3 thoughts on “Home Studio Trainer LIVESTREAMS: Working With Groups (Suspend & Shortcuts) | FX: Pedalboard

  1. If a track is in multiple groups, track list will only display first group. You can right click track & choose group assignment to see / assign others.

  2. Also, right-clicking a group brings up a list of things that are controlled by the group, so you can have the mixing features grouped (volume, pan, etc) but the editing features off so you can edit the tracks separately.

  3. Hey Johnny, My internet went down yesterday so I could not watch the live stream (or much anything else online either)
    So here's my question:
    Since I do a lot of work with samples, I'm very interested in how to "Just work" with the pedals as often times the samples are so well done in the first place that I don't want to alter them with an amp sim.

    What is the process that you used to just here the samples with pedal combinations and no amp or cabinet?
    Thanks, back online today and it was a very good video last night.

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