how i learned to pray about | unknown | tongues

how i learned to pray about | unknown | tongues

(Kenneth Hagin) praise God amen list and Alleluia amen
thank your Lord thank you Father for your precious holy word for the great
mighty Holy Spirit we trust him to unveil to unfold reveal the word unto
our spirits in Jesus name Amen amen you may be seated does anybody know
what we’re talking about in this class amen well we’re talking about
manifestations of the Holy Ghost our gifts of the Spirit and we’re talking at
the moment about speaking with other tongues let me reiterate that speaking
with other tongues are all tongues in other words are the same in essence but
they’re different in purpose and in use and we need to realize that I think that
much damage has been done in this area just like it has in every other area
Christianity so to speak in that we just put it all in the same sac shook it all
up together poured it all out together but Paul told Timothy study to show
thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly
dividing the word of truth and so you have to rightly divide the word on this
particular subject by taking verses out of their setting like dr. Hicks said you
can make the Bible really say anything you wanted to say now for instance in
this 14th chapter of Acts our of 1st Corinthians and the 19th verse Paul said
I’d rather you see if you leave off the first part of the verse see he said yet
in the church but leave that off and quote the rest of it I’d rather speak
five words with no understanding than ten thousand word an unknown time
now see if you quote that like that that’s not really what he said so then
you see if you take that out of its setting leave off the first few words
yet in the church well you’d say well then Paul took a very dim view of
speaking with tongues he downgraded it in other words he sent is not too much
to it but wait a minute read the verse just before that I thank my god I speak
with tongues more than ye all yet in the church he had rather speak five words or
they don’t understand in 10,000 words no no tongue no why because you see right
now he’s dealing with the private side of tongues not the public side of
tongues there is tongues and interpretation but that is to be
manifested publicly but speaking with other tongues you see covers more than
that so Paul in this 14th chapter so you have to interpret also the 18th and 19th
verses in the light of what he said in the previous verses why wouldn’t he
saying I thank my god I speak with tongues more than you all yet in the
church I’d rather speak five words and won’t understand and ten thousand words
no no I’m done because he just got through saying
either speaking unknown tongue edifies himself so in other words he said I had
if I must have more than all of it he just got through saying let me repeat
again in this second verse of the fourteenth chapter that he speaketh in
an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men but unto God he said I talked to God
more than all of you hallelujah I’ll be it in the spirit for no man
understandeth and I’ll be at the spirit he speaketh mysteries and so he saying
God gave to us a divine supernatural means of communication with himself and
so he gives a number of reasons and we left off talking about this one and I
think we could talk about the rest of the school year and still wouldn’t
exhausted but speaking and praying with tongues because in the fourteenth verse
of the same opening 14th chapter and he said for if I pray in an unknown tongue
my spirit prayer but my understanding is unfruitful so he said what is it then I
will pray with the spirit and I’ll pray with the understanding also
so praying with other tongues provides a way for things to be pretty
which need prayer but for which no one thinks to pray or which they know
nothing at all about amen I know I heard the missionary say thank
you made him personally I heard him preach more than once and
and then another missionary and these fellows went out to Africa as
missionaries way back at the turn of the century we talked about you know to
beginning a world war one and I heard this man and then I read some things
that was published in a periodical concerning some of his experiences and
he made mention of the fact that he went off the west coast of Africa to to an
island there to minister and they spoke a little different dialect than where he
was ministering and so he took a one of the natives along the spoke that dialect
you know he’d preached through him use him as an interpreter he’d go out there
about once a week and preach to these people you see had a mission station and
he didn’t have a boat so he rented every week.this boat sail boat you know and he
didn’t say that the captain saved it and his crew to get out that cost it’s some
distance out to sea but those at certain times of the year those storms come up
real quick and so he he said one of them came up and and nighttime overtook them
and the captain finally said to him we’d I really don’t know where we are exactly
but he said we’re gonna go down out here and I don’t know they’re just one way
you know into the harbor the reefs where they said we would probably be dashed to
pieces on the reef but if we stay here we’re gonna go down anyway so what
should we do he said I said well this just make a run
for it he said well I don’t know where we are because it’s nighttime
and you know saying we’re talking about way back there about 1913 1914 and they
didn’t have a but then of course they wouldn’t have it
anyway we have today for navigation and so uh he said we just knelt down me and
the man that was with us the the interpreter and prayed committed our
lives to God and he said now of course the captain and I own several of the
fellows of his crew you know I mean you get up against this way you get
religious in a hurry I mean they’re even pregnant amen and but he said the the
God’s my witness he said that they turned that thing loose you know and and
he said it just went up in there like an airplane sailed over into the harbor glory to God amen
well he said several days later he was because they were short of help and
there was a lady that was over one of their mission stations nobody there but
her only only uh you know an english-speaking person there and so he
said he was there went up to see about her and check on the work there because
he saw oversee several of these mission station and she said to him were you in
trouble last Monday night amount anywhere from ten to eleven he said why
well she had gotten off to sleep but was awakened about ten o’clock and had a
burden to pray well she tried endeavored to pray but she is so tired she fell
