8 thoughts on “How art gives shape to cultural change – Thelma Golden

  1. She is trying to construct an art base for blacks because white Americans have been and still are racist toward them

  2. skinhead is a subculture it has no direct affiliation with racism. there is skinhead reggae, but there is also skinhead fascist white power groups and bands. anyways.. FUCK A NAZI… Ⓐ

  3. I love this!! thanks! I create "cultural/multicultural art" and was looking for other artists who do the same thing…this was a great find

  4. To say that this video was anything short of extraordinary would be a gross deviation from any form of reality as you understand it. What a powerful explanation of Arts power! I'm happy to report that my greatest take away from this class has nothing to do with Art, except to associate it to the power of its influence to move a culture. The true take-away for me in much more a sociological one than an artist one. But, in my own analysis of this class, I've discovered the importance of Art (in its many forms) to change a world for positive, healthy, love of mankind reasons, and that is so much more than any particular piece of artistic expression and it's aesthetic beauty.

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