HKYTV ★National dividened #money for #economy, society is important-HuhKyungyoung(경제,사회를 위한 #국민배당금)

If we miss this opportunity, we’ll be in big trouble. However, the nation’s lawmakers are doing something wrong.
Originally, a politician should act as an intermediary between economic and social values. But now these politicians are in trouble. They are the problem. These politicians put politics in Article 1 of the Constitution. The people are not there. Other countries included people in the constitution, including human rights, freedom and life. The United States also included symbols of community and God in money.
But Korea has no such thing. In our country’s money, we don’t have to make a donation to heaven as a rule.
Also, there is no saying that the nation’s money should be used for the public good as a whole. There are no such things. The fundamental purpose of this money is to insert a single note that it is for the public good. . If you don’t put your god in the money, All the money goes around for private interest. Money is then used to maximize the individual’s interests, and there is no money in the common interests. Politicians all use collecting taxes for common reasons. So, people look them like chicken-hunting dogs. That’s right, isn’t it? If the state gave 100 million won(90 thousand dollar) to young people
and 200 million won(180 thousand dollar) to housing funds, The marital problems of young people would have been solved 25 years ago. And elementary school won’t go away. So parents tell their children, “If you want to get married, then marry,
and if you don’t want to get married, don’t marry.”
Just leave them and neglect them. Parents have no money so they are putting off their children ‘s marriage. Children cannot help considering their father’s allowance or his wallet. . Their father is paying interest at the bank.
Their father is currently paying interest for his house and apartment. But it’s hard for him to tell his father that he’s going to marry with wife. That is why the nation must pay the soldiers 2 million won(1.7 thousand dollar) each month.
So the nation should make it possible for them to collect 50 million won (40 thousand dollar)
when they are discharged from the army. They should do so. So after he got discharged from army, he went to his mom and dad and said,
“Mom, I earned 50 million won(40 thousand dollar) in the army for two years.” must be able to say “Hey. Take this money and Give me this money back when I get married.” Thank you so much for saying this. “And buy him a suit, too.” The soldiers went to the army, where it’s played the snowstorm, where they took guard. And they had a hard time getting frostbite there.
The state pays them only a few money a month and makes them return in beggars when they go home. Such a country is Korea. However, the lawmakers who made such a law go to first class on their plane,
and not do a job properly. But they have 910 secretaries. What are they? That’s right, isn’t it?
I am not a slur on a particular character. . Okay? We want to protect the minimum public interest in society. That’s what I’m going to do. I’ve never criticized any particular party or specific person. So that’s what we’re doing to transform this society.
A fair distribution of money between economic and social values should be made. Currently, the value of money is 90 percent of economic value and less than 10 percent of social value. So these politicians are living on 500 trillion won(445 billion dollar). But they use 200 trillion won(178 billion dollar). Then there are 300 trillion won(267 billion dollar) left.
I will set up a culture of corporate donation. As soon as I become president,
I will guarantee the freedom of companies and teach them the virtuous circle. .. Shouldn’t the president teach us a virtuous circle? Let’s turn the capital(money). . Let’s make a virtuous circle. Let’s make money here and get the money circulating. That’s right, isn’t it? We must make a virtuous circle. It is the job of a president to make money go round and round. . Donation of 500 trillion won(445 billion dollar) a year is poured into the government’s budget in a year. That’s right, isn’t it?
If I become president of Korea,
Rich businesspeople in Korea will make donations to the national dividend money fund every year. Rich people make donations every year. That’s about 500 trillion won(445 billion dollar). Then people ask how much the money is. “You, where are you going to get that budget? ”
Don’t worry about your budget. These people invest their money abroad with the rest of their money. . Then our people’s money will go abroad and our people will get unemployed. What are you going to do? It’s going to be a big problem. You’re going to ruin your country. A little boy knows.
Right now, 90 percent of the nation’s budget is focused on economic value. And its finances are not distributed much to social values. Our Korean Companies are investing money to other country. Then what happens? Money is flowing out of our country.
. Our job is going to be lost. Our factory is going out. Then, our aunt and mother face miserable in front of their children. . The state needs to send our sons into marrige. Is it right?
By doing so, the nation should boost the morale of the people. Indeed, the state should be held responsible for the marriage of our young people. I like children and I feel depressed when there are no children on the street. . I feel good for a month when I see a child who is less than 100 days old. And if I look at a 100-day child, I feel good for a month. But it’s rare to see such children. After 100 days, it’s not as pretty when the child think rational. Baby is very pretty when they don’t know anything,
even I carry him by one hand, but he doesn’t even lift his eyes. He’s so pretty without covering his face. The baby is more mature than the old. And they smell like milk around their cheeks, so they are very pretty. . That’s why old woman rub their baby’s cheeks to smell the baby’s milk. How pretty the baby is. It makes me feel good for about a month. I feel good for a day after seeing pretty girls. Ha ha. . Oh my gosh. I’ll give you a monthly dividend money of 1500 thousand won (1.3 dollar) per a month. There will be 50 million more self-employed people or 5 million more. They are special operators. I’m sure there will be a lot of special business people in the future, right?
Now money going around without taxes will come into the country. Blind money comes into the country. I have such a skill. Here’s an engineer who makes you rich. Right?

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