back to sleep and awaken the second time finally got out of bed on her knees and
spent the biggest part of time from 10:00 to 12:00 at night praying in other
tongues and she said I don’t know but I seem to have the impression that I was
praying for you and said about midnight whatever it was if it was for you
whatever it was I got that that’s where the expression prayed through come from
I prayed through that thing and began to laugh in the spiritual don’t sing in
other tongues at midnight he smiled and said it is exactly at midnight when that
boat took off and began to fly like a plane hallelujah glory to God amen
praise God amen now the same missionary said
then another tribe stole a little six-year-old girl from the tribe where
he was ministering and he said I knowing their customs
I knew if we didn’t retrieve that little girl before nightfall that you’d never
get her back so I went took somebody that can speak their dialect we went
there now he said and you understand now that that that we’re talking about you
know seventy over seventy years ago seventy-five years ago and he said
before we got to this tribe we could smell this he said they would take
certain of the ladies you know and they would prepare an animal and then hang
that after it’s cooked you see all right upon a pole but it’s there hot weather
maggots eating on it and everybody comes to that tribes got to cut a piece of
that meat off and eat it and if you don’t the ladies that prepared it are
devil possessed so they kill him he knew I’m gonna have to easy they’re going to
kill those women and I’m gonna have to cut a piece of that putrified meat off
and eat it that sounds interesting don’t it I made
him want to be missionary well it’s not as bad to take it
not as bad in some quarters today but I think you get some uncivilized places
just as bad amen and so he said he and the fellow that
was with him that was going to interpret for him because they got a different
dialect that he said we just marched up there and they got a big knife and cut a
piece of the meat off and eat it and claimed the scripture feed and did
anything he’s not hurt you and it didn’t have any effect on him at all well we
made a deal for the girl we took along some trinkets and beads and different
things you know because these freaks were on several eyes we made a deal for
but night time overtook us and so we we had to stay overnight because you can’t
travel through the jungle at nighttime you lose your way and so said in the
nighttime we were awakened I heard these drums of
beaten and I asked this native that was with me spoke their dialect what does
that mean he said that’s the that’s the death nail he said they finally decided
they’d fire you know it did finally only the chieftain of the tribe he finally he
finally realized well I don’t have to give up this girl I’ll keep all these
trinkets would just kill those two fellows he said when you hear that
particular beat that means you’re dead so he said we I said well then we heard
the rustling outside our grass that’s hut and I said this don’t wait for him
to come and get us that’s just this is kneel down here and commit our lives to
God and he said then I said well I’ll lead the way and he said I just shut my
eyes and stepped outside well he said they had those big bold old knives I
mean one lick cut your head off I mean your head go rolling off the one side he
stepped outside and waited you know a few second ten seconds seemed like an
eternity I don’t know whether you realize that not but I know I’ve been
down to death’s door and you get out in that death door ten seconds seems like
an eternity almost and so uh he said he stood that seemed like an eternity must
have been a few second but but nothing happened so we opened aside he heard all
these fellows going on he couldn’t understand the language different
dialect but he opened his eyes and all of these Warriors were on their knees I
mean bowed down to the ground rising up and bound their head down to the ground
to him several of them saying something then so
he asked his interpreted what are they saying he said they think you’re God
they’re they’re worshipping you they said when you stepped out that there’s
two giant men arrayed in white with a giant sword in
the hand step type one on either side of you the way they died amen amen
now here’s the secret of the story one of the other lady missionaries in
another station off said brother stone so were you in trouble mentioned a
certain time I was impressed to pray I got on my knees began to see things that
need to be pray how many things go ahead and happen because folks didn’t well uh
somebody said now if God wants to do it he’ll go ahead and do it anyhow have you
know if it’s the will of God do you do it I just seen here donkey brayed
midnight in the ten barn hears somebody say that cuz that’s the most
unscriptural asinine stupid foolish and anything else you can think of along
that line thing for a person to say well now why why doesn’t God if God’s God if
he has authority in heaven and in earth and Jesus was raising the dead and he
said all authority is given to him in heaven earth and he can do anything in
earth that he wants to do but he immediately delegated the authority on
to the church on the earth and just stop and think about it for a minute
Jesus is just the head of the church he’s not the body of the church anything
he’s gonna do in the earth has to be done through the body you can’t do one
thing with your head without your body can you
let’s see you when we’re through here get up and walk out of here without your
head leave your head here you go on I think some folks did leave the head
somewhere else alright I mean wait act here know what I mean for that no no you
see he does all of his works through the body he meant God does all of his work
on the earth through his body of Jesus through his body which is the body of
Christ God knows all of his work through Jesus
he doesn’t work apart from Jesus amen and Jesus the head of the church does
all of his work through the body doesn’t do anything apart from his body he meant
now he sent the Holy Ghost to help us do it not the Holy Ghost to do it if the
Holy Ghost was just going to do it we wouldn’t have to send mission there just
send him over there hey man amen no he said to us go into all the
world and preach the gospel to every creature and show this again this lady
was one of the lady missionaries of the station in another station overseeing it
said were you in trouble certain time he said why he wants you to
find out why well she had this we called it a burden
to pray or maybe another way would say an impression and and again it was in
