Hotel Breakfast Etiquette Rules Only Affluent People Know!

Hotel Breakfast Etiquette Rules Only Affluent People Know!

Ladies, welcome to have breakfast with me today! I am going to talk about hotel breakfast etiquette. Etiquette is a very important topic.
There will be loads of more etiquette videos on my channel.
And if you are somebody who are looking into doing a transformation,
I do offer an online training program for women who want to become more elegant,
sophisticated and learn the skills of high society. to find out more So we are at a hotel and we have
two options, we can have breakfast either in our room or we can have breakfast downstairs. Usually, it’s a buffet-style breakfast. Now, which one should we usually opt for? I know people are different,
some are morning people and like to go downstairs. That is me! I love going downstairs for breakfast because
I love seeing the variety of foods and kind of absorb the morning buzz a little bit. But there are people who do not
like that type of thing, who are more slow awakening up type of people and they need their time in the morning and
they might not necessarily want to face people the first thing when they wake up. So those people might order room service instead. I personally tend to alternate.
Sometimes room service if I’m a bit lazy and sometimes I go downstairs if I feel up for it. But I first want to start talking a little bit about
room service etiquette. So how does it work when you order
room service in the five-star hotel? Well, I think it actually works even a 4 and 3-star hotel.
Well, I don’t know, do they have room service? Anyway, in 5-star hotels, they do have room service.
You order your breakfast either the same morning or what I personally prefer doing
is to fill in that little paper thing and hang on your door with your
breakfast request and then you just get it at an expected time in the morning.
Now, when the breakfast arrives, somebody comes with it and there’s usually
a little bit of etiquette around that. First of all, make sure that when you open the door,
you are dressed decent. I feel sometimes sorry for the people who
come and with all the room service things because I’m sure they
to see all kinds of crazy things and uncomfortable situations. And having good manners is about
putting other people at ease and respect other people and not
make them feel awkward. So for that reason, make sure you are dressed,
make sure you know things are in order and your boyfriend is also decent. And I personally think it’s really nice, even if you’re a woman to hold up the door
for the person who comes in with a massive tray or the trolley or a table,
whatever it is that they come in with because their job is not necessarily always easy. So offer them a helping hand,
even though they’re there to serve you. I usually like to ask pretty much immediately
for the bill to sign. Usually, you need to leave a signature. What happens is that when the person comes in
with all the items, he starts you know preparing everything, kind of unpacking
and setting the table for you. And I personally think it’s a little bit awkward
just standing there and watching the person do that. So instead of having that awkwardness,
just start signing the bill and maybe do something else meanwhile
so that there isn’t this kind of stiff uncomfortable moment. Don’t forget when the person leaves,
you say thank you. Now, let’s talk about buffet breakfast etiquette. Because when you go downstairs and join the buffet, there are many do’s
and don’ts to think about. And it’s all about consideration
for other people and of course, behave like a true lady that you really are. Number 1 One of the most important things that I really
think you all ladies should start implementing, do not go greedy just because it is a buffet. I know when you see all these amazing foods, you kind of just want to eat everything in there. But really, it does not look elegant when
a woman is carrying loads of plates, covered like this with food,
everything is just mixed and she is going for thirds and four rounds and that’s not very elegant. So when you are there to choose food,
make sure that you respect the queue, that there are people behind you,
that you’re not standing there in front of each dish, choosing forever and then you have to take that particular food that is underneath that food. No, you pick the one that is on top and you make sure that you don’t finish all of the foods. You leave something for the people behind you. Be conscious about these things. Also, when there are foods, like open foods like that standing around, make sure that you are not there coughing, sneezing, talking loudly,
laughing because bacteria from your mouth is coming on to all of these foods and that’s not hygienic. And when you go and take food,
do not be greedy ladies. We are not starving and it’s not elegant
to take big portions. Go once, go twice and let that be
and don’t pile mountains on your plate. And when you are seated
in the common area with other people, it is very important to think about
that it is morning and you shouldn’t be loud. You shouldn’t be on your phone.
You shouldn’t be laughing or talking loudly. A lot of people are still half-asleep, so please respect the fact that not everybody wants to listen to noise and so on. And lastly, when you take food from the buffet,
only take the food that you will actually eat. One of the things I really don’t like
is when people are wasting food. It’s okay if you are being served the food,
then you can not eat everything. But if you are serving yourself, ladies, you must always finish the food that you have served yourself. It’s not okay to waste food,
it’s not good for our environment, our planet and think about those people
who are not as fortunate to eat as you are. All right, so let’s talk about the actual eating part. Now, we always put our napkin on our lap.
So first things first, what’s elegant to eat as breakfast? I personally think like things like
cereal, croissants, unhealthy things, heavy things like English breakfast and
panna shockula, not the healthiest options. I don’t think that they are very
elegant to eat as a woman in the morning. They’re not even healthy for anybody,
woman or man. So I personally say like, if you want to eat breakfast, definitely eat something that you like and let you enjoy eating. But maybe you should try and be a little bit healthy. Being healthy is definitely elegant. So focus on maybe having a vegetable or a fruit juice, eating some fruits, maybe
having some eggs if you eat that or if you eat dairy you will have some cottage cheese
or yogurt or granola perhaps. Those foods are a little bit more elegant. Now when it comes to what order things
should go in, now usually if you have served yourself juice, you will be
starting with your juice. After you had you juice,
you can move on to some of the cold dishes. For instance, if you have some cereal or maybe have some Bircher muesli
or maybe some yogurts or granola. Cold foods go before warm foods.
I’m only saying this, doesn’t mean you have to eat all of them.
I’m just saying if it happens that you are at a buffet, or you are being served a
continental breakfast and so on and there are different types of foods,
then you know in what order to start. It is quite a lot of food and I’m not necessarily recommending you’re eating all of this. It is a little bit too much but, hey,
on vacation sometimes we do indulge. So, after cold food, we eat warm food like
omelets or scrambled eggs, or well English breakfast if that’s your thing. So here is my omelet but it looks a bit strange. Because it’s been standing here
while I’ve been recording. So I’m gonna put this away. Now after you warm foods, you can have your fruits
and everything that is sweet. If you want to have the crust on now is the time and now it’s also a good time to have your coffee or tea. I wouldn’t suggest having your coffee while you in the process of eating your cold foods or warm foods. Because that just doesn’t go well. Have your tea and your coffee towards the end of the breakfast when you have something sweet with. Now a question to you my ladies, what do you eat for breakfast? I’m really curious. I personally do not eat breakfast actually. Because I follow intermittent fasting.
However, I do like to eat a little bit of breakfast sometimes when I am on a holiday in nice five-star hotels because usually the breakfast is quite good. I hope you enjoyed this video my dear, elegant ladies. Don’t forget that life is an ongoing
transformation and transformation never stops. But, what’s good with transformation is that
it rewards us and the more we invest in ourselves, the more benefits we tend to reap afterwards. So, keep that in mind and I will see you in the next video!

