How Many Catapults You Got?! – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 10

How Many Catapults You Got?! – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 10

Hey everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 6 So, when we last left off, we were fighting an emergency right now I’m mostly fighting Russia, and I can still attack a few times on this turn Hey, more experience for us I certainly don’t mind Here, he’s almost dead Now he’s dead. Nice one That is quite a few ships. Ok Well then… I can send… something My ranged units are actually quite far away, but I can get another one in Rome after the bombard I mean, this guy is about to get… yeah, two attacks per turn He literally already got that, just need to use one turn to promote him Also, if I get one more fort, I should get a boost if I’m not mistaken or will that not count for the boost? Oh ok, apparently that doesn’t count for a boost, because it’s a different kind of fort Yeah, it’s a Roman fort, not an actual fort constructed by a military engineer I was hoping I will be able to get that boost for free but apparently not, how disappointing very disappointing Okay, that’s fine Just sleep that builder… and this one… or I can grab a lumber mill This spearman… or rather this swordsman hasn’t moved in like, the past 20 turns So, I don’t know what’s up with that The city walls are almost done. Yeah, now he moved. Probably because I moved my builder, that’s most likely what happened here Okay, well, I do want that lumber mill, so let’s get the lumber mill He can’t kill my spearman anyway, and the walls are almost done He might pillage something, but I can still faith buy builders. I could also faith buy a settler but There is not much I can settle right now I would rather not faith buy a settler while I’m at war – a builder would be a much better use of that So let’s get expert marksman for obvious reasons I’m pretty sure Mediolanum will be fine, I did repair its garrison when this emergency started Ok, let’s keep moving So, towards Kabul. I cannot attack from this tile unfortunately This right here is a hill. I can attack from where the legion is Because that’s a hill I think that’s the only one I can attack from Otherwise I will have to be directly adjacent to Kabul Which is slightly annoying but… ok. This should be enough firepower honestly I think it’ll be enough. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. Let’s move in then And just chill Yeah, I’ll need like, two more turns to set up Oh yeah, there’s the trader Let’s go for a safe trade route, so probably not this one Geneva, that’s the single safest trade route I got. It’s still not entirely safe technically the actual safest trade route I got is with Auckland from a city furthest away from Auckland because one of our special abilities is that any trade route that moves through our own city gets more value, right? yeah, your trade routes gain +1 gold for passing through trading posts in your own cities and all cities you found or conquer start with a trading post If in a trade route range of your capital, they also start with a road to it, right that’s about cities So let’s send this trade route from Stavanger. That seems to be the furthest away city I got It should go from Bergen, Rome… Yeah, it should go through like… four cities maybe We’ll check. It should be worth at least this much, if not more It will definitely be worth more, and then I could grab a military engineer, because I’ll need that. Let’s repair the defenses Sounds good… get rid of the catapult Heal the pikemen Down it goes Okay, looking good And that’s that for now Bergen is doing quite well I might actually lose that spearman but I mean, it’s just a spearman. It’s not really a big deal Technically that builder didn’t actually need him I can just run away in this direction. Hey, we can reveal some of this terrain. I don’t know what’s going on in there The city walls will be done on the next turn So what’s going on here? Yeah, Mediolanum will be fine. I have enough damage Here, I can almost kill 3 ships on this turn Yep I am going to need more amenities, however. I already need more amenities He declined the creation of friendship Well, ok Can we trade? We can trade I do not have tea. So this makes sense. Will he give me anything else? Oh, yeah, he will actually give me gold At least 100 gold 120? 110? Yeah, this is good enough, accept Yeah, I am losing more gold now, partially because I lost my trade routes Let’s rebuild the trade routes I’ll have to use safe trade routes for now, because I can’t just keep rebuilding my traders. It doesn’t take long, but still Let’s send him to Auckland. Yeah, that’s only +8 Gold It’s not that good But if I send him through here, it will get pillaged, that much is obvious There are still some ships in this area I think I’ll just go for Auckland regardless Okay, let’s just go for Auckland regardless, even though it’s not that good But I can’t just keep replacing trader routes constantly, and I can’t afford to lose 15 gold per turn. That’s a bit too much So, back to Kabul, he still has quite a few units around here, but that shouldn’t be a problem Heal the knight And back up with the legion. I need the bombard to be here So I guess we’ll just move in, and block the way to the knight or with the musketman, that makes more sense and technically I can still have the other bombard here. It has a promotion waiting do if I take too much damage, I will be able to pick up the promotion to heal myself I can pick it up right now, but I don’t actually want to do that. We’ll save it for a heal That will be a better use for it Okay So let’s just fortify. This is my single strongest unit at the moment. So he’s perfect for this We’ll see how much damage