the night time so she just got out of bed got on her knees and spent an hour
or two pouring in another tongue said I don’t know but I think I was praying for
you seemed to me like you know she’s just picking this up in the spirit she
knock you is in trouble maybe your life was in danger something what you know he
began to smile was his life in danger what if she hadn’t prayed I said what if
she hadn’t to pray I said what if she hadn’t to pray he could have been killed
could have lost his life I mention again to this I don’t know whether I told you
or not because I’m teaching some things along the line of being sensitive the
spirit to the second-year group and so some illustrations apply to both but
this is about repetition you know sister Goodwin lives here in town brother
sister Goodwin where pastors of First Assembly of God in Pasadena Texas for 27
years before they retired from pastoring and then after few minutes for a while
he went on to be at the Lord but I held him a meeting in East Texas in the oil
field there more than one meeting really years before this 27 years and they told
me this story in fact I met the man that was involved he’s in their church they
got off to sleep on Sunday night brother good retreat Sunday morning Sunday night
and sister Goodwin someone other was awakened she
to go to sleep and she’s troubled in her spirit about something so she began to
praise their Lord what is it she just sensed in the spirit that some
of the members of the church their life was in danger and so she she began to
pray and other tongues about tried to be quiet so she wouldn’t awaken him
but somewhere another she got to groaning and praying in the spirit a
little loud enough that at least you’d wake him he thought she’s sick you know
what’s the matter honey he said she said I don’t know I’ve just got a burden
heavy burden here to pray some member of our church so he they agreed together
that whoever it was would be protected all they could think of was they had
several families on vacation and and they were some of them were traveling
all night long to get back home you know and they could have a wreck or something
so they cleaned protection for them and and he fell off back to sleep she tried
to go to sleep but again got a little bit loud and praying and and and he was
awakened and she said well that’s not it because see if I’d been it that claimed
it they’d have peace but that’s not it’s somebody it’s somebody else
so they prayed about it and got a little bit of relief and he went back to sleep
and she tried to and couldn’t so finally he was awakened again by her and and he
said well let’s just get up because the time we read preached twice tone six
sleep so let’s get out of bed and so they got out of bed and prayed and
finally at at about ten minutes till 4:00 in the morning he said that I said
because she couldn’t get into relief now he didn’t have any particular burden but
he’s helping her pray he said let’s just agree and agree together that whoever it
is that God would just either give them a dream or a vision and warn them about
this on this danger that their life’s in danger so they agreed together and got
relief got back into the bed went off to sleep by being in the nighttime night
away awake in several time but then they’re still still in bed and asleep
next morning about eight o’clock and so their Sunday School Superintendent got
up and went out she worked there and they all feel on a gang pulling well you
don’t understand what I mean by that and and so he in other word
they pull all the tubing all these wells you know they got to Derrick here you
know the stacking over the side and whatever needs to be done and that
should do the work you know and so the gang pusher as they call him the man
over these several men the fella that machine and he’s a man that works at the
top of that derrick up there and this Derrick man didn’t show up so he said to
this assembly of God Sunday school superintendent said you worked there you
worked there today so he started up climbed up about 14 rungs of the ladder
turned around came back down said I’m not gonna do it we shouldn’t want what
he said I had a dream at 4 o’clock this morning 4 o’clock cause I woke up
looking at the car went up and went to the kitchen got me drink of water it’s 4
o’clock and I dreamed that Joe didn’t show up to work the dirt you told me to
and I climbed up there about 14 rounds and he said I saw that if I went on up
that cable broke cutting the head off and I fell doubt and I’m not going to do
it now another fella and he is a Christian too he’s a member of another
church but not spirit-filled Church see here’s the difference here’s the
difference and he said oh I’m not superstitious that I’ll do that he
climbed up there they started pulling the well and the cable broke and cut his
head off and he fell right down hips assembly god super tender right in the
back well now the other thumb is a Christian
why didn’t God warn him because his pastors or somebody in the church didn’t
know about the Holy Ghost are you following me
well why didn’t God just do it anyway because he don’t do anything except
through the body John Wester said it seems God is limited by our prayer life
he can do nothing for humanity unless somebody ask him amen amen
so thank God for the Holy Ghost well I can tell you about personal experiences
more along this line but I think that’s sufficient let me just reiterate because
that’s so important it’s praying with other tongues provides a way for things
to be prayed for which need prayer but for which no one thinks to pray are
which they know nothing now then notice also
that the Word of God tells us in the book of Isaiah go back here to the Book
of Isaiah and in the 28th chapter and notice in the eleventh and twelfth
verses that the Word of God says for with stammering lips and another tongue
will he speak to this people to whom he said this is the rest what is the rest
stammering lips and speaking with other tongues this is the rest wherewith ye
may cause the weary to rest and this is the refreshing yet they
would not hear so what he’s wondering what’s he saying
he’s saying that speaking with stammering lips you know many times you
do just begin to stammer it first and and with other tongues is the rest
wherewith you may cause the weary to rest hallelujah it is he said a
refreshing glory to God and this is the refreshing how many of us know who make
a practice of praying in other tongues how that we are refreshed amen
hallelujah a spiritual refreshing but right on the
other hand it not only is a spiritual refreshing but whatever affects you
spirits is going to affect their entire being physically and all amen well thank