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  2. Hi, Anna. As you asked… I like to eat breakfast: usually a cold juice or fruit, warm egg, whole grain, and milk or yogurt with coffee or a black tea. However, I heard it's best to drink caffeine several hours after waking up, usually not before 10 am. Therefore I prefer to eat a late breakfast (which also works for intermittent fasters). Thanks, God bless!

  3. I am rebuilding my life. I have had to work hard. I appreciate this lesson as I am re-experiencing better things with a new appreciation. Nothing wrong with eating like a civilized person and not just shoveling it down. 😊 I am now beginning to travel and have joined a travel club so I'm going to look into your course.

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  6. I am Ketogenic so as carb free/low carb as possible – no fruit or carbs or sugar…breakfast is usually fasted or High Fat Greek Yogurt with Sugar free Jam,…and a tablespoon or two of seeds and nuts sprinkled on top! And a coffee with whipping cream…or a Vega Protein Shake with unsweetened Chocolate almond Milk.

  7. Health experts advise to eat fruits first. As for the rest of the video, as my mother would say, "noblesse oblige"

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  10. Ah I love breakfast. I love poached eggs with some salt and pepper, fruit salad, (grapes, melons, strawberries) maybe a scone with cream and jam or croissants.

  11. I mostly don't eat breakfast because I am not hungry in the morning, especially because I start working around 6:30 am. But if I do, I prefer having homemade bircher muesli with a grated apple. Very healthy, I know the ingredients because I made it myself and it keeps my energy up until lunch.

  12. Twice, lol. These are basic manners, let alone elegant. I have a power-packed smoothie made with blueberries and cacao. In fact, I am about to launch my own channel on super beauty foods; I am a retired professional nurse, and I know what it takes to keep the doctor away, lol. I adore your channel, and looking forward to starting your course, for my best life, yet : ) Where were you 40 years ago, lol.

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  19. I only eat fruits for breakfast. Science proved that although it’s been considered that fruits are eaten as a dessert, they are only digested properly if eaten alone. If eaten with other food, they ferment and rot in your stomach. Yuk but there’s been research on that. I started eating fruits only for breakfast a couple of years ago and now I can’t imagine eating something heavy in the morning

  20. I enjoy eggs, croissant, fresh fruit, and coffee! Thank you for the tips! I think I do pretty well at the buffet. I do find it annoying when people are disrespectful at buffets. I am so conscious of germs and wish others would be more aware.

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  24. As someone that has worked in catering, I appreciate your suggestion of holding the door open, dressing proberly and being nice to the staff. People tend to be very rude and entitled when being served and think that they don't have to be nice simply because they're paying to be served. This goed for people of all layers of society btw.

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  28. Whatever meal you eat that "breaks your fast" whether it's at 7:00 A.M. or 2:00 P.M. is essentially breakfast. I liked this video, and it affirmed the way I have always treated wait staff when I've traveled and had food in my room. The only thing you need to be aware of ahead of time is whether tips are most appreciated included on the bill, or given in cash in a quiet, polite way. The protocol of each country is what determines that.

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