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welcome to the daily habit channel where we give you the most comprehensive predictions for the day this is your horoscope for September 26th 2019 Thursday for love for wealth and for welfare if you want for your readings be done for a specific date please leave your birth date and year on the comments section down below we have uploaded our readings and predictions for the week of September 20 30 29 please do watch it also if you want to be part of our growing community please make it a daily habit to visit our channel let’s start Aries March 21st to April 19th your inability to show your feelings is starting to affect your social and emotional life be careful for love it will not be possible for you to reject the love that grows inside you find the courage and do something about it for wealth do not leave any room for too much friendliness from your workmates demand some respect for welfare it is important that you express your opinions but make sure they’ll be received with a positive attitude discussions are good for nothing Aries your lucky numbers for today are 17 31 36 40 44 and 48 Taurus April 20th to May 20th you will finally leave behind some negative and stressful moments and give way to a period on a roll now you can relax for love you will miss some opportunities today in the love Department you cannot afford to do this again trust yourself for wealth today is a good day to do some planning in regards to freelance projects make the most of it for welfare one chapter in your life ends and another one begins make sure you’ve learned your lessons Taurus your lucky numbers for today are 31 32 40 41 53 and 60 Gemini May 21st to June 20th you have too much work left to do at home ask your friends for some help and have fun while you work for love don’t let the trust and security in your partner play a dirty trick on you be more interested in your partner’s activities for wealth you will not be able to stand out at work unless you enjoy your work try to keep a positive attitude towards it for welfare it is hard times seek support in your family and friends forgiving is a virtue that you could develop Gemini your lucky numbers for today are 11:15 17 21 28 and 31 cancer June 21st to July 22nd don’t be so intense the world is not there for you to tell everyone how important you are control yourself and think twice before you do anything for love you are complicating your mind to tell that special person about your love actually that person is closer to you than you imagine for wealth try not to be negative when observing the development of your project think positively and things will turn out right for welfare the best thing is not always the easiest as the saying goes if at first you don’t succeed try try again make decisions with your heart cancer your lucky numbers for today are six sixteen seventeen twenty five forty two and fifty-eight Leo July twenty 30 August 22nd you will finally decide to face your fears this will change your attitude towards life for love learn to keep intact the charm in your relationship even with the passing of time this can only be carried through with love and dedication for wealth do not let insecurities affect your feelings when it comes to facing new and challenging projects for welfare try to find a balance between relax and responsibilities or else you will never succeed be responsible for your obligations Leo your lucky numbers for today are 3 6 17 33 51 and 60 Virgo August 20 30 September 22nd you will need to make a decision for your future at work when making a decision remember your values for love you will see the end of a long term relationship think about this breakup as the best situation for both of you for wealth the weather conditions will have a severe impact on your ability to fulfill your obligations be cautious for welfare do not let idleness and irresponsibility ruin every chance of success you have in life grow up Virgo your lucky numbers for today are 1 to 10 18 26 and 47 Libra September 20 30 / 22nd you’ve always liked extreme sports and it is now time that you get some information and start one of them take a little time for yourself for love it will require some work but you will finally put the misery of a meaningless relationship to an end for wealth you will feel the weight on your shoulders you will be able to rest and your efforts will finally pay off for welfare you will see an important imbalance in your life your work is everything you ever wanted but you don’t want to share your success with your loved ones Libra your lucky numbers for today are to 12 17 25 50 and 57 Scorpio October 2013 November 21st you will seek support and refuge in your loved ones today do not be afraid of talking about your feelings for love you will find out about some events in your partner’s life remember we all have a past for wealth divide and conquer this is the only way for you to cover as much work as you can make some plans for welfare do not let constant and irrational fears destroy your confidence face your fears or else they will control your life Scorpio your lucky numbers for today are five fourteen twenty nine thirty four 41 and 44 Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st the recent situation with your partner has made you think about ending the relation but you are not really a quitter in the face of a challenge for love be more supportive of your partner’s job do not walk away from that aspect of your partner’s life and be as helpful as you can for wealth stop your constant discussions with your employer and be smarter do not provide a reason for them to fire you for welfare try to find your own path and do not be subject to someone else’s actions they will never take your problems as seriously as you would Sagittarius your lucky numbers for today are 4 611 1833 and 47 Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th you will be hanging by a thread at work many will expect you to fail or falter be cautious and reserved for love when dealing with extreme situations you will find a completely different side to your partner that you didn’t know about for wealth you will find yourself giving more than you can this is bad for you and decreases your performance at work for welfare do not start activities just expecting others approval your actions cannot satisfy everyone Capricorn your lucky numbers for today are 115 24 44 45 and 53 Aquarius January 20th to February 18th your physical and intellectual