Help save dogs in the dog meat trade!

Help save dogs in the dog meat trade!

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m with Humane
Society International. We are here on a South Korean dog meat farm. Look at
this puppy. . . just craving any attention. Feces everywhere. The dogs are hidden behind these tarps. Rows and rows of cages. There’s all different types of breeds. More puppies hidden in the back. Just you can’t prepare yourself for this
type of stuff. You guys may see pictures and videos. Look at this, oh my gosh. Look at these cherry eyes. Just horrible. Oh my gosh, look at these puppies. Oh my gosh. . . She so sad. They’re so little. They don’t have anything, look
and she still just wants love. She still just wants to be pet. She still just wants affection.

100 thoughts on “Help save dogs in the dog meat trade!

  1. Cocoa cola hiring for after school students who want to help out. Go to their sites and apply for a hr position.🎅😎🐣🗣

  2. They just want love! Thats the only thing they want!
    And look at what people do to them. Every people who hurts, kills, suffers or fucking eats.. just disqusts me!
    You are not human if you do that!!

  3. I want to stop all this animal cruelty this is disgusting and a disgrace I would do anything to freaking give this dogs a beautiful home that they deserve I regret been a human sometimes

  4. I love dogs as much as anyone, but how is eating dogs worse than eating any other animal? If you’re a meat eater then don’t complain about eating cats and dogs. You only think it’s wrong because you have an emotional attachment to them because we keep them as pets.

  5. Why should we care about these mangy beasts? Tell that to the Billions of Pigs cows and chickens that get slaughtered every day. Bias bastards. I bet you all are sexually attracted to your disgusting pets.

  6. We can do nothing we are sorry for you😕 Even the women in a video did not forget to put ad on this video, Shame on you freaking basturd overacting Girl…! 🖕

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  8. We shouldnt raid area 51 why


    Sad tho

  9. I’m done with the world…people who think that’s ok well let me just say that I would love to slit you throat and make it a slow and very very very very very very painful death. Thay have never known love never felt it…people make a sick and the people that do this should be put down not the other way around. I don’t agree that animals are more important then humans but I do think that thay should be treated a LOT Betty I mean all thay do all day is slowly rot in those cages thay have nothing else to do. Why don’t people see this! I am not old enough to help but other people can…and thay don’t! Why?! WHY DONT You help?! And people do this to babies too HUMEN BABIES! WHAT THE HECK!!!!! Help! There are little kids that are starving and people care about what thay should wear that day or what to eat all I am saying is that if it has a heart beat DONT HURT IT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! And if you have ever abused any thing with a heart beat then fix it or make it up people disgust me…I am only 11…11!!! And I know more common sense then logon or Jake Paul! Pleas if you can help the. Help people are so worried about them selves to not see the bigger picture. Pleas help any thing that has a heart beat same thing with abortions if it has a heart beat then don’t HARM IT! I mean how hard is it to get through to people thick heads!!!! I’m done rambling but pleas if you can help DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. when i got older i will go with guns on china dog meat festival shot to sky get the dogs run away even the police is going to follow me ill get a squad with me

  11. Thank you so very much, Humane Society, for rescuing those 170 babies from that filthy slopehead monster- This has got to stop!!! Damn slopeheads

  12. Please stop eating dog meat .. don't kill it until they harm human also have emotional.. don't do dog meat bussiness.. sometimes killing dog is also a sin because God makes dog to live with human ..if dog speak humanity will cry …if u want to kill dog and eat their flesh don't eat them instead kill Ur son or daughter and eat it that's far better.. because I saw many sad and heart broken dogs in this vedio … I hate their dog meat owner keeping dog in a cage always..may he be a dog in next life ..and he will know how life is hard and suffering

  13. When people will understand that dogs for us like dragons… Like luck-dragons! Please chinese people, hold on and dont buye a dog to eat! I understand, that china have to feed much mouthes, but that is so sad… 1,4 milliard people and no brain at all….

  14. I like your compassion for the dogs. The cows, sheep, goats and chickens could do with your compassion too. Remember that when you are chunking down a Big Mac or some Chicken Nuggets at McDonalds.

  15. ''Dog meat = Beef / Pork / Poultry''
    BAN kfc and beef steaks too
    or LEGALIZE dog meat like some other kinds of meat.
    Dogs are precious, but NOT ONLY.
    Cows / Pigs / Chickens / Ducks … are also precious.
    but just banning dog meat???
    I'm not vegan, but if it's legal to eat beef, It should be legal to eat pork.
    If it's legal to eat pork, It should be legal to eat chicken and dog meat.
    Dog meat is just a kind of meat, and every meat should be equal in point of law.

  16. Save humanity? Naw. People to this day and age can't even appreciate or acknowledge their own creator, their own savior Jesus Christ let alone have compassion or empathy for animals. It's no wonder hell exists. God have mercy on us all

  17. Oh no how peoples can be so bad! My mom hate The guys who is doing this to The pets. 😭i want kill all who is doing this 😡


  19. Pity for this dogs. Those people who is supposed to take care them, but for the sake for them to earn money. Spare some kindness to this creature, have pity on them. Give them love pls.God give life to this dogs and you as a human.

  20. I watch these videos to remind me why I donate $400 a month to the Humane Society even though I can't afford it I still do it to say these poor animals the people that do this kind of stuff to the animals deserve should be tortured the rest of their lives unspeakable acts to be put upon them because of what they have done these poor animals I have done nothing wrong

  21. Isso não é um canil é um LIXO de INFERNO os cachorros vivem em condições inaceitável alguém tem que fazer alguma coisa com URGÊNCIA.

  22. But what happened? did anyone save the dogs? how is this allowed? we live in a sick world, human beings are the most evil beings i know.

  23. My name is Kiran. I am from India. I have two dogs. I love them . They are more lovable than my son. Please save these innocent dogs from he'll. Slaughter these bastard men and put them into the boiling water.

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