Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

Has your partner cut off access to your money? Do they control what you can and can’t buy? Have they told you it’s for your own good,
that you’ve brought this upon yourself? If so, you might be in an abusive relationship Unless of course it’s us doing it to you,
in which case you’re on the Cashless Welfare Card Hello I’m from the Australien Government here to introduce the Cashless Welfare – or
as we like to call it, Class Warfare Card Soon to be rolled out nationally to everyone
on income support the Class Warfare Card will quarantine most of your money so you can’t spend it on alcohol, drugs or gambling Don’t drink, do drugs or gamble? That’s okay. You’re trying to access social
security so we want you to feel like a piece of shit CLASS WARFARE CARD! Is it convenient? Not at all Withdrawing cash at the ATM: zero dollars Trying to buy second hand goods: zero Shopping at the markets, garage sales, tuckshop
money for the kids: nup Losing your dignity and autonomy: Priceless Most things you won’t be able to buy For everything else there’s Class Warfare Card Is it effective? Not according to our own research which found little evidence that it reduces substance abuse or unemployment In one trial it even caused an increase in crime Will we do it anyway? Of course Coz if this was about helping people get back on their feet, we would have taken the advice of experts who say the answer is investing more in mental health, housing and rehab centres, raising Newstart Instead we took advice from this mining billionaire whose neoliberal brainfart inspired this crime against humanity And instead of raising Newstart, we’re paying shittons of your tax dollars to Indue for each person we put on the card Indue: the company whose former director happens
to be the President of these shitmuppets Who happen to be pushing for the national
roll-out of the card Which would make Indue even more money Cool and normal It’s all part of our plan to privatise your
social security so profit can be extracted from the tears of poor people all in a simple card that fits in your pocket! CLASS WARFARE CARD! Painting all welfare recipients as drug addicts
– so you’ll blame them for being unemployed, instead of a system that’s not producing
enough jobs We love it when you proles fight each other instead of us Class warfare card! Authorised by the Department for Gradually
Enforcing a Cashless Society

34 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

  1. In Brazil, many registered workers receive a card called vale-refeição (ticket-meal, to spend on restaurants) or vale-alimetação (ticket-nouriture, to spend on groceries). They're shaped as credit cards and work on the same credit card machines.

    In theory, you can buy neither tobacco nor alcohol with them, but a whole lot of business sell it to you anyway. There are even places that illegaly exchange your card's balance for cash to you, charging a fee.

  2. My backs gone , so I don't know how much longer I can work for before I have one of those cards . Mind you Tony Abbott can work until he's 75 with ease .

  3. Global schoolstrike for Climate this Friday, 9-27-19. Google to see whether there's one in your area. If there's not, you can register one, or just skip that process, and be the first from your school to strike. You can get foam board, a dowel rod, and sharpies for $8.
    Be there or be square.

  4. Not one, not two, but three city states. Soon to be four, controlling our fates. They will always gain fortune and fame. Playing devide and conquer, it's the name of the game. Left v right, black v white, they don't care as long as we fight.
    Time for me to get the point, instead of fighting let's smoke a joint.
    War equals profits.  Profits  come from two places. Both of them lie to our faces. One is a church the other a bank. They both trade money for war ships to be quite frank.
      They manufacture lies to gain support of the masses. Otherwise we would say no, and kick their asses.

  5. Once the biosphere collapses, largely due to the shitfuckery of mining magnate billionaires like Gina and Twiggy, there’ll be no need for the proles to be humiliated with cashless cards. At this stage class consciousness will have evaporated like the large holes in the ozone layer have and the ledger will be set straight again! Yay for cashless cannibalism, to each according to his contribution! 💳 🙅‍♂️ 💀

  6. 😂😂my doctors said im a abusive spender… gambler.. drug user..thats ok . Coz im really only a abusive real Australian..im rich beatch!😂 im a Wogboy too!…here no cash! Skippy mafia Fkrz😪

  7. Funny thing people on welfare are not ripping of the government. They are not rich do not have funds to hire an accountant to fiddle their books and put money in overseas havens. You need a welfare system it is basic economics they money they get just get recycled through the system. So just curious what can you actually get with this card ?

  8. Slowly but surely the cashless society will be a reality soon. There is more if not total control of spending and some people will make good money putting the system in place.

  9. The Australian government is waging war against the people. A cashless society is a society of no privacy and human rights. Who are the three criminal organizations of a country. 1. government 2 courts 3 banks Police officers are basically thugs who enforce corrupt government laws. Nobody should respect a police officer.

  10. It is possible to implement a new fiat currency system via public democratic process based on a new standard that is not linked to commodities or essentially a command to accept trading in debt which is credit. Why have a recession or listen to politicians who are privately trying to steal or destroy other peoples future. A money system based on time that rewards all the same for hours worked to replace a system that rewards only those who have exploited others to get on top of this pile of excrement called a global economic system. Which is neither economic, sustainable, representative or even able to ensure the rule of law is not turned into someone's private fantasy to use others. Truly End Times. Majority rule in a democracy unless you are not allowed representation or a means of updating or replacing a completelyfailed system of corruption, ignorance, intolerance that rewards psychopaths and sociopaths for infiltrating nationalsecurity.

  11. And your leader is learning new ideas while visiting our bumblefuck in Chief. Here in the states, treatment of the poor means using any means necessary to abuse and demoralize.

    1. Prepay too much fuel at a servo 'yeah I need $200 of unleaded'. Fill up $20 worth and either get the balance in cash or refunded on to another card
    2. Merchant services (PayPal / Stripe / Square) run the card thru your own service and the balance will be settled in to your account (losing fees in the process though)
    3. Overpay utilities that have no pay payment fees. Then ask them to transfer the balance back to you
    4. Anywhere that does 'No questions asked' returns, buy with Indue, refund onto another card

  13. Dear Australia,


    An American

  14. unfortunately, i was living with a ""stoner sloth" in 2016, so my view on this is from a very narrow point of view. I do not support anyone's dignity being attacked, but I also want steps to be taken to stop the misuse of the facilities that Australia provides, which for example, Bangladesh (my other country) does not.

  15. So drug addicts will swap groceries for cash to buy drugs. The problem is they'll probably only a fraction of what the groceries are worth, which means they'll have to turn to crime such as shoplifting and burglary. The cost of which will be passed on to everyone. Australia WTF happened to you? Wait I live in the UK, I'M FUCKED TOO (laughs manically)!!! 🤣😂🤣😂

  16. Oh my god I love your videos, I show every one of them to my liberal idiot friends who always hold y’all up as an example of how America should be.

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