strength will be put to the test today everything will be okay but you will need to give 100% for love this is a good day to try new things in your relationship in order to change your current routine for wealth today you will experience complete chaos at work make sure you keep yourself away from misfortune for welfare do not miss the chance to develop every aspect of your relationship as much as you can you will achieve love and happiness this way Aquarius your lucky numbers for today are 35 36 38 44 45 and 57 pisces February 19th to March 20th be careful with weather changes today make sure you take a coat with you for love take care of every detail during your date today your amazing charm will do the rest for wealth you will finally be able to realize that acquisition you hope for dedicate to it completely today for welfare do not let failure affect you too much it is important that you learn to deal with problems in the best possible way pisces your lucky numbers for today are eleven thirty four thirty nine forty to fifty one and fifty nine always remember these horoscope readings and predictions were presented just to guide you for the day we are still the ones who make our own decisions no matter what fate gives us it is up to us to make our own destiny you make your own destiny [Music] here is your special prediction Mireille embody your birthdate September 26 1991 which falls on a Thursday has its life number at 1 the polarity of your sign is positive and it’s representative characteristics are emphatic and outgoing while it is generally called a masculine son you are inherently characterized as someone who possesses an unusual creativity having the primary purpose in mind and having the talent to inspire people around the more I see the less I know it is going to be your motto this week and the more active and observant you are going to be the more unsettled and stressed you are going to end up do not worry much because it will probably be something temporary but this week might also bring some interesting revelations into your life and you might see things in a different light you seem to be sensing that the weekend is just a few hours away and it’s getting harder and harder to focus your lucky numbers should include 3 4 & 9 while avoid those with the numbers 6 7 & 8 purple red and green are considered lucky for you while try to avoid coffee and brown Mary we want to greet you a very happy birthday from your daily habit channel family god bless and you’re lucky birthstone is opal here is your special prediction van Richardson of 40 drop one channel your birthdate February 1st 1980 which falls on a Friday has its life number at 3 the polarity of your sign is positive and it’s described by attributes such as Frank and natural while it is generally called a masculine son you are inherently characterized as someone who is being able to adapt in a conversation seeking to meet new people and having a vivid imagination this might leave you not knowing where to start from and while the work is in progress might make you question where you are heading as well try to take references from those around you you need to be careful when choosing your words this week because things might go overboard especially in discussions where there is no real objective to be followed at work you also need to establish some boundaries for you and those close and to adhere to them while maintaining a straightforward attitude your lucky numbers should include 3 4 & 9 while avoid those with the numbers 6 7 & 8 purple red and green are considered lucky for you while try to avoid gold and coffee Van Richardson you’re lucky birthstone is amethyst here is your special prediction Maria Cecilia Buscemi de your birthdate January 7th 1958 which falls on a Tuesday has its life number at for the polarity of your sign is negative and it is described by attributes like self containing and hesitant while it is generally called a feminine Sun you are inherently characterized as someone who is able to develop reasonable conclusions having patience and determination to explore the problem at hand and having a tough-minded style you seem to be putting a lot of energy into work and this might leave you feeling completely down by the end of the week and even incapable to relax you need to dose your effort according to the importance of the task because in some respects you seem to be trying to achieve more than it is truly necessary without getting anything extra in return you might want to avoid your usual tendency to manipulate the emotions of those around you for your own gain or for you to get out of a sensible situation because your chosen methods might not be as subtle as you think your lucky numbers should include five seven and eight while avoid those with the numbers one three and nine yellow golden and brown are considered lucky for you while try to avoid white and green Maria Cecilia your lucky birthstone is garnet here is your special prediction theory Newton your birthdate May 2nd 1983 which falls on a Monday has its life number at one the polarity of your sign is negative and it’s recognizable characteristics are quite firm and hesitant while it is by convention of feminine sign you are inherently characterized as someone who is often having a business-minded attitude always recognizing own limitations and approaching things systematically you are going to enjoy a bit of financial independence this week whether new income prospects are there at the horizon or just because you’ve already paid all your debts and set the budget for the next month and you are enjoying a carefree week you should focus a bit on those around you as well and see who needs help and maybe do something there might occur some situations that will put you thinking more than others and you will probably organize things differently to accommodate this new perspective as well your lucky numbers should include 1 5 & 8 while avoid those with the numbers 2 3 and none gray yellow brown and gold are considered lucky for you while try to avoid green red and blue theory you’re lucky birthstone is emerald as for the other special predictions we have them lined up on our next videos please stay tuned for them and as always thank you so much for your continuous support to our videos and channel please do not forget to Like comment subscribe and hit that notification bell to always get updated with our newest videos again thank you so much 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