God hallelujah now turn over then to James let’s read another verse of
scripture our portion of Scripture James the third chapter and we’ll just read
the eighth verse but the tongue can no man tame now let’s back up here and just
read down through there I think it’ll help us to see this the third chapter
James let’s start with the first verse my brethren be not many masters knowing
that ye shall receive the greater condemnation for in many things we
offend all if any man offend not in word the same is a perfect man and able also
to bridle the whole body behold we put bits in
horses mouths that they may obey us and we turn them out their whole body behold
also the ships which though they be so great and are driven of fierce twins yet
are they turned about with a very small helm whether so ever the governor
listeners even so the tongue is a little member and most of great things now well
we know that behold how great a matter a little fire Kindle and the tongue is a
fire a world of iniquity so is the tongue among our members and it defy
Allah the whole body and set it on fire the course of nature and it’s set on
fire of hell I don’t think that leaves any explanation whatever I think you
know exactly don’t you for every kind of beast and the burden of serpents and the
things in the sea esteem that have been tamed to mankind but the tongue no man
contained it’s an unruly unruly evil full of deadly poison well now what’s
that got to do with speaking with other tongues learning to yield your tongue to
the Holy Ghost that’s what you have to do you got a yield to him it’s a long
step toward its fully yielding all members your body to God and the Word of
God teaches us to do that doesn’t it not to yield the members of our bodies
instruments of unrighteousness but to yield them under God as members and
instruments of righteousness doesn’t it Amen now then again let’s turn back now
to this 14th chapter first Corinthians again first Corinthians chapter 14 and
lesser read let’s read well we’ll start with that fourteenth verse and read
right down through the seventh first for if I pray he’s talking about
praying then isn’t he I said isn’t he now talking about speaking with tongues
publicly for interpretation he’s talking about praying for if I pray in an
unknown tongue my spirit prayer now I like the amplified translation on that
it said my spirit by the Holy Spirit within me prayer see it isn’t all just
my spirit by itself and it isn’t the Holy Ghost by himself it’s a combination
it’s a Holy Ghost giving me the utterance in me doing the prayer yielded
to him in other words my spirit prayer but my understanding is unfruitful so
then your understanding would be your mentality wouldn’t it your mind I think
you could readily see here then that he’s talking about two kinds of praying
he’s talking about spirit praying and mental praying now can’t you see how how
the church has failed so in the tape tried to get by the church at large on
the stem coming by just with one kind of praying alone just with mental print you
could never make it and get by just with mental praying but it’s just a good when
dealing with that case couldn’t get by with mental prayer they had to have
spirit praying but you see the church the other men went too even though he
was born again they preached the new birth that stopped right that they
didn’t know anything about anything else but mental praying we need both of them
now look at the fifteenth verse see 14 verse four if I pray in an unknown
tongue my spirit prays but my understanding is unfruitful 15 what is
it then I’ll pray with the spirit that’s what tongues isn’t it
amen that’s what tongues I’ll pray with the spirit and I’ll pray with the
understanding also I’ll sing with the spirit that’s what tongues and I’ll sing
with the understanding also I’ll do it both ways now let’s go on reading don’t
stop that don’t just take those verses out of context they do say certain
things to us all right but we want to get the full import of what he’s saying
look at the sixteenth verse else in other words if you don’t do it both
ways else when thou shalt bless with the spirit that would be with tongues has to
be with talk because that how shall he that occupies the room of the unlearned
say amen at thy giving of thanks seeing he understandeth not what thou sayeth in
other words if we were fixing to eat several of us you know they asked you to
offer the blessing ask the mercy and if you did it with tongues and if there’s
somebody there that’s unlearned no you didn’t even say this I’m saved you said
there’s unlearned we got too many unlearned people and a lot of folks
think they’re I learned are the most unlearned you know they know it all you
can’t tell them anything won’t listen to anybody because they’ve already arrived
they’re in the worst shape of all amen and so he that occupies the unlearned
how is he going to say Amen at the giving of thanks
notice what it said seeing he doesn’t understand what she said now you see
they’d be another thing entirely if all of us or spirit failed all of us
understand we’re not unlearned in tongues if you want to go ahead and pray
with the spirit we’d probably all join in with you amen
see what I’m saying to you now notice this let’s go on reading here look at
the 17th for thou giveth barely give a thanks
well he said you gave you know you doing it with your spirit or with tongues now
fairly give a thanks well but the other is not edified so when you’re with
others you want to do what will edify them you gave thanks well in other words
what’s he’s saying he said to pray with your spirit is the best way
you gave thanks that’s the best way to pray and the best way to give thanks
hallelujah but you have to be careful about doing it you know in certain
places because folks are either unlearned or unsaved or you follow me
now yet Paul said see see see all of it hooks together
go on to the next verse I think my god I speak with tongues more than y’all he
had in the church so he must have done much talking in tongues in church then
did he yet in the church I had rather speak five words of my understanding
that by my voice I might teach others also than ten thousand words in an
unknown tongue let me repeat again see if I stood up here the whole fifty
minutes here and spoke with other tongues which I could well it would then
define me and you would understand most all of it but yet not on the other hand
you wouldn’t get edified unless it was something that was spoken that could be
interpreted where you’d understand what was said then you’d be edified are you
following it out so then praying and speaking or other tongues provides the
most perfect way to pray and to give thanks
