Here Come Da Judges!!!

Here Come Da Judges!!!

Hey, everybody, this is Deb with Truthification Chronicles and we’re talking about judicial nominees now for those
who have followed my videos for a while you understand that I have been saying
there is a process that has to be done before any arrests or anything like that
can happen the first thing that had to be done was the FBI had be cleaned
because the FBI investigates federal crimes then the second thing was the DOJ
had to be clean because the DOJ prosecutes federal crimes and then the
third thing that had to be done was we had to have clean judges because it
doesn’t matter if you have an honest FBI that investigates the crime and you have
a DOJ that prosecutes the federal crime as long as the judge is dirty it’s not
going to matter so the judges have to be in there and look at what has happened
Senate panels okay’s 44 Trump judicial nominees 44 I mean that’s massive and
when you look at the list it goes down here this is on the committee of the
judiciary website and it goes on and on and on when you look through it you go
to the next page it’s got like I don’t know two or three
pages of it see if I can get it to go there another page it just does that on
the first one by the way but if you’re interested you can see the committee
questionnaire I mean they go through a lot it’s not like they just say oh that
guy looks good so yeah there’s a lot that happens to them they have to fill
out this questionnaire and they have to be vetted which is what we want right we
want honest and good judges so it’s very interesting
oh there’s one from Indiana from the Northern District that’s around here and
so you’ve got all these different judges there’s another Indiana one I’ve gone
through part of the list and I kind of skimmed it but I missed a few evidently
but you can just go through that’s page two
and then I think there’s another page here as always I will put the links down
below and you can check them for yourself
and see what they’re like now this does not mean they’ve been confirmed this
means that they have been put out of the committee and now they go to the full
Senate and the full Senate has to vote on them so there will be a time of
voting for them and that’s when they become official now on some of these
you’ll notice that on this third page they’re not all from February 7th it
stops right there and then February 6 we had a few and then January there were a
few more so things have been happening yeah and this is a very important piece
of the puzzle that has to be there if this is not there it doesn’t matter if
your FBI is good it doesn’t matter if your DOJ is good the criminals will walk
away and we don’t want that to happen so all the pieces have to be in place for
the entire process to work right and that’s what this is right here this is a
very important part of the puzzle it has to go in there it has to be in
place before anything major can happen and so I will put these links down below
as always so you can look at them yourself share them with other people I
think it’s really important and you can go down here and you can read about the
44 judicial nominees that were passed out of committee and says they that
marks the most approved in a single markup since 1981 the picks will now
head to the full Senate where if confirmed they will join the 85 judges
Trump has named to the federal bench including two to the US Supreme Court
the Senate is largely expected to confirm the nominees as Republicans hold
53 seats so there won’t be a problem really they will be confirmed but look
what it says Trump took office with more than a hundred judicial vacancies and
the Senate moved quickly to confirm his nominees making a conservative imprint
on the federal bench in the first two years of his administration Trump has
appointed a historic number of judges to the federal circuit courts
outpacing the last five of his predecessors at the same point in their
presidencies so yes he has done quite a bit and this is an important fact mostly
– because to have criminals be held accountable you have to have honest
judges and before when we had a lot of liberal judges they were legislating
from the bench which meant that instead of interpreting the law they created law
which is not part of their function the judiciary branch cannot create law it
can only interpret law at least that’s what it’s supposed to be according to
the Constitution so that’s what’s going on that Senate panel that is huge 44 in
like one day it was really well not one day but they’ve got a big bunch of them
going for a Senate vote now just to give you a couple of other things that I came
across and I wanted to share with you this right here is from 100% fed up and
this student right here New Jersey student rejected from National Honor
Society over Trump quote get this I mean this kid he was rejected from the
National Honor Society over posting this quote if you’re going to be thinking you
may as well think big what is wrong with that anybody who’s into like
motivational speakers that would be a great post that would be something that
I would expect to see on a poster in a school and the fact that it’s by our
president makes it even more important to be honest because he is our president
whether people like him or not that doesn’t change the fact that he is our
president but what happened to this kid oh he got in big trouble because of it
it’s crazy what happened to him it wasn’t even a political quote if it was
just a motivational inspirational quote if you’re going to be thinking you may
as well think big I think it’s a wonderful quote because yeah if you’re
gonna be thinking and you’re gonna be planning things think big you know have
dreams like my dream of having 60,000 subscribers buy my birthday in middle of
April that’s my big dream so at least that’s
my dream for now so you know everybody has to have big dreams and that quote
right there is a great motivational quote especially for high school kids I
think it’s wonderful but yeah he did get in very big trouble and they pretty much
stripped him of his place as the president of their class and they like
took away all of his social passwords and everything that he had to take care
of the class stuff online it was really incredible and there is a video what’s
yours oh this video right here there’s a video of him being interviewed on radio
so that would be something that he might want to look through and then there was
this one that I came across same site 100% fed up and they had this after
dragging America and our current President of the United States through a
two-year witch-hunt of President Trump his advisors and members of his campaign
as well as Trump family members Senator Richard burr not always the most
faithful Republican by the way chairman of the Senate Select Committee on
Intelligence has announced they’ve found no evidence of collusion between the
Trump campaign and Russia and this is dated February 7th so just a few days
ago yeah look at this I mean that’s what their conclusion is now we already had
