactic . as long as other country think we have knowledge of something as scary as UFOs the less likely those country's are to outright attack lol just a thought . all I care about in regard to alien contact is that they believe what I believe and that this _ every intelligent life has the inaliable right to survive peacefully . – Luke Facchin "

  18. The void master universal council owns the human race because they are the ones that created us with gene engineering you need to understand that this is nothing new both India and the Egyptians had puppet leaders put in place to control their slaves.

    The human race has been used to mine the earth to supply them

  19. we are the aliens, not them…they where here before us…they where just watching us like a school of fish on an aquarium…

  20. we are not alone, there are millions of galaxies and its so weird and creepy if we think that we humans are the only living thing on all the galaxies out there…

  21. I know there something out there in space and on earth the Galaxy it's too big and the Earth is extremely amazingly to big and unexplored

  22. hydrogen under pressure can generate an incredibly powerful magnetic field when rotating it could be used as a power source,this is what powers jupiter's magnetosphere which is why it's so strong,the same way iron creates the earth's magnetosphere metallic hydrogen allows electrons and protons to flow freely

  23. There not going to be telling us there working with aliens, one thing I know is what high level masons worship!!! So that's a big secret and very few know

  24. There are no aliens or colonies on mars. Its all smoke screens to keep people away from the real truth which is advanced technology. Theres never been any evidence of aliens just evdience of advanced technology that is man made

  25. Do you really think they look very much different then us? Sure there sugly aliens on worlds far from us but if u really believe they differ from us in extreme ways on planets such as ours then you are delusion… in the bible it says "let US make THEM in OUR IMAGE" Meaning 1 of 3 things.1) God is real and when he was talking about making them in our image he was speaking about making man in the image of the disciples and himself 2) Beings just like us that look just like us in different in subtle ways decided to breed and take outs certain chromosomes to perfect their genetic structure therefore for this planet and inturn creating an allien and calling it human making those humans in their image only far superior and capable of surviving life on earth, or 3.theres more than just one god and believers need to revaluate their religious beliefs.

  26. Why do I keep hearing this phrase in so many videos That they are looking for proof of alien life when the governments have been dealing with them for years???????????

  27. blessed are the meek..we got nasa😧
    only indoctrinated slaves can work for nasa😕and keep truth secret from their own race😡..
    ..and nasa works for lucifer😈
    not for humanity😩..obviously we are in hell😣 where there is weeping and gnashing our teeth😝..and confidentiality😲to hide that fact from $atan's enslaved population of sentient commodities..kept secret lest ye unite, rise above ignorance, and put an end to $lavery and di$grace..the meek will inherit the earth..because of truth..long live the meek🙏

  28. if we knew the truth boys n girls then we would know we are conquered pets..and then we would unite and be meek, and then we would have integrity and independence..
    ..and $atan don't want that..duh😕human trafficking is his bread n butter..that's why he pays traitor$ so well, to lie too us and silence us..wake up and smell the shame of our reality😩then shut up and do what your told or your fired👎😉and don't forget to proudly salute whatever flag your born under that divides us from the truth..have a nice day in hell as indoctrinated pets of the chief of ahole$😈and lie$..have a nice day indeed😩..thank God for death..at least there's some mercy in this world😧

  29. if nasa picked up an alien death squadron, followed by star wars, followed by star trek followed by the silons coming from space they would just shut down the cameras and when they made a public statement all they would have to say is "it was bees, just bees, nothing to see here, it was only some bees" and people would go back to work like good little slaves of iniquity for, of all things, money and pride😂lol
    omg..brainwa$hed pet$😕
    ..have fun in hell lo$er$..get that money and pride..heeyaa giddy up go get it..good boy👏

  30. Sorry, Killary didn't trump the Trump. You just have to settle for better economics and fewer illegal immigrants instead of those UFO files.

  31. It looks like "Jackie" has been watching old tapes of Alternative 3.

    I love that the space between the video and the comments is filled with adverts for conspiracy hoodies. Are we alone? No. Teespring are with us!

  32. why would they shut off cameras for a safety precaution it's not gonna be any more dangerous turned on?

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