nobody said thou give a thanks well you didn’t say it’s bad but the other is not
edified you just get the job done sometimes no not always
and there’s no just ironclad rules that you can lay down I like something that
Donald G said he was a pioneer you know the Pentecostal movement he said Paul in
this 14th chapter 1st Corinthians is not laying down arm clad rules he’s just
given some by the spirit some general observation to help us
he’s Donald’s he said I’ve been in meetings were seemingly according to
what Paul said here’s some things were a little bit out of order but he said I’d
rather have a little disorder and God moving than the order of a graveyard
nothing happened it he-man I said they met praise God
know what he said is just just don’t drift too far away from from what he’s
saying here he’s not just a ran down on clad rules that you you got to do it or
else you know you don’t get cut off now notice this I said that’s the in in some
cases you just you just don’t get the job done praying
in English alone now I know Minister friend of mine I’d held meetings for him
he held meetings for me as I was a pastor and then after that I had left my
last church well no I was passed just before I left my last year I heard that
his oldest son who was also a young minister Oh about 20 to 3 years old
somewhere like that young married man Jesus had their their first new baby and
he was appreciated as the young people’s rally and went and preached at this
young people’s rally because daddy was pastor but he’s an evangelist and on his
way back now they would stand because they were evangelist and so between
meetings they just stay with their with it with his daddy you know and there
they had their home and so his wife and baby were there and he was on his way
back you see from this youth rally that he had preached and and some drunk fella
ran into him demolished his car and so here it was you know it’s some time
before they could get in coach after you’d preached and he had some distance
to drive so somewhere around midnight so somewhere around 2 o’clock in the
morning they finally got to information and they called him because you see it’s
in another town in another city and they call him the daddy his sons in the
hospital well he went there and they said there’s just no chance at all his
neck was broken if he did he’s unconscious if he did regain
consciousness he’d be paralyzed the rest of his life from his neck down back was
broken two places in his neck was broken and they said he had this severe head
injury and probably you know if he did regain conscious which he’s unconscious
if it didn’t regain conscious his mind wouldn’t work right well of course he
went to prayer to make a long story short he’s in intensive care to make a
long story short in the process of time he preached for me and I asked him I
asked the the daddy in person comes out I’d like to get a first-hand you see
because a lot of times you don’t get the full story somebody tells you something
and sometime they just give you their interpretation of what happened
and it may be that way that may not be that well you know altogether most of
its really right but you get more detail out of it you know because I had heard
that the boy was healed miraculously so his daddy said well you know they
thought he’s just gonna die in a minute they wanted somebody there all the time
so I set up all night and so he said this I we would pray and you know
everybody we knew so this third night I’m sitting there and he’s a nurse there
with him all the time and he said III just I went in about six o’clock in the
evening and I got over in the corner of this room this intensive care area and
he said I prayed in other tongues I said Lord now I’ve been a pray in every way I
know how to pray but even God every way I know how to believe him saying
everything I know to say he’s still on it just like this I’m just gonna trust
the Holy Ghost because he knows how to pray this thing out I’m gonna trust the
Holy Ghost and I see he never said one word out loud
he prayed from six o’clock in the evening because that’s when he come on
and would stay to about six today come on he’d stay about twelve hours he
prayed he said I prayed I’d say 90% of the time from 6:00 to midnight I’d say
90% I’m in other tongues he never said one word out loud see some folks think
you’ve got to pray out loud to get results no you don’t good if you can the
right place but you can do more damage sometimes and you do good I mean I mean
again let me repeat again didn’t didn’t Paul saying the same 14th chapter first
Corinthians talking about even publicly speaking with tongues for interpretation
he said you know let the Prophet speak two or three and then he said if any man
speaking on alone tongue verse 27 the 14th chapter he said let it be by two at
the most three and that by course and that one interpret doesn’t he and notice
what he said if there be no interpreter let him keep silence but I mean don’t
talk out loud then don’t it now note it and let him speak to himself and to God
thank God you can set right then speak to yourself and God nobody hears you
hallelujah but you see a lot of folks got the idea if we get enough people to
pray that get the job done and if everybody hollers out as they can that
get the job done no you see that’s all flesh that’s all human reasoning amen
now don’t misunderstand mid-time there are times I’ve been by the way it’s just
not not an ordinary thing but there are times that you just seem to be so full
I’ll tell you it’s you’re gonna burst if you don’t pray out loud well if you’re
around somebody don’t understand get all by yourself and do it amen
are you listening to it so he told me I just you know I of course he left the
room at Thompson went to get him a drink of water and so all come back sit down
and he so he said I prayed from 6:00 in the evening to for the next morning
probably eighty to ninety percent of the time in other tongue just quietly at
four o’clock in the morning of this third night this is nurse I’m sitting
over there in the corner praying in other tongues quietly and he said this
nurse came by and said I’m gonna run get me a cup of coffee said he seemed to be
resting well so she left the room and so he said when she did now I’m sitting
over there you know in the corner by the door and so he said I lifted my voice a
little bit you know cuz he’s been praying all that time within it now you
wouldn’t have heard me maybe you know I outside the room but just I don’t mean
he’s loud you know you can’t be loud not if he got good sense for caught in the
modern hospital I mean everybody’s wonder about you and so he said I’m
suddenly the boy his son it’s been unconscious all this time for three days