the house make that conclusion a while back and so now we have the Senate see
here it says April 27th 2018 the House Intelligence Committee also released a
report stating they found no evidence of Trump collusion with the Russian
government so there we have it I mean both the Senate and the house have come
to that conclusion after doing their investigations now I’m sure the
Democrats who are in charge of the house right now will probably try to overturn
those and rewrite them or whatever they’re going to do I don’t know
frankly I think they’ve gone insane I really am questioning their sanity at
this point because the stuff they’re doing just sounds so crazy I can’t
imagine them doing it but it all comes out of desperation and fear and for
those who think nothing’s going on yeah things are going on just because you’re
not seeing them publicly Huber is working so please don’t let people say
Oh seeing we don’t see anything so nothing’s happening yes things are
happening the whole point behind an honest DOJ is that they don’t leak
anything about their investigations and so these investigations have been going
on the sealed indictments are very real and yes there are things coming down the
pipeline now again as I’ve said before when people are saying there’s 70,000
plus sealed indictments that’s not true what’s true is there are 70,000 70,000
sealed proceedings now what that means is some of them could be evidence some
of them could be witness testimonies they could be a lot of different things
but then again some indictments may have more than one person named and some
people may have more than one indictment so we don’t know at this point and the
reason for that is because we do have some honest people in our DOJ who are
not allowing leaks and because there’s no leaks people are saying nothing’s
happening things are happening folks trust me they are and we’re gonna start
seeing them soon I think this whole thing with the Senate Judiciary passing
these 44 nominees on to the Senate huge huge I mean that’s a big chunk of people
so there have been massive amounts that have been appointed and the only thing
that was stopping us was we couldn’t get the votes to get them confirmed so now
we have the votes in the Senate to get them confirmed this was a reason why the
Senate was more important than the house I understand the house is being a big
pain in the butt right now I understand that believe me I watched the whole
Whitaker thing it was painful I felt so bad for Matt Whitaker I was praying for
him the whole time because I don’t know how he made it through that without the
grace of God because that was just horrible what they did to him and I am
I’m gonna take all of those clips of their anger and put them all together
because if you didn’t watch the whole hearing you probably missed
those clips people are not putting those out but they were not just upset they
were livid with anger it was so vicious and so I’m going to
put all those together I think tomorrow and just so you all can share it with
other people because this needs to get out their anger and their hatred I mean
it was so obvious they were just so angry and when you watch it you can see
what happened and Matt I think did a wonderful job he responded very nicely
to all of them which I’m not sure I could have done well let’s put it this
way I’m sure I couldn’t have done that I really could not have I get ticked off
pretty easy if people are saying things about my name and that’s what they were
doing they were smearing him they were saying horrible things about him
questioning his character and everything and it’s just not right that they can do
that but they think they’re in power and now that’s what they can do if you
listen to the whole thing they were going through and every
Democrat who asked questions was asking the same questions almost they were all
trying to get Trump and it was obvious the narrative they were trying to sell
was that Trump had talked to Whittaker and had told Whittaker that he had to
stop the Muller investigation and that Trump thought he was above the law
really that was what they’re basically trying to say and that’s the narrative
that the mainstream media is trying to push off but we all know it’s not true
so here we have some wonderful little nominees that are soon going to be
judges in some of their trials this is gonna be wonderful but anyway I wanted
to share that with you and I just wanted to give you these little tidbits so
that’s what I’ve got for you remember all the links will be down below in the
description and if you’re using like a cell phone or some other mobile device
probably there’s a little arrow or something that you have to click on to
open up the description but once you do the link should be
likeable and you should be able to use them to see these documents for yourself
because remember if we don’t have the documentation to back us up the evidence
to support what we’re saying it’s really not a very good thing and that leads me
to the thing about the helicopters again remember that was speculation okay
that’s my opinion I don’t know there’s still a lot that’s not known about what
was going on maybe they were dressed in camo I just kind of think that it was
weird if they’re doing a nighttime training exercise why would the military
not be dressed in their dark uniforms it seemed like the light color was standing
out could they have been hazmat outfits definitely maybe they were maybe that’s
what it was could it have been a server they were
carrying out that’s a possibility too I really don’t know at this point and I
don’t think anybody has anything solid on it yet but do make sure that you
watch those two iPod videos because he does point out some of the connections
with the owner of the building and the guy who’s leasing it so I think that’s
really important for you to know so who knows maybe I will be proven wrong I
don’t know but I do know that there are a lot of human trafficking things going
on as very interesting if you look at some of the places that have been
experiencing these underground booms many of them are places we now know are
human trafficking hotspots so I kind of wonder on that too but who knows we’ll
find out I guess things are starting to come together and with all these judges
that we get into place that could be really huge I think we’re gonna be
finding out in the very near future what’s going on because there’s a reason
why Trump is pushing these so hard and they passed that many out of committee
that is an astonishing number of nominees to pass out in one day February
7th big day when it comes to the judiciary so keep your eye on that I
think some things are starting to rumble we’ll find out soon won’t we so in the
meantime make sure you click that subscribe button because remember
working on that 60,000 subscribers buy my birthday in the middle of April and
April is coming soon Wow can’t believe this year’s gone by so
fast so far so there’s what I’ve got for you I want to thank you for stopping by
and I will see you all later

