[INTRO MUSIC] True Tea: Your questions, my brutal honesty! Hey guys, it’s Kat and this is gonna be your
first cup of True Tea. A series where I give my honest advice to
your questions. Sometimes the brew strong and sometimes it’s
shady, but it’s always organic. Today I’m sipping some black tea by the luxury
brand, Arizona! What are you drinking? Let me know in the
comment box below. Anyways, lets get to our first ever email: “Dear Kat, I wanted to open up a society 6
shop, but I’m not really sure how to get people to buy my stuff. Do you have any advice for people that are
interested in opening up a Society 6 Store? Thanks, Sushi!” So, I started a Society 6 page about 2 years
ago and when I first started, I really wasn’t making very many sales. Then about December of last year I saw a really
huge jump in sales and I made about half of my rent I think the that most important thing about
selling on society 6, and any tshirt website is a fan base. You really need to work hard to cultivate
a fanbase that will pay attention to your social media pages. Sometimes that means doing more than the actual
art. For me, because I am a youtuber and people
seem to like me for whatever reason, i do make a decent amount of sales. I noticed that i got more sales when I would
mention that I even had products in my videos that usually get thousands of views. Getting a fanbase could also mean doing fan
art. I’ve actually never been a huge fan of doing
fan art because there really are very few things that I like enough to actually do fan
art of, but fan art does sell. By doing fan art you’re actually reaching
out to people who are already part of a fandom. So when you do fan art, it actually drives
people to your page. If you’re on society 6, you most likely are
on other forms of social media. And it’s really important for you to pay attention
to trending topics. When Nicki Minaj said “Miley What’s Good”,
there was a surge of people that were looking for products that said “Miley, What’s Good?” So even if that products were litereally just
some commercial free use font that said “miley what’s good” posted onto a product, those
products sold because they were a hot topic. I think another important thing to consider
is that when you’re selling your things on society 6 is that what you actually end up making is
relatively low. When i sell a 24 dollar tshirt, I actually
only end up making about 2 to 3 dollars, but that’s actually not that different form a
lot of the other websites that you can use. You have to keep in mind that socity6 is providing
the t-shirts, they are printing on it, they’re shipping it, they’re everything. So what you end up making at the end of the
day is relatively low. BUt that money does add up so when it comes
to actually selling things on society6, a really really really big obvious piece of
advice that I can give you is to advertise your store. There are some people that don’t even know
that I have a soceity6 store. It sounds like common sense, but honestly,
it really makes a world of difference in the world. About every other week, there is free shipping
on society6. Just simply saying to your fanbase “hey, there’s
free shipping in my store this week” can get a lot of people who usually would not look at your store suddenly
very interested in your store. I can say that I’ve gotten pretty much everything
on soceity6, including this mug, on a free shipping sale. In general from the products that I design
to the way that I sell these products, I try to think about what I would want as a consumer. And if you’re cheap like me, that 24 dollar
tshirt looks really good when the shipping is free. Another thing to consider is that your highest
profit is going to come from the sale of prints. When you sell prints, you can actually name
your own price. So if I say I’m going to sell my print for
10 dollars, that’s how much I end up making. I am always soooo thankful when someone buys
a print of mine because it helps my earnings quite a bit and it’s about the same price
as a t-shirt. I really really love society 6 it gives me
pretty much everything that I personally want and they’re constantly adding new items. I will say though that one of it’s limitations
that they have is that they only really offer phone cases for iphones and a some of the
galaxy phones and they don’t really offer offer plus size clothing though you can technically
find your size in a men’s size. Other than that, i highly suggest society
6 and that has been my true tea for the day. If you want my true tea, send me an email
or an unlisted video under a minute to [email protected] And if you’re interested, you can get this
mug and many others in my socity6 store! Anyways, as per usual, always remember and
never forget that you are beautiful and you you are loved. Bye! If you liked this video, support me on patreon
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  1. Your art style reminds me of Steven universe lol. It's a great show :3 & you are a really good artist! I hope your store becomes successful!

  2. Cool. I've never heard of Society6. How does it compare to sites like SpreadShirt or DistrictLines? I'm interested in designing shirts, but don't know which site is best to use.

  3. Kat you're amazing! This video was great. Once again, loving your editing skills and delivery. You're so talented.

  4. I think your advice on selling was spot on. I can't add anything else. A really awesome video, Kat. Keep up the great work.

  5. If you make a Steven Universe shirt, then SU fans such as myself WILL buy your stuff on society6. You can make a Peridot shirt with a quote saying "You Crystal Clods" because Peridot is a popular character on Steven Universe.

    For some reason, society6 reminds me of zazzle.

  6. Loving this new camera!!! I just got done kiking with the white gays and sipping on some jasmine at my college's LGBTQ+ club. This new series is a perfect excuse for me to brew up some tea while watching! Thanks for going into more detail about your store. All the items look fabulous~

  7. I'm loving this new series! I opened up my store yesterday so that was really appropriate haha <3 Also i'm in the thumbnail omg i'm??

  8. great video! i have been wanting to start a store for a while and its great to hear what you have to say!