and nights now they said he’ll never regain conscious they said if he did
he’d be paralyzed from his neck down so on and so forth
said sent me while I’m praying lifted my voice a little bit he said dad is that
you he recognized this voice he said I
jumped up went over to the bed took him by the
hand he said gods healed me he said he said I picked up his hand I said to him
move your hand he moved his arm they told me to be
paralysed I said move your feet under the because he’s covered up the seat you
know he began to move his feet I said move your leg he pulled his leg up he
said I’m here no Riddick God wasn’t paralyzed or what paralyzed or and until
the nurse came back she got excited she called the doctor doctor came he said
I’ve never seen anything like it they went in x-rayed his back in his neck
again and the doctor showed this path or this is this pastor yes he was practice
time he showed him the x-rays and he said now look here see it’s only been
three days now here’s this two breaks in his back this break in his neck
he said they look like they’ve all grown up he said they look like somebody might
have had to break years ago a little ooh yeah what do you say why didn’t God just
give him a new backbone that’s not necessary just heal the one he’s God hey
man I said they met beside that that’s a greater testimony they see the breaks
are there but they just growed up like somebody made me head of years ago a
break you know so they said well now it would be well you know I mean in here
the boy went home I mean they sent him home I mean I mean you know within four
days and said it’d be well for him to wear this collar so he could jerk his
head you know a little bit of something knowing you know because it not only you
know was a break but then muscle control but he he wore the car or home pulled it
off he’s still in the ministry today we already got but the point I wanted to
make was that he got the job but he had tried for two days at night he got the
job done when when he got with the spirits you know helping him thank god
he’s there to help us he’s there to help us he’s there to help us hallelujah
praise His Holy Name forever I remember I was preaching up Full Gospel
businessmen’s meeting and and there’s another minister
Presbyterian minister had received the baptism the Holy Ghost and I was
teaching on the Holy Ghost and so he said to me we were setting out by the
pool when he said boy I see something now since you taught along that line I
didn’t understand I knew we experienced it because we were just new in this but
he said in our church there was a lady just 28-year old lady with two little
children one of them about five years old what I’m about three years old and
she had open-heart surgery and there that they couldn’t get a heart stopped
it stopped somewhere another but then they finally got it to going again and
she’s unconscious in the coma the doctor said she won’t ever again confident her
heart was stopped too long she didn’t get oxygen to her brain if she did
somewhere another revived she wouldn’t have any mind you see because she didn’t
her brain wouldn’t well he said we were just a new you know into this just my
wife and I’d received the baptism the Holy Ghost just just a few months before
speak in other tongues and and and and we begin to see something about healy
and I’d anointed her with all and had prayed with it there in the hospital you
know but we you know I just thought well I you know we’ve done all we could do
but he said in the nighttime I was awakened and and I heard somebody
groaning and praying well actually groaning I didn’t know
this pray and he said I felt over in the bed and the wife’s not there and I
thought she’s sick so he said I got up going through the house to see if I find
her so she was in the living room right flat on her stomach and fade you just
prostrate groaning and praying another two I thought she’s sick at first got
out and buy you know said honey what’s the matter and she said I don’t know I I
just don’t know but she said some way or another I just woke up and got the thing
about those little children need that Mama and that husband needs his wife and
and it’s just not right and she said the more I thought about this great urge we
called it like I said a burden to pray just come up inside me and III
got the praying and I didn’t want to awaken you so just got up and come in
here and said they just can’t give her up I’m not going to do it well I said
well I don’t understand it but just go ahead and pray he went on by compared he
said she did that for about two most of the night for three nights and the third
day I went up there to visit and that woman setting up bed just as bride I did
you ever seen her mind just as clear he said she’s in our church today well now
they didn’t know but yet she’s following the spirit are you listening to me now
it provides a way for things to be prayed it’s a really you pray at the
well you said amen now here’s another side to it there there is a public side
speaking in tongues and we will get to that and then we’ll talk about
interpretation of tongues on Friday I won’t I want to deal with this other
side here real quickly about speaking with tongues we’ve been talking about
why speak with tongues now I want to talk about for a moment we got about
five minutes we’ll take five maybe you’ll give me five and I’ll get done
here how can we speak with tongues now the Holy Ghost does not speak with
tongue he does speak to our hearts man does the speaking but the Spirit
supernaturally directs it now you notice acts 2:4 and they were
all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak they they they began to speak
they the people men and women’s hundred twenty of them they did the speaking
they began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them the utterance he
gave them the utterance they did the speaking now Weymouth translation reads
they began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them words to other
now sometimes those words you just have a another translation said as the spirit
prompted them to speak so those words are given to utter sometimes it’s just a
prompting your tongue will seem going to say something’s not your natural
language or again I remember when I was filled
with the Holy Ghost it seemed to me that these words were not in here and they
came floating up and it seemed that I would know what to sound like and I just
started speaking them out so either way is correct of course now
Moffitt’s translation said they began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit
enable them to express themselves you see speaking is based on an act of the
