How does academic freedom change society for good? | Ryan Stowers

How does academic freedom change society for good? | Ryan Stowers

The concerns that we have regarding academic
freedom is first of all I think it’s underappreciated and maybe taken for granted how unique it
is, and how absolutely critical it is. Universities historically have been places
where people have the freedom to pursue courses of study that maybe weren’t as popular at
the time or maybe controversial. And to prevent academics from being able to
do that is dangerous. It’s dangerous for the future of our culture,
of society. You think about all the ideas that have come
out of universities over the centuries. It’s really been a driver of innovation
and progress. And it was because people were in a position
to pursue those things that they felt they wanted to pursue without any outside or inside
infringement or prevention. And that is critical and I do think we take
it for granted. The research that scholars are producing can
have an incredible impact on culture and society and has really been a driver of innovation
and progress for decades and decades. We at the Charles Koch Foundation are supporting
numerous scholars who are doing this kind of impactful research and I’ve come up with
just a couple of examples. One that stands out is Carrie Petus-Davis
at Florida State University. She’s so focused on aspects of the criminal
justice system and specifically on the problem of recidivism. There are 13 million people in the United
States that are constantly being released from prison and then they end up back in prison. This is a huge problem and a huge barrier
preventing people from improving their lives. Carrie’s also frustrated that on average
a lot of the clinical research in this area takes on average 17 years to actually be implemented
to drive change. And so what she’s doing with 75 additional
researchers she’s focused on ten states with the goal of making sure that the research
they do and the changes that that research could drive are implemented in real time. And so this is kind of a paradigm shift. Again, none of this would be possible – Carrie’s
work wouldn’t be possible if she wasn’t able to be creative, to innovate within a
researcher’s context and to come up with ways in which she can help solve this huge
problem in society, recidivism

24 thoughts on “How does academic freedom change society for good? | Ryan Stowers

  1. Why do these videos never call out the war on academic freedom right now? Specifically the fact that it's one particular group of ideologues who have taken over academia and viciously oppose the free exchange of ideas… the woke left. They are overtly racist and sexist and they openly condemn free speech, one of the foundational values of Western civilization.

    They are the 21st century version of Christian conservatives from the 19th century: racist puritans who want to force everyone to speak and think like them.

  2. Academic freedom = 50% time to actually get educated about facts by experts, and 50% time to listen to fringe conspiracy theories from your fellow students at Rich Kid Day Care.

    Not all information is equal. Teach facts, not garbage.

  3. Short answer. Academic freedom allows the wildest imaginations to be checked and challenged. Likewise, it allows innovative ideas to be grounded in reality and make useful contributions to the world.

  4. Unfortunately academia has moments of illogical crazy too, universities need to be kept in check as well. It's a balance. I love modern ways – talking of "freedom" but no mention of the word 'responsibility'.

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  6. I think you will love my book, sir. It will be about empowering the whole world via proper and revamped education including free college education.

  7. Academic freedom is a joke. Privatization of public schools has created a completely convoluted segregated School system in which only the wealthy are able to get ahead and get proper cross career education and everyone knows it. Every rich person knows it. Why would they send their children to a public school? The thought itself is offputting for these affluent parents which means the opportunity only stays in the upper class. This is all bullshit propaganda and this dude over here at Big Think is probably one of the ones that sends his kid to a private school and his kid will get into a private university with a full ride scholarship funded by his parent's contributions to the school endowment, forget SAT scores… everyone knows the public education system is a joke

  8. Maybe academic freedom should not extend into the classroom. I am all for allowing unfettered research without having to worry about keeping your job. But, that said, a few too many professors are using it to ensure they can push ideologies in the classroom and students have no recourse for these required courses for their majors. I just read, "How to Interpret Literature" and it has some good things in it before it goes openly Marxist and becomes almost religious in pushing several ideologies that I support to varying degrees and some I do not support. These classes are increasingly, tell the professor what they want to hear… That is if you want to pass.

  9. Academic freedom imo would make for a much better society/world however further education is very costly and only really open to the rich and privileged families, In the UK a science degree costs about £9 -12K a year depending on the science and most decent degrees last 4-5 years. There lies the problem, everyone is jumping up and down about equality in race etc but where is the equality in education?

  10. There is tremendous stagnation within the Collegiate environment. All of curriculum is archaic and sluggish. I'm totally justified for dropping out of high school and pirating my education.

    Additionally, people like me don't need you, don't need colleges, don't need politics to make the necessary Paradigm shifts. Matter of fact, all of those factors are just dead weight and in my way.

    Even arbiters of knowledge like big stink here, are in my way. You're all part of the problem and I will capitalize on spreading awareness that you're all part of the problem and intake the attention I gather and transform it into economics to fuel the paradigm shift and leave you motherfukers behind for being a bunch of prejudice simpleton pieces of shit judgemental economic terrorists and deciders of who gets to teach what and who people can be allowed to discover and learn from.

  11. The slowest way to learn and the slowest way to do research is through colleges and curriculum.

    waiting for the next lecture when you could just consume 6 or more in a day at your own pace? Fucking asinine that we are continuing like this.

    Requiring funding and support from other people to do research? Requiring some point of authority to tell us that we're qualified or not? Some of us do not need validation nor do we give a fuck about recording the data. We just do the work however we can manage to facilitate that field study creatively and then we prove our Theory to ourselves and form a strategy and then act upon it…

    Colleges stagnate fields of science and progress of civilization because they are economically biased to keep things the same. If a student becomes a professor they don't want the field to change substantially because then they can't teach what they have learned and that is a total fucking failure to evolve.

    the same stupid fucking bullshit that stagnates the Collegiate environment and scientific enlightenment are many of the same factors that stagnate our political systems.

    Largely, the fact that we live so much longer than we used to is a big part of the problem. Those who have specialized and are filling niches within our systems are in points of social influence as well as economic power, they abuse their Authority and stagnate change because it removes their niche, they refused to die and get the fuck out of the way of people like me who should have replaced them 10 years ago.

    it's far more serious than anybody ever thought or currently thinks. It is preventing biology from evolving and adapting to the emerging complexity of reality and it can very well lead to the downfall of civilization and even the extinction of our so-called species…

    but what do I know, right? I'm just some armchair fucking loser degenerate piece of shit that doesn't deserve any respect or deserves to fucking eat, doesn't deserve to be able to pay their medical bills, doesn't deserve to live and of course doesn't deserve any respect for their intellectual gifts but rather just suffers the authoritarian and fascist terrorism from every point of authority because of their Petty insecurities and the fact that they view me as competition of which makes them totally fucking irrelevant and obsolete.

    cry Me a River, just hurry up and fucking die, get the fuck out of my way fucking old ass pieces of shit.

    If this was back in the time of troops and or villages, I would have smashed a rock into the back of the skull of whatever forty-year-old refused to die and get the fuck out of my way so that I could lead us into the next modality of progressive evolution.

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