  9. I love how when you asked "What are you drinking?" I just took a gulp of drinking yoghurt XD Awesome video by the way!

  10. Yeah the biggest problem for society6 and etsy is bringing people in. There's so many amazing artists but no matter how good they are they wont have sales unless they can bring people in. Plus the search engines for these sites are not very good, or just over saturated.. I'm trying to think of products for my etsy store besides just paintings and drawings 🙂

  11. A useful-or-useless-depending-on-how-you-look-at-it List Of Large And Marketable Fanbases:
    Steven Universe
    Mad Max (Fury Road and Thunderdome especially)
    Gravity Falls
    Any memes that are popular (but not douchey) at the moment
    Nicki Minaj
    I'd say Taylor Swift, but you gotta be careful. She's sued fans over shit as miniscule as phone cases with 'this sick beat' on them :/

  12. Everybody! Kat's shop is really awesome. Yes believe it or not she's not kidding when she says she's an artist. Her shit is really really cool and I'm loving my phone case every day. Artist's unfortunately get very little money from the sale so try and do what you can to support this girl!

  13. I bought one of your thirty and stupidly didn't check the measurements for the XL size and was hugely disappointed when it was only like a size 10. I think I'll by a new one when there's a free shipping sale because I do love that top.
    P.S. I sneakily gifted it to a friend so I got bonus friend points so no harm done.

  14. After watching this video i've decited to open my own society6 account!
    Please check it out:) I would really appreciate it

  15. Great video! I'm also on S6 and have found much of the same results. Very good advice,…and a very cool mug! Good luck on your store!

  16. I've had a society6 store for ages but it's not until recently I've decided to pay some attention to it, it's now getting some traction, virtually everything I upload is now selected to be featured which is nice, the websites presentation is just so lovely,I actually also use it as a portfolio of my work

  17. This is the first video I'm watching from your channel and I had just gotten a cup of tea before clicking the play button and you had your tea too! XD It was amusing. I had some english breakfast tea. c:

    Thanks for the video! ^ – ^

  18. you inspired me to finally take the plunge an make my society6 shop! 😀 thank you so much c:

  19. Hey there guys, I have some really cool watercolor pieces up and a acrylic one, definitely check it out! like, comment, and share! Hope you guys have a great one 😄💕

  20. Hey everyone, i'm new on Society6 so it would mean a lot if you checked out my store ! 😊✌🏽️

  21. Thanks for this useful video! I joined society6 a few months ago and I love this website. It would mean a lot to me if you'd check out my work:

  22. Thanks for your advices , indeed they are useful and inspiring. so I would like to seize the chance to share my new artwork through society6; . And by the way, the mug design is really fabulous and unique.

  23. Great video Kat!! I've been trying to polish up my artist skills in the hopes of opening up my own s6 store by next year, and this video is just what I needed to get good info. 👍🏾👍🏾

  24. Kat' Just wondering does Society 6 extend their marketing base as far out as lets say Dominican Republic? Oh and you mention the cheap like me phrase, well Sista that hair do does not have cheap posted on the wall. So hit me back and drop that request, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,
    Sherman Peters @alasoul

  25. I pretty much sell some levels of fan art, which I kinda feel bad at times. But hey, the nostalgia factor is a strong sell. They updated recently on uploading one's artwork, which I appreciate. I find I had a lot of luck on Redbubble (sold 2) than Society 6 (promoting other artists have been my selling point; sold only 1.) I recently had LOTS of luck on another site called Print All Over Me with only selling just 1 product. ^^; I do need a lot more help on vids to gain views and interest in my store. I pray I am not being a pest, but I do traditional art mostly and hope anyone be interested in checking it out.

  26. Great video. Opened up my society6 store on the weekend because I like drawing and people on my instagram seemed to like them so rather than having those drawing not doing anything I figured might as well try sell some. Thanks for the advice. Some good tips

  27. Hi there! AMAZING HOME DECOR on Society6 !! Please Visit my Online Shop on Society6. Pillows, Mugs, T-Shirts, and amazing gift ideas ! Thank you. TypoMixArt 🙂

  28. can anyone tell me please that how can I show my society6 designs to everyone on instagram. .I have no idea how to show my designs to everyone,..🙁🙁🙁

  29. Hi there, thanks for this amazing video! I already followed you on Society6. Here's my shop I wonder how we can create sell for a specific buyer exclusively meaning they can only buy your products. If they get you to do their products through your shop. Thanks!

  30. I'm also trying to start a Society6! I'm really struggling to find information on how Society6 handles sales tax, though. Do they collect sales tax for you? Or does the sales tax come out of my profit margin? If you have any information or advice, I'd really love to hear it!

  31. One more question though is there any kind of penalty for doing fan art and selling it because of licensing issues??

  32. Can you buy your own things because I want a Lana del Rey tapestry but I don’t like nun of them so can I make my own and buy it ??

  33. please Tell me how it happens earning I have sales but money Is not included on paypal I am not a US citizen And I have visa card registered on paypal aand my paypal email registered on society6 please help me

  34. just starting using society6 and just can't figure out how to share my products onto my social networking sites like twitter and facebook etc. can you help?

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