individual will that’s not supernatural the tongue what you say is supernatural
you doing it is not supernatural you can stop any time if you know it then can
really start any time if you know it if you don’t know what you can see science
says the mother fire I mean the bumblebee you know isn’t it then that
the one that can’t fly but she he don’t know it so it goes head and flies they
bet so what he speaks is in it is supernatural him speaking is not
supernatural what he speaks is supernatural they meant that notice
again first Corinthians 14:14 for if I I I pray in an unknown tongue my spirit
prayer but my mistake is unfruitful what is it then I will pray with the spirit
and I will pray with the understanding the I’m doing it in both cases me
speaking is not supernatural what I speak is supernatural speaking to you
now you see in my own language is not supernatural you can be anointed by the
spirit you don’t speak but it’s not sure if not because I can speak what I speak
is supernatural you see that’s where a lot of folks miss it
sometimes I use the illustration to hold a meeting in Jacksboro Texas 19th
December 1950 and a lady in the church that I wrote her friend who is a
schoolteacher 150 miles west and said cut because she had been seeking the
Holy Ghost the Holy Ghost should be feeling over
those four years come down here everybody down here is getting filled
with the spirit so she drove down after school on Friday afternoon send the
service Friday night we had said night service
I lead hands on her and knew the Holy Ghost came on her but I didn’t have time
just to instruct her got other people to pray for and minister to show on Sunday
morning the pastor had asked me to preach and so I preached turned it back
to the pastor he started to dismiss then the lady stood up and said and that’s
how I knew said my friend lead her hand on her friend’s shoulder said she came
down here and told her who I wrote her I called her regally and said everybody
get to the old ghost said and brother he laid hands on her last night and night
before but she has to drive back this afternoon because she got to teach Tamar
she don’t want to drive back by herself in the nighttime hundred fifty miles
alone after the service so she’s going back this afternoon Sunday after would
brother Hagin lay his hands on her again so he turned to me because I was sitting
back there you know on the platform and I said yeah she came I lead hands on her
new the Holy Ghost came on her said receive the Holy Ghost knew she could
speak with tongue but she didn’t and it’s already ten minutes after 12:00 I
didn’t want to hold the people there so I just turned around and walked off the
platform walk back to Sunday School Nanak when I left these two ladies left
the pastor went on talking to folks and they got in the car I had to go across
the parking lot to get to the parties I stayed the posture the and as I walked
across there these two ladies had gotten in the car and they couldn’t get out
somebody to park to close behind him and so they got away to somebody move the
card but as I walk by the dear lady had such a look of dejection you know and
disappointment on her face I felt so sorry for her and it’s the inside meat
the Holy Ghost showed me exactly how how to help her and where a problem was so I
turned around and went back she’s December it’s cold and so she
rolled the car window down and I said sister may I ask you a question yeah I
said when I leave my hands on you they want to go in church did the Holy Ghost
come on you that sure did well I said did your
tongue I want to say something that wasn’t English she said it’s all I could
do to keep it from it I said you’re not supposed to keep it from it
I said open your Bible but she had no clear Bible acts 2:4 she opened actually
before I said read that out loud and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost
and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance I said to
whom does that verse they did the speaking with tongues she said it said
the Holy Ghost did I said read that verse again she and she’s schoolteacher
now saying she read and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to
speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance I said whom does
that scripture say spoke with tongues he said to her it says the Holy Ghost did I
said read it again she read it again I ask the same questions he said it says
the Holy Ghost did I said read it again she read it the fourth time and she got
out of the place and they began to speak with OH
she looked at me in surprise he said she said it said they began to speak I said
that’s exactly what I wanted you to see my Bibles didn’t deliver the case like
that not the same Bible not the same leather case and she opened it looked at
it she thought it’s a different translate no she said same translation
same Bibles mine why she said if I’d been called on to witness in court and
they destroy me and put me on the witness stand and asked me the question
I just swore that it said the Holy Ghost Pope of tongue I said no it doesn’t say
the Holy Ghost over time now I said I won’t ask you another question
if I’m wrong just say your own you know I’ve been wrong if it’s nobody that
never has been wrong we go ahead start praying for a liar’s immediately I mean
you can long as you’re human you gonna miss it somewhere no amen
I said now right now while I’m talking to you
you still got that same thing within you that utter that that something you know
the words your tongue would say something is that right she said yeah
you’re right I said well go ahead and speak it to him
she said if both hands start talking fluently in tongue never stammer never
stuttered amen hallelujah about that time they dismissed in the service and
people come out to park on the heard there cuz the car went down talking in
tongues hallelujah well you see there there’s only two things that would keep
you you see these two elements in speaking with tongues ones natural
Superman sir he can’t talk to languages once that’s the sense amen
now there’s only two things that can keep you being filled if you were born
again spirit-filled Christian and walking in fellowship with the Lord now
you understand if you’re in the practice of sin and wrongdoing you’re not gonna
get anything God – going to straighten up first and repent amen
but don’t try to drag up something I remember I was preaching that brother
Goodwin Church then passes into one time brother Osteen was an advantage at that
time didn’t live too far really from that he’d come over to every service and
so one morning after the service brother Osteen brother goodman myself was
standing down here talking and a lady came up took him with me and then she
