#History Of #India – #Indus Valley civilization and Rise Of #AryaVarta

#History Of #India – #Indus Valley civilization and Rise Of #AryaVarta

Indians history and culture whose
dynamic film background beginning of human civilization the history of India
is punctuated by the constant integration of migrating people with the
diverse culture that surrounds India and available evidence suggests that the use
of iron copper and other metals was widely used in ancient India at a very
early period and by the end of both 4th BCE India had emerged as a region of
highly developed civilization during 3300 to 1800 BCE the history of India
Starts with Indus Valley Civilization people migrated to this part of India because
of the resources like water available in this the area the beauty of this
civilization was built with two-story houses and had backed bricks and drainage systems and water supplies the decline of this civilization
was due to natural disasters according to some historian as a decline of the Indus Valley started
the indo-Aryan tribe started to enter Indian subcontinents forming new cultures in the
northwest from 1500 BCE the most sacred texts of the Hindu even today comes into
existence the kingdom’s during the Vedic the period was called Arya Varta Arya Varta with Jana padas in northern India. The Jana padas included kingdoms like Kuru, Panchal, Kosala and VidehaAs the kuru kingdom declined, the center Vedic culture moved towards the eastern neighbors, the Panchal kingdoms. During the late Vedic period the kingdom Videha emerged as a new center for Vedic culture. The later part of this period corresponds with a consolidation of increasingly large states and kingdoms, called Mahajan padas, all across Northern India.

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