Hasat: Uygarlığın Sonu | Harvest: The End of Civilization

Throughout human history many thinkers have asked countless questions about the purpose of existence. This interrogation chapter is not a specific matter only for the thinkers. Almost every human in a period of life has asked the questions such as why to be born, how to be existed and what’s the meaning of life. About thousands of years the interest of humanity about the life, effort to understand the events which were seen as regular, …actually the world-being full of secrets made a reality that all of these have to be solved. As a result of this interest the first religions were appeared. And according the epoch religions a human was not appeared of his own accord. Human was created by God and was created in God’s own image. In the following periods the religions, limited the interrogations about existence in a strange form. But the religions have appeared as a result of interest about the existence of human. A religionial blief of everybody is the most correct doctrine for explanation the aim of existence. Though in the different religions have defferent details, in fact all of them explain that everything was creat-ed by God, …every event in the life of human is an examination and dream, finally there will be a com –pensation for every doing. But the science because of its methodology based on concrete datums has an idea. On the experimental ways and based on reality try to enacts. As the scientists say the the whole universe appeared in the result of Big Bang. But in this case it’s coming out the new questions. Well, what was there before the big Bang? And more importantly, is there a power behind this explosion? If yes, was this power God, …were these the laws of universe which we can’t identify, …yet or it was another smart civilization? The Earth, is the only Planet in which exist living beings as we know or we are sure of it …and it makes the Earth specific among other planets. But according astrophysicists there are about 700 planets in our galaxy, …in which theorically living beings exist or there are minimum climate for the life. Some of these planets turn over around the old stars more than around our Sun. So, if really there exists a smart life in these planets, it must be very old and more progressive than us. May be about millions of years… According the Russian scientist and discoverer Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who was known as the father of rocket science, actually to every planet was sowed the life seed. The circumstances in some planets spirit them away at the beginning, but some planets will flourish supporting them. In those planets the life is germinated, blooming, …develops being as intelligence and technology, and turns into the source of life in the other planets. So, according Tsiolkovsky the lives in the planets will appear not by itself, but at the result of the other planets’ colonization. English news website The Express published a striking photo in January number of 2015. It was a microscopic sphere spraying out biological material. This particle had found among the thing were collected by a balloon which was sent to 27 km heat to examine the space waste. This occult image frightened some observers when they met it during the reviewing the samples by scientists. The reason of fear was the thing was pulverized by that sphere, …which was not larger than the human hair, might be infection danger. Though it was not clear the origin and aim of this sphere the scientists think that it was bearer of genetic material constitutive base of life. This supposition strengthens the theory that the human beings actually is not the earthling, …the life in the world was sowed, flourished and followed by the smart alien. According another result the materiel of DNA that we carry, has a feature to continue living, even in most difficult conditions of the space. This theory had been proven with another experiment made in 2011. A small plasmid bearing a circular DNA chain used genetic engineering, placed outside of rocket TEXUS-49 and was sent to space in 2011 from Sweden. After being exposed to 1000 degrees when returned to the World appeared that it is healthy and carrying biological property, still. Professor Chandra Wickramasing who was the director of Astrobiology Center of the Buckingham University in England …had said that it was proof of existing life in space. At the same time, the results of the last discoveries on this secret spherule made by Professor Milton Wainwright, …his team in Sheffield University and Astrology Center in Buckingham University were very terrible. According Wainwright’s explanation this thing was made by titanium and vanadium has been loaded with ‘’sticky’’ biological liquid which run from its center. For the first supposition may be as a complete microorganism, this thing has been designed on the purpose of give out another life form in the world. According another theory, the aim in this this spirit particle might be by poisoning the life in the World to disposal it gradually. According Professor Wikramasingh, including bacteria and viruses falling from sky biological materials stored for a long time …weaken the resistance of scientists who refuse the life’s being space borne. The people with the opposite view must explain these datums. Professor Milton Wainwright and hi team go further remarked that the secret spherule did not show only existing the life out of the Earth, …but there are ‘’civilized and complex beings who follow our planet’’. Well, may it be true? These unidentified aliens planted our World as a field before now and now maybe they follow us to see our reaction? If so, what’s their aim and they introduce themselves us? Besides all of these, anciently supposed that there was a planet in the zone of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. But this supposition brings more questions with it. Might it be that these asteroids have been left by the planet which existed anciently? The residents of this planet run out of the planet before extinction of their planet and they have taken refuge in the Earth? In this case are we the successors of that race? Environmentalist and ecologist, writer Dr. Ellis Silver, mentioned about 17 pointers proving that actually human beings are no suitable to live in this planet, …in his book Humans Are Not from Earth: A Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence. Therefore, though the world provides some our needs, but it’s not suitable as the planet which we left. For example, we can’t cope in dosage the sun ray which we sustain every day. According Silver many people have back pain, this is one of the arguments that we are not belong to this planet. Because gravity on the planet is on the trail that we can handle. The biological clock of human is regulated not 24, but 25-hour day. As the site Gaia.com with the content of Conspiracy theories wrote, in 1999 an agent from Military Intelligence Service of United States, had explained that his duty was to follow and examine an extra-terrestrial group which had lived in the World and may be lives just now here. According the site this man, his name undisclosed, has said that these aliens live in the inns in the ground surface and under