sure got by left he said brother Steven don’t worry you remember me or not but
she said I was a member of your church there at Bay town Central Baptist Church
that he passed in for 15 years and she gave her name he said oh yes I remember
you she said well III you know I didn’t
understand about this experience in fact this first time I’ve been in these kind
of meeting but I read your testimony and then I checked the Bible and I began to
see that that’s in there and said I just wanted to ask you brother Hagin and and
you minister’s brother Goodwin brother Steve I wanted to ask y’all to pray for
me because I want to be filled with the Holy Ghost well we’re ready to pray
right now you know and she said oh no I didn’t mean right now because said you
know I’m just not ready yet said I’ve got some digging to do I don’t know what
you meant by that but you hear people using these expressions don’t you you
know and so a real quick mother Osteen said
sister do you know that you were born again now she’d been remembering his
Baptist Church you know for years he packed her for 15 years you know some
years prior to this oh yes she said I know I’m born again you were child of
God yeah you were blood washed oh yeah ever since under the blood of Jesus oh
yes what if you were to follow that right here you believe you’d go to
heaven said nor would what he said if you were good enough to go to heaven
seemed like you ought to be good enough to get more a little more heaven in you
you’re ready right now you’re not doing it digging she looked at him and said
you know I am yeah you fellas like hands on me I mean we reached out like that
three of us we hadn’t barely brushed her forehead till she lifted
then start speaking fluently in other tongues you see people think well I’ve
got to dig what do you know dig I mean how do you hold a ghost knock down that
no he’s digging for him he ain’t that taking back the only thing I haven’t
done fart you know his worms to go fishing
I’ve only been fishing through three times in my life
amen no you don’t dig for the hole to go but see people got the idea in the devil
or fooled them about that well you got to do this you got to do that you got to
do something I know you got to be blood washed blood cleanse well I’m gonna have
to clean up though for you fill me well if you’re washed in the blood you are
clean you’re not clean you’re not washing the blood you need another dip
in the fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins amen praise God
now but see you can be bud Morris time to I was born again but if you don’t
know what the Word of God says you can’t believe see you receive the Holy Ghost
by faith amen just like you receive salvation by faith
you receive healing by faith you receive all of God’s offered blessings amen by
faith and show up if you don’t receive this experience and this is a way to
teach others here’s the thing you work on one that you see there a lack of
faith or it’s a lack of you do this don’t try to work on anything else talk
to them be sure first they’re born again blood wash and clean the living for God
but then lay hands on them yeah you can lay hands on them too now there is folks
who have a ministry of laying all the hands but you lay hands on people in
faith and produce the same results now if they don’t receive then asking this
when we laid hands on you and said receive the Holy Ghost in the name of
Jesus did the Holy Ghost move on you and in you now well it’s a lack of faith
then because you’ve got to receive did your tongue seem to want to say
something there wasn’t English or whatever you naturally know well it’s a
lack of faith what are you going to do come back and give them the word read in
the Acts of the Apostles every account amen some of those people sometimes I’ll
give them a little homework to do these scriptures here you read them think on
to meditate on them without exception 100 times out of a hundred every single
one of them came back and was instantly filled with the spirit when I laid hands
on now then if the Holy Ghost does move on them see because they’ve got to see
she said they were all filled with the whole to go see you get filled first
then you speak you don’t speak and then you’re filled and it’s my faith that
you’re filled with the Holy Ghost are you following me and show up you talk to
them you know yeah yeah the Holy Ghost mu it’s not this lady’s yeah my advice
sure my tongue once a seven one meaning all I can do to keep from it well then
you got to teach them how to yield to the spirit don’t teach people how to
speak with tongues well now just say that I got y’all y’all Yaya
don’t do that are you listening to me no he’ll give him the utterance not you amen I said amen
you can’t set up some conversation they began to speak as the spirit the Spirit
gave them utterance but you can teach people they become conscious then of the
Holy Ghost moving upon them upon their lips and their vocal organs teach them
the thirty-year like this lady I had to teach her that she was to yield you see
I had to get out of her mind what was in her mind it was in her mind that the
Holy Ghost is going to do it he’s awake she’s waiting for the Holy Ghost of
Mecca do it well the people laid before the Holy Ghost to make them get saved
that never gets saved but if they’ll follow that leading holy gonna lead them
right into the new birth when they hear the word of God morning amen
so it is necessary sometimes to teach people how to yield to the Holy Spirit
praise God and you meet that need to know that yourself so then you make a
practice of praying in other tongues follow the practice of praying in other
tongues in your private prayer life until it becomes like a second nature to
you amen praise God and it will in
conclusion our quote Howard Carter who is the founder of the oldest Pentecostal
Bible School in the world Bible School still in existence today and was for 19
years general chairman of the Senators of God and Great Britain he said we must
not forget that speaking with other tongues is not only an initial remember
initial other evidences follow an initial evidence or sign of the baptism
of the Holy Ghost of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost but it is speaking with
other tongues of ears a flowing stream that should never dry up but will enrich
your life spiritually hallelujah glory to God amen all right we’ll wind this up
Bona and then get over to interpret a little bit more about speaking with
tongues in over into interpretation of tongues on Friday and then on next
Monday hey man we’ll give you a test over this
you’re dismissed Oh God here today

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