100 thoughts on “HERO DOG! President Trump Honors Conan

  1. Points to press and says, "This dog is trained so that if you open your mouths you will be attacked!". Classic Trump. Funny. Perfect.

  2. Trump shouldn't have said that crap about the dog being violent/aggressive…… uncalled for, untrue and definitely not humorous !
    This is the worst crap I've ever heard Trump spew out.
    I'm not a Trump hater, but this pisses me off.

  3. Conan is a special dog with special people who down the enemy to protect the people . to be free. is a great honor to all

  4. Conan , what is best in life ?
    – "To bite ISIS but,
    – To see them crying before you,
    – and to hear the lamentations of their cats ."

  5. Our Military dogs are true Soldiers just like Our young men and women God Bless this Hero Dog and ALL Our Military Soldiers Thank you for your service


  7. Trump is genius.
    He knows, that Allah does not protect, when there r dogs around.
    Also the left exposed that Bagdadi was an Islamic scolar and it was disrespectfull, for the mass murderer.
    Obama gave Osama a respectfull islamic funeral in the sea.
    Islam had nothing to do with terrorists, according to the left.
    The Left exposed.
    That's what he does.
    That's why the left hates him soo much.
    He was not a selected politician.
    Greetings from Holland.

  8. Glad the animal lived. We know he wasn't named after Conan the comedian, but Conan The Destroyer. He reminds us once again the meaning of "man's best friend."

  9. Islamists think dogs are dirty like us ”unebelievers”. How just that the dog got to partake in the killing of that scumbag islamist and ger a medal for it.

    Western civilisation for the win.

  10. Conan….A True American HERO (just like ALL who are in The American Military) who chased down a gutless coward scumbag terrorist…………GOOOOOOOOOD DOGGIE !

  11. Man's best friend !
    There's nothing in the world that is better than a service dog. Weather it be a seeing eye dog helping the blind, a Police dog helping law enforcement, or a military dog helping to protect our great country. A honor well deserved . God bless you Conan .

  12. Notice Trump didn't even want to touch Conan. He hates dogs. Trump barely wanted to even look at him, while Pence pet the dog. Conan just wants some love Trump, u douchebag. What's the point of inviting him if he can't even get a photo op of u petting him? This is also the reason the 1st time in history a president never had a dog, Trump has ocd or some type of germaphobia he thinks dogs are filthy and nasty thats why when he is insulting someone he usually calls them a dog or something related. What a wackjob…and him adopting the dog would've been the best press he would get his entire presidency.

  13. I liked seeing Pence's interactions with Conan. Pence is clearly an animal lover and his heart was definitely focused more on the pup than the media. I recognize that quite easily since i do the same around animals, lol. I try and pretend to keep up with the conversation but i only want to love on the pet near me, the dog needs some good scritches behind the ears 🙂

  14. Maybe the us army can send the hero dog to Canada to lead the people because we have a leadership that loves to help the terrorists that ower soldiers kill and fight against to keep the people of Canada safe from but no one seems to care anymore about the people who have given up everything so that they can have everything thanks and god bless Don cherry a great candidate to be the next prime minister of Canada not the current dushbag


  16. I guess the dog is more intelligent than any person standing around him. At least more intelligent than the fat one who doesn't stop barking 😂

  17. Conan is loving on Pence and Pence on Conan LOL He should adopt him! muslims consider dogs to be dirty and shouldn't live in the home.. a FIlthy Cult indeed

  18. Seems to like Mike Pence….maybe he also senses crooks and frauds as well…btw….nice how it got turned into blowing smoke up Dump's ass!!! Nice brown nose, Mikey!!!!

  19. I watched a clip on MSNBC, they cut out the part about attacking the press if they opened their mouths. Made Pres look like a dog hater, immediately closed that video and found this one.. 🙄

  20. This dog is a hero for helping get rid of terrorist. Perhaps he could help get rid of the terrorists here in America known as Democrats

  21. This dog is not the same as on the picture published by President Trump on Twitter. The brown spot around its left eye is missing and the white spot on its breast looks completely different. A hoax. This is probably also the reason why they couldn't agree if this dog is male or female. We are getting truped once more.

  22. Trump says that Conan is good at sniffing drugs, and Conan keeps trying to shove his nose in Pence's crotch.

    Things that make you go hmmm?

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