Hong Kong protests canceled as Joshua Wong arrested

Hong Kong protests canceled as Joshua Wong arrested

Now to the latest on Hong Kong protests…
a huge pro-democracy protest was scheduled this weekend to coincide with the anniversary
of the Umbrella Movement a few years ago. But it’s been canceled at the last minute
over security concerns. Lee Kyungeun has more. Calling off the demonstration planned for
Saturday, the organizers said the most important thing is public safety, both physically and
legally. The police had banned the event on Thursday,
saying safety could not be guaranteed. This weekend is the fifth anniversary of Beijing’s
rejection of universal suffrage in Hong Kong that led to the 2014 Umbrella Movement. Meanwhile, prominent pro-democracy activist
Joshua Wong was arrested this morning, which also seems to have contributed to the decision
to cancel. According to the activist group he’s a member
of, Wong was pushed into a private vehicle near a subway station in the southern part
of the city. The 22-year-old was the face of the 2014 Umbrella
Movement, for which he spent time in jail. He was released this year on June 17th, after
which he joined the new protests. He is now in police custody along with three
other high-profile activists. The latest protests have gone on for more
than 80 days now, making them the longest in Hong Kong’s history. Safety concerns have intensified since last
week’s police crackdown and the arrival of fresh troops from mainland China on Thursday. Lee Kyungeun, Arirang News.

90 thoughts on “Hong Kong protests canceled as Joshua Wong arrested

  1. China is heading for the worse after they arrested Joshua Wong.I can hear the many screaming here of many Mainland Chinese in Canada begging not to be deported to Mainland China !

  2. This arrest is about picking a fight with Donald Trump on the next trade war using Hong Kong as their bishop on the chess board.

  3. Hong Kong is the real war games zone where the PLA will get their badges of courage to fight foreign invaders and protect the Chinese from Hong Kong terrorists. Let the games begin.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what do you expect? a Chinese using English name “Joshua” many Hong Kong people are stupid. They want to be westerners but the westerners don’t even value them as humans. What Christian name? Who brought you that Christianity? is the same white man brought you this religion to fool you. Hong Kong people hide their Chinese name and pick an English name. Ignorant is the worst diseases and very hard to cure. The British lived in Hong Kong for years, did they adopt any Chinese name ?

  5. The youth of Hong Kong claiming they fight for freedom, but at the Same time they are destroying their own future. What they are doing is going to affect Hong Kong badly, financially, economically, tourism and investments. They will graduate from education and they will struggle to find job in the near future. They might end up going to China to look for jobs. Puppet minded folks they have no clue about what they are doing will harm their future. This self destructions. Lack of self knowledge, is a threat to thyself.

  6. Pro democracy Joshua wong?? Talk to him with different views his answer is always fxxk your mother. Very democratic and respect to equal rights.

  7. We love ❤️ you Joshua Wong
    You are so strong and hero fight for freedom
    Freedom for Joshua Wong 👍👍💪💪💪👍👍

  8. These puppets not for China. China is great country went through various hardship for thousand of years, China today is the best so don't let radical like this to embarrass the Country. It is over due and time to stop them.

  9. When these so call leaders ( Trumpet Puppets ) follows Trumpet orders they will get burned. 😂😂😂😂😂. 💩🤡🤡🤡🤡🤮🤮🤮

  10. Hong Kong people have spoken to reject the thuggish regime in the🇨🇳 mainland China. It's time for China to take a NO for an answer – and move on peacefully.

  11. Joshua wong he is a running dog of hong kong what he talking about hong kong when he go in jail talk wath shee talk big or talk cock or suckcock

  12. Stupid youngsters umbrella gang who being brainwashed by the west,, you are part of China !!! You don't feel ashamed of raising the flag of a country that once colonized you …, REad the history and understand it. what a shame !!!

  13. It's not a pro-democracy protest and there were no so-called pro-democracy protesters. There were only riots and separatists. By calling them pro-democracy, you lost your objectivity. You simply parroted western media biased and that made you the same. China's governmwnt although not elected by the chinese , they are truly represented in the governance hence chinese are happy, peaceful and doing well in their lives. Calling the hong kong rioters pro democracy, you mindlessly acvused China as undemocratic. Where is your objectivity there? Journalism is about being objective, impartial and factual. Just saying.

  14. Little do mobs know Trump is offering HK on the bargaining table in trade war. It is a shame Trump & cowards are using mobs as human shield while hiding behind.
    Ransacking government buildings, disrupt public services, beating up Policemen, destroying law and order are serious crime in Western countries. US police will exterminate them like rats for petty crime in US. LA 92 Riot is one good example.

  15. Joshua born too early he should of been born in the 60s and demand democracy then. Lets see what the british would do to him

  16. What's there to protest? Work with China and you young people will have a bright future. Don't believe the democratic rubbish by the West. Look at the thrash economies in USA and UK. They are in trade deficits and owe trillions of federal debts to the world. Hello young HK people, open your eyes whom you support. Don't believe the fakenews like CNN, BBC and Guardian.

  17. CCP=nazis. Chinese cyber army had thousands of bots who keeps posting all over youtube fake comments and stories to undermine the actions of Hongkongese people who fight for their rights. Don't get fooled by the Chinese propaganda. Support Democracy movement in HK

  18. Should read "Another Hong Kong Riot Cancelled". Not a single Western or American lackey countries' media report that a 50-year-old police officer was attacked after work walking home by three assailants with cleavers that the wounds are so deep that the bones are exposed. The Emergency Unit medical staff have always treated injured police officers with indifference and verbal insult. What would happen if American police officers were treated in this way? You ,who have conscience, have seen how restrained the Hong Kong police are, if you have watched videos not produced by the HK or Western media but by citizens.

  19. Arirang when not discussing Japanese Korean topics are full of Chinese trolls trying to persuade public opinion.

  20. They are becoming terrorists!!  Please have a look what happened today 31. 08 in the Prince Edward Station, they attached some people inside of the train by using a fire extinguisher. …

  21. He won't stop until everything burns down … and who'll pick up the mess? a city with a successful economy and balanced society doesn't get built by someone who just criticizes and causes anarchy.

  22. American Capitalist helped to create this monster called China, which is a brutal regime and it is a danger to the world after global warming. These gangsters, called capitalist, are ruthless inhumane people who build their power on dead bodies of poor and powerless. Now chickens come home to roost, who is going to stop this monster criminal regime in China, from slaving 1.4 billion people, and spread their ruthless system to other dictatorships around the world?

  23. Wong is not a pro democracy activist. His actions clearly show that he does not know what democracy is. He is a violent rioters trying to make a name for himself, so he could get a cushy job at the legislative Council.

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