How Can Woman Change Society?: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

How Can Woman Change Society?: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

We don’t have to do anything to change the society. How is the society getting formed? It’s created by us. Society is not scattered, we are scattered today. Society is not losing peace Mind is losing peace. When a few people of the society lose peace Peace at home reduces And when peace depletes in the minds of lakhs of people Then peace in the city reduces. And when peace depletes in the minds of crores of people Then peace in the country reduces. And when peace depletes in everybody’s mind Then world peace declines. Now we don’t need to restore peace in the world. We don’t need to restore peace in the country You don’t even need to restore peace in the City We just need to restore peace in our mind. What is happening is Everyone is saying the country should be peaceful. The city should be peaceful. We are trying to go the other way around. We are saying if there is peace outside Then our mind will be peaceful. It’s not outside-in It is Inside-Out. And yet where does our power lie? At our home. Can we bring peace at home? Because if everyone takes responsibility of their house Then the society, city, country – everything is taken care of. Everyone only needs to take care of their family. Which means if each one of you Take responsibility of the four people at your house. Then the job is done. If you look at it as a big situation, the task becomes very big. Imagine bringing peace in the country We say how can I do it. And then we give up completely. I cannot change the country. Obviously I cannot. So I gave up completely. Next if we think, okay it’s not the country but the city where we need to bring peace. And then we thought such a big city and I an individual. I can’t do anything. Again give up. Actually we don’t need to bring peace at those levels. Really need to bring peace at home Can we make our home peaceful? Why is it said that the woman has That Power? Why is a woman needed to influence peace? Why? Why does a woman have an impact on the society? Why is it said so? What is that power we possess? I see. Does it mean women have more tolerance power than men? How many of you think women have more tolerance? We have more compassion? Yes? No. No… No. It is the Sanskar of the soul Whether the soul is in the body of a woman Or in the body of a man It doesn’t make any difference at all. You can find a woman who has zero tolerance power. She might react in the smallest of situations You can also find a man who has tremendous tolerance power. We should never generalize this way. Each of these qualities is a Sanskar of the soul They are not Sanskars pertaining to a specific gender. As is the Sanskar of a person Tolerance power is high in one soul Tolerance power is low in another soul It does not depend on the gender of the body. Of course it is a different matter that Social conditioning has taught us To keep quiet Keeping quiet is not same as tolerance power. We did not say anything verbally But we kept speaking in our mind continuously about an incident This is not called tolerance power. What did social conditioning dictate to us? Keep quiet. So we kept quiet. Where were we quiet? We were quiet orally. We kept crying internally. Internally we keep feeling like victims. I pity myself. I always need to tolerate so much. This is not tolerance power. Tolerance power means When someone’s mind does not create a single negative thought That is tolerance power. She tolerated it. Which means she adjusted. A full stop here in the mind. Not just a full stop here to our words. Let’s not have any misconception that Our tolerance power is higher than the other gender. Whoever decides to be tolerant What will they start doing to their tolerance power? Increase it. There are two things which a woman does. And that influences the entire house. One is the woman gives birth to children. For 9 months you nurture a soul in your womb. During those nine months That child’s Sanskars are created. It is a Karma which only… who can do it? Only women. So the power to influence the Sanskar of an individual Whether the child is a son or daughter, that doesn’t matter. The power to influence Sanskars of an individual Lies with the mother in those 9 months. During those nine months If the mother is disturbed or worried Scared or sad Then these emotions become the Sanskar of the child. Similarly during the nine months if the mother is Peaceful, happy, and if her tolerance power is at the highest If her adjustment power is at the highest Then whether she gives birth to a son or daughter does not matter The child’s tolerance power will be at the highest. Who influenced it? The mother. There are two things. One is that the mother nurtures the baby for nine months in the womb And influences the child with her Sanskars during that period. Whatever is happening in the society today Every individual is somebody’s child. Every individual, doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman. Is someone’s child. Extensive study is being conducted That the things we do even after 30, 40 or even 50 years Or whatever is a part of a psychology Whatever becomes a part of our personality A lot of that was created during those 9 months. Which means During those nine months If the mother’s life had lots of ups and downs Because of which her state of mind had lot of fluctuations It possible that even the child’s mind fluctuates. Because of the direct influence. All of us have heard the story of Abhimanyu isn’t it? Abhimanyu had not heard only that single story Why is that story being narrated to us? So that we understand The child who is in the Mother’s Womb He absorbs everything the mother does Everything that she thinks, speaks Listens, watches and reads That soul in the womb is absorbing everything. In earlier times it was easy How was the Mother’s life during those 9 months? It was easy. She was happy, reading pure information, doing nice things Her life was easy. Even if physically she worked hard, she was easy emotionally. Even the family members were advised Keep her happy all the time. Because actually who were the keeping happy? If the mother is happy Then the child is born emotionally stronger. Mentally stronger. If the mother is very powerful and happy during those 9 months. Why? Because in those 9 months When the soul is in the womb It’s catching power is at the highest. It is like an out of body experience at that time. Because that soul is not yet attached to its new body. Up to 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years The influence of parents on the child is the highest. What happens to our influence of the child gradually? It reduces. But the highest influence is in those 9 months. This is why a woman influences society the most. Because woman is giving birth to every individual of the society Now when the society has changed And majority of the mothers are working through those nine months It is also fine. Doctors also say – There is no problem, you can work until the last day. Several mothers are working until the last day before delivery. Many mothers are rushing to the hospital straight from their office. Which is also fine. Because there is no problem in working. But while doing all the work Simultaneously creating tension, creating anxiety Creating anger, creating jealousy Dealing with situations at workplace, dealing with gossip. There we never paid attention That the child is absorbing all this during the nine months. We were just working for those 9 months. As we kept working and working more What all did the child absorb? That was one phase. And now we are in a phase where we have a phone in hand. So what all is the mother observing during those 9 months from it? It all seems funny isn’t it? But that is affecting the next generation. There was a time when the mother was told Keep pictures of deities in your bedroom and keep watching them. And what did they also say? If you keep looking at Sri Krishna’s photo How will your child be? Like him. But what are we watching today? What are we watching? We are continuously watching, listening, and reading all sorts of content. What we watch, our child will become like that. So whose responsibility is it? The mother’s. So you have to take this to every woman in the society And not take it only when they are during those 9 months But take it right from the beginning Today your daughters might be going to college What is her lifestyle? It has to be taken care right from now. Emotional health of a mother cannot suddenly be changed during those 9 months. If someone has a Sanskar of anger And today if she comes to know she is pregnant She cannot give up for anger overnight. It can’t happen. So from when should we start taking care? Every soul needs to pay attention to their Sanskars But a woman is impacting other people also. So what about her responsibility? Wherever there is more power There is also responsibility associated. We have the power, so we have responsibility also. So our eating habits, drinking habits Dressing habits, way of thinking Way of speaking Way of living It’s not limited only to us It’s now giving to become the personality of the next individual. And that next individual forms tomorrow’s society. So as a girl We cannot say – It’s my life, I can do anything. What I eat, what I drink How does it matter? It’s my life. Actually it’s not just my life. So we need to understand The power of a woman In addition, the responsibility of a woman. When we have the power, we also have responsibility.

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