How Cancel Culture Destroys Itself | We The Internet TV

How Cancel Culture Destroys Itself | We The Internet TV

[MAN] I’m curious, do you believe
that there’s a noble root underneath
cancel culture and censoriousness? And if you grant such,
can it be explained through
an evolutionary lens? [HEATHER] You don’t need to
grant such to try to explain it
with an evolutionary lens. But I would say the stories that
we are most familiar with, including
the Evergreen story, look like there are some bad faith—
pick your mood disorder—
narcissists, sociopaths, whatever, at the center of it, who capture
good faith people who actually
believe in what they’re doing. And for the most part,
it’s those good faith people who actually believe in
what they’re saying and
what they’re doing who are on the front lines. Who are the poor souls who get
shown on video, and who,
5 or 10 years from now, are going to be going,
“Oh my god, I can’t believe I did that.” So they were easily captured. Perhaps they were just
naive because they were young. Perhaps they were seeking
community because it’s hard to find community now,
in an age when most of the traditional sources of community
have disappeared. There are a lot of reasons to
have sought something and
to have been snookered by it. So on some level, that’s the
evolutionary answer, too. Is that seeking a group with whom you share something, and whose other members you think
legitimately might have your back, makes a lot of sense. The thing with cancel culture is,
they don’t have each other’s backs. They pretend they do.
Right? But once they get rid of the next group, you know, we saw this at Evergreen. I can’t remember the
order in which it went, but the various demographic groups started falling by the wayside. You’ve got more intersectional
points than I do because I’m straight
and a woman. And just being a white woman
isn’t enough anymore to be included. And I’m going to take a guess here
and say you’re a cis straight
white male, and, my god. You just have no authority
whatsoever to speak. [LOU] He’s manspreading
right now, too. (laughter) [HEATHER] So clearly this particular movement doesn’t actually have anyone’s back. It’s pretending to have people’s backs, and people are getting fooled by it. But it doesn’t actually. [BRET] I’d just add one thing to this, which is, I want you to put yourself
in the mind of an ancestor who discovers that they are
suddenly the only person in the group who believes something on which
something important depends. Even if everybody else is wrong,
the pressure to rejoin the group and say what they’re saying,
even if they’ve got it wrong, is immense because the alternative
is literally starvation. So if you imagine what Heather
is saying, you’ve got bad actors
and you’ve got confused people. The confused people are being
manipulated by basically being threatened with
the equivalent of modern
starvation if they step out of line. And that makes them
tools of something unholy. But when you approach them,
realize you’ve got one
important question at first. Am I dealing with a bad actor, in which case I’ve got one set of problems? Or am I dealing with a
confused person who’s being
manipulated by fear? Right? Then it’s a whole different set of issues. And categorized that way,
you will see a different landscape.

56 thoughts on “How Cancel Culture Destroys Itself | We The Internet TV

  1. Just the fact that University's are teaching Social Engineering in itself is quite traumatizing. We need to abolish these and replace them with sane natural ones ffs…

  2. This is what they are working towards.

    "And he made all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

    Revelation 13:16-17

  3. We're being gas-lit! From what I understand Bret Weinstein is a Marxist he is the one that created those monsters that eventually turned into a race riot mob who took over Evergreen College campus turned on him and hunting him across campus to do only Gods knows what! Now all of a sudden he's the voice of reason? Hogwash!

  4. Oh Yeah..This Video is Fascist…I'm Literally Like Shaking in Fear Right Now! My Candied Ass Is Like Literally Like Melting Right Now Because of Fascists Causing Global Literal Warming YO…And Then YOU PEOPLE put Something Like Literally Like A Natsi Would Put up….I Want this Video Down Within 23.5 Hours or I'm on Like Literally Twitter to get ALL My Anti Fascist Coomerades To All Write Bad Reviews…So, What's It Going to Like Literally Be…Remove The Video NOW!….Or Have ALL Like Literally ALL THREE OF US WRITING BAD THINGS ABOUT FASCISTS…..WELL???????? (Just A Joke..Great Video All !!!).

  5. These people have always been with us, it's just that when they went too far, they would get stepped on. Now, those people of reason mostly remain silent, so, these maniacs are constantly pushing the limits to greater and greater insanity.