sea, …they had contacts with Mars, Sirius, Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2. The aliens living in the World look like the human. The have head, two eyes, mouth, two legs and two arms. Regularly they examine the people, take sperm, DNA and other body samples. But this follow is not only limited with the biological property. Because, a human has primitive moral side in order to civilizing as society, and in the way to defend the planet being barrier and staying down in biological development. The developing and improvement of this side of human, unfortunately is more difficult than to cope the biological problems. Spiritual poorness of human and its main pointer as ambition of wealth and power. Maybe it, as Jacques Monod who was French biochemist with Nobel winner said, seems of distrust and fear that human feels ‘’out of his will, in the world where he was imprisoned being a death prisoner’’ But unfortunately, this fear, weakness, defect and as a result of these ambition and financial indulgence prisoned this civilization in primitivity and turning the world over wreck and the world was turned into trouble. Because, human began to measure his power in his hand with effect on the others. Dominate own ideas, own existence on everything, ambition of to be the biggest, strongest, richest, with the technological development of civilization are taking the humanity together with the planet to the point of end. Famous Russian Occultist and writer Helena Blavatsky wrote that the civilization and race of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu which lived in the World before human civilization disappeared because of this mental illness. But as there is in all belief, occultists also have a purification day, according which there will be a salvation day and though the day is unknown, but it’s approaching. According this belief, in that day corrupt individuals who were inside of the human civilization and caused the world’s draggled will be cleaned completely. With the other expression, there will be harvested they who made barrier in front of the development of civilization and who were damaging unripe individuals. According this idea Noah’s Flood was the last existed Harvest. And before that the continents Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and many other continents have been failed in the harvest reformation. Many African tribes has remarked that they belong to Atlantis race and being in advanced level Atlantis civilization in time defeated the worldly ambition, at the result of this negative energy was more intensified than positive one, because of this in due course they were exposed the wrath of the comers from sky, the rest of the Harvest the positives were placed in different continents. The sympathizers of Harvest theory show thousands of yearly descriptions on the stones as proof to it. At every rising of our species began to reset, to oppress the own species or to restrict the own freedom. Because of their inexhaustible ambitions strangled with blood and tears, defiled the nature, …depleted the breed of living beings and the sorts of herb, harmed every living being. Devastating effect exceeded the limits of the planet. Our ancestors rising as nation, in the time that they didn’t expect reset Rendezvous with Harvest. According the Occultists our planet and our civilization through these resets or Harvest period could stand up. The visitors taught the people science. Through it a human began to improve himself, make accounts …and so they detected that from what star their friends visited. According these stars they determined the location of pyramids. But a mankind every time at the beginning abused, they have learned. Then reset again, and began at beginning, again evolved and so this vicious circle going on came till our days. But everything is not so simple. There is an upper mind who sent these beings to the earth. In this section these assumptions are divided into two and the second hypothesis is a type which will relieve the believers to God. Because, according this explanation God created everything, but the visitors provide security of these creations. This security unit is a very higher union. This organization named as Galactic Federation, was established million years ago. Galactic Federation, at the same time named as Galactic Light Federation, Confederation (Planets), İnterstellar Alliance or The Worlds Galactic Federation, according assertion its cooperation with the space civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy. The Federation consists of hundred thousand members and was established millions of years ago just after a series of some wars in the Lyra constellation In this case occurring demolition, caused them to try solving in a peaceful form the galactic conflicts which were between survivors. There is a federation of every galaxy exists in our cosmos, but one of the oldest is ours. The Union of Sphere Presence which visits the World sometimes – namely, Savers are the members of this unity. The Galactic Federation has a mediator large space fleet which interferes to everywhere existing conflicts and natural disasters. They control the cosmos with the power named as Single and Creative. They say themselves the facilitators and Reporters of the Single and Endless Creative. The interdimensional Technologies that they use are in the unimaginable level for us. Besides, they can perfectly control the universal energy. Therefore, they have a power being non-materialism, to be invisible or to create the small energy fields in the points where they want. Their spaceship is made natural materials. Some of them are the same with the planets by size and the forests, plants and rivers are completely enough by itself. So, the representatives of this union visited our planet about millions of years. They left many marks. We were aware and we could not aware, they saved our life and our planet in the globally events. According the Conspiracy Theoreticians this case is covered by the basic scientists and scientists who are under the control of global structuring named as the Illuminati. For some reason and somehow. As we told at the beginning, this version which has a high possibility been the result of existing the humanity has deserved to live as hypothesis. Simply, it’s not for our having not the facts to verify or to refuse these, may be for not to want to accept to join Monod’s cold and frightening discourse. Who knows, maybe one day we will learn the great plan, the great reason of existing everything. Or our civilization will end without our learning it. But if everything that we added and meaningful to our life can tolerate us and can help our acting the life, it may be said that oneself found the balance inside oneself. It’s important for believing and disbelieving people to God and intermittent to find the balance and inner peace. A human knowing to be at peace himself, peaceful at environment, oneself is a part of everything, and everything is a part of him and looking at everything and to see in one level them… It is the real definition of LOVE originating universe. …and it is only idea which will save our universe and civilization, even whatever the faith.

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