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  2. Regarding the uniforms, my son is in the AF they are in a process of changing uniforms and they are lighter. He must have all his camos changed out by end of year. Thanks for all the great work! God bless you ❤️

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    Also, what do you think about Obama leaving so many judicial vacancies? Everyone makes such a big deal about SCOTUS. Federal and appellate judges are important, too. Maybe even as important as SCOTUS, thinking about the day to day business of courts. Why would a president be so lazy as to leave those openings for his successor? It seems sloppy to me.

  8. Good job Deb, my thoughts…. it was very obviously an active, actual military op, surely related to human traficking. the IPOT video is very thorough in all the info regardng this. next…. LOVED the way Whitaker put those rude , nasty demms in their place. They will see their day on deck, its coming soon. The Judges will get confirmed. WE have the senate. and , april 15t tax day… is my birthday ! you ? Thanks for this report ! Q is really tellin it like it is EH? LOVE IT ! WWG1WGA !

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  55. I watched part of them going thruogh the new judges ans Boy Feistien was not happy they don't get to be in on picking the judges . I just bet .she wants those she can corrupt or blackmail .


  57. Deb, I want you to know how much we appreciate all the time you put into making your videos. I really don't know how you find the time, but you bless us so much with all that you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am praying for God to keep giving you the strength you need.

  58. I think POTUS would be well off if he were to take all newly confirmed Federal Judges, along with every available (unassigned) Federal Judge or any Judge who may want to volunteer, to be temporarily assigned to DHS immigration courts to hear and adjudicate pending cases, thus reducing the massive case load. In my opinion they should be handled in this order: #1) Any person crossing the border 'ILLEGALLY', will automatically be placed into custody, processed and after serving 30 – 90 days, be immediately deported to Mexico, there to await the outcome of their case. If the decision returns unfavorable, they will not be allowed to apply for entry into the U.S. (no matter the reason) for two (2) years; and if caught again, trying to enter the U.S. 'ILLEGALLY' , they will be permanently banned from entry into the U.S. and automatically receive a two (2) yr. prison sentence and deported immediately upon release. #2) All cases (already awaiting adjudication) that involve MINOR children (accompanied/unaccompanied) are to be heard first. All cases involving unaccompanied Minors that (for whatever reason) were denied, will, for safety's sake, be escorted back to their home country and released to authorized agents/agencies. #3) All adult individuals, who are already being held in custody at a U.S. detention facility/camp, can either wait there until their case is heard (which at the present time, could take years) or wait in Mexico (not in custody) until their case is heard. #4) All new applicants seeking entry into the U.S., who cross the border 'LEGALLY', and once they're processed, will be given the option to wait in Mexico (which at the present time, could take years) or be provided transportation back to their country of origin (courtesy of the U.S.) to await the final decision to be made on their case (this way, if denied they don't have to worry about their safety or how they're going to get their way back home) This may be the most humanitarian way (Safety wise) to help deal with and avoid and deny most criminal elements that prey on these individuals. However, if they decide to wait in Mexico and they lose their case. They will be on their own. All U.S. Embassies will inform (by whatever means available) each applicant of the decision made on their applications. If the decision is favorable, the U.S. will provide transportation back to the nearest U.S. port of entry.

  59. He needs to join the Covington Kids!!! Under the charter of the National Honor Society they do not have the right to punish members for political beliefs!!!! If anything NHS should be supporting the students to be thinkers and innovators. They should be open to many different points of view. I bet you $100 a sponsor teacher is a Trump hater so they took it out on the Kid! This is very much grounds for suing the teacher. I would hope that the NHS organization would reprimanded the School for allowing this to happen. And for the School to remove all his school accounts they would be civilly liable as well!

  60. Happening for years under your noses…

    Silent Holocaust


    MEMO to TRUMP 2017

  61. 44 judges is a huge deal!! But the fact that 44 retired and the reasons why? That is what I'm curious about? And why is no one asking how those men got to the buildings and how long they were inside? I know they sure as hell weren't dropped off in helo's!! Great work! And happy (early) Birthday!! And I hope they #LockThatBitchUpAlready for your birthday

  62. So few people realize this is the source of all our decay.. the real problem. "The germ of the destruction of our nation is in the federal judiciary…." Thomas Jefferson, 1821

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