  6. Wow. I actually think that’s a very astute distinction, and well stated; it is an essential part of any game plan to distinguish the cause of the problem, and how to “salve” it (haha, pun untended 😂), before further action.

  7. I hope that #CancelCulture eats itself as quickly as possible, before it ruins anyone else. Everything is worse now, because of that garbage movement.

  8. LBJ said “the difference between cannibals and democrats (I’ll insert leftists) is that cannibals don’t eat their own”

  9. Wait till culture had enough of the attempt social oppression of cancel culture and the opposite rises from its ashes. No safe space will be safe enough lol. Snowflakes better get emotionally tough now. Because soon enough no fucks will be given or offered. The night always brings the day. Nothing stays absolute.

  10. Cancel Culture is just a way for people to stroke their egos and peacock to their social bubble. It's very similar to the way certain extreme religious groups show off their faith and superiority by publicly shaming/harassing others, but with fewer picket signs and more hashtags.

  11. I still think a lot of regressive cancel types are sincere good actors who are simply not thinking things thru before reacting, but yes, the fear of stepping outside of the dogma of the tribe/party/religion/race/whatever group identity one perceives themselves a part of for fear of being ostricized or worse by their collective is very real. Reasonable people in such groups always exist but do you really wanna find out how rational they are the hard way?

  12. "The bad faith people convince the good faith people they are doing the right thing." = How the Brown Shirts and Red Book carriers came about.

  13. I don’t sympathize, I was a conservative living in California. After my divorce I made it a point to meet lots of people. Overtime I was alienated from the group of people I befriended because of my views. I always held my head up high and stuck to my principles. Because of that I met my true friends and eventually converted several from the group think. I’m tired of all these weak people out there.

  14. I will never use these stupid terms these people come up with for what someone "identifies" with. That just legitimizes the ludicrous.

  15. It's interesting that the righties identity cancel culture with the left, yet they themselves are equally guilty of it. Perhaps even more so. Most of the comments on this channel seem to view it as an attack on the left judging by most of the comments even as many videos mock both sides or the far right.

  16. The Weinsteins cannot be trusted. They have literally learned nothing from their experience and now explain away their own horrible destructive views by saying the ones causing damage do not "truly" believe what they are saying or are confused. All destructive people, with destructive views go out of their way to cleanse themselves and their values by lowering others. They have all the values of the "bad actors", just do not call for "everyone" to be silenced with cancel culture yet at the same time will very quickly state that "hate" should be silenced while using the same terms of what "hate" is, that the cancel culture people use.

  17. "Cancel Culture" has been around since the beginning of time…
    The only difference (evolutionary lens) is that today the internet saves everything you do forever and can repeatedly haunt us, whereas people used to burn books to eliminate history.

  18. I’ve been saying this for years. A lot of these people in these groups like Antifa think they are spearheading a revolution but are oblivious to the fact that they are just the pawns .

  19. Before you join this kind of movement thinking you will belong to a group that cares for you. Look up Robes Pierre.

    Or… Really just about ANY mob rule movement. They do not end well.

    The rule of law MUST be rediscovered by the young in this country, or they will receive the fruit of their foolishness.

  20. Community is hard to be found now days……. the Left has go out of it's way to attack traditional community groups church is a large one. The Left has created multiple community groups but they are so broken down they are niche and global not local and thus not as helpful

  21. your video name in gods ear .. gosh how much i hope you're right .. it's amongst the biggest plagues our current time faces .. others are 4th way feminism, the fanatic "diversity and equity management" push, victim culture, a resurgence of severe racism in 3rd world countries, aswell as a (yet) relatively harmless but potent form in 1st world countries .. and insane housing prices in cities ..
    if all i listed where gone for good the world would be a much better place

  22. why is anyone listening to these idiots? they were part and parcel of the system that allowed it to develop, all paid for by stupid dupe taxpayers

  23. The problem is, the "bad actors" and the "manipulated" both act the same, and both claim to be acting in good faith. Figuring out which is which is very difficult when they both refuse to have a rational conversation and default to shouting anyone down.

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