we’ll actually do to Kabul. Yeah, the spearman got killed, but that doesn’t really matter all that much This is quite a few notifications. Civil service is done, so I could pick up retainers now I might actually do that, or we can pick up civil prestige Established governors with at least two promotions… how many of those do I actually have to begin with? I only have one at the moment, because the base promotion doesn’t actually count Or does it? I’m actually not sure. Does this count as a promotion? I would assume not Because that’s not an actual promotion, it’s just the base ability that they start with But either, way I could pick up retainers I got a few garrisoned units. I do not have one in Durocortorum, but it will get one in 5 turns Now that I think about it, it would have been better to keep that spearman alive but I mean, he’s already dead, so a bit too late for that but let’s pick up retainers Instead of professional army. It’s not like I can afford upgrades right now anyway, and I’m going to need gold. I can’t really get more gold through this, unfortunately. Not right now anyway Okay, this is fine, how about we replace feudal contract with something, I probably don’t need it anymore Anything at all that would give me some money? I mean, not a whole lot to be honest I could still pick up a civil prestige regardless I could pick up harbor district adjacency bonuses, which would be more gold I currently only have one harbor – right here. I don’t think I ever completed one in Mediolanum? No, I did not, but technically this would give me +3 gold. It’s not a huge amount, but Maybe it’s worth it I’m not totally convinced it’s actually worth it We would be better off with like, a campus adjacency bonus right now Anyway, let’s replace professional army with retainers. There. Done. Okay, and apparently I need trade routes Let’s grab one in Rome… 3 turns for a trader. Can we do it faster than that? Probably not 4 turns? Yeah, that’s the fastest I can get one right now. Okay. Sure. I kind of need it, so I suppose we’ll get it I’m losing 20 gold per turn when I’m at one trade route, which is not ideal to say the least Okay So back to Russia for a moment. Let’s attack the swordsman to get some experience He will lose health, but I should be able to keep him alive There’s a promotion and one more shot Okay, and how much damage can we do to Kabul? Yeah, that is pretty damn good damage. He is trying to flank me, which is a little bit dirty okay, probably best if we back up here, and move the knight to the front I got some more units that can come and help Okay, and next up, probably guilds… I mean definitely guilds Guilds and then Diplomatic Service but first, guilds Alright, let’s try to not drop to zero, that would be kind of bad I might need some extra defenses in Durocortorum, now that Japan doesn’t like me too much and speaking of money, we just finished banking. So this bombard will have to wait I think because I really need that Bank. Yep. I need the bank, badly let’s send the trade route right away I might have to just go for the best one right now Even if it’s a little bit risky with Geneva, I kind of need it Okay, well, I guess I just need it – it is what it is Hopefully it will survive long enough to give us some gold Right, back to Kabul I can basically destroy the garrison right now. Yeah, we’ll take the city pretty damn soon Heal the catapults I can kill at least one There, good enough That’s that Maybe move the legion forward as for next production I don’t need a temple all that much Let’s grab a builder because I still got quite a few tiles I can pillage for more production That makes sense. And let’s check the tech tree. I’m thinking mass production and then a cartography I should be able to kill a unit with a musketman to get a boost I mean, I can kill this guy like, literally right now Should be safe. Well, there’s the boost. I barely lost any health So now everything on the way to industrialization is boosted, except industrialization itself but i’ll be boosting that soon enough. I think that’s going to be our route right now to reveal coal, I would like to know where coal is. I could get castles but I don’t really need the coursers right now. I don’t need medieval walls. I don’t think I have the time to build Alhambra, as much as I like that wonder So let’s work on industrialization Might as well get cartography first That will technically give us a little bit of gold So, sure, why the heck not. And it will unlock a better ship Which I probably won’t be getting right now because of my gold issues but it will unlock it regardless So let’s swap these Then attack the swordsman Yep, like that – and he’s dead Move in with the others. Yep. This is fine… and just keep the knight where it is I might even be able to take Kabul literally on the next turn and If not, probably on the turn after that. That is a lot of catapults from Russia Okay Is he like, producing catapults non-stop? Seems to be the case, and Norway is producing ships non-stop apparently. That seems to be the case Sure These are actually fairly strong But my crossbowman is handling it just fine. So, let’s see if we can take Kabul… probably not yet Yeah, okay. That was a little bit too optimistic But we’re getting there More damage. Yeah, the knight actually almost got killed. Let’s be careful with that Move in with the legion, and fortify the pikeman That will do Okay I don’t think I lost a single unit during this war, other than that one spearman near the tundra city let’s back away from the catapult slightly and… maybe kill one of them, that would be great yeah, we can attack with the legion without leaving the actual encampment – and then kill the catapult.. and then I still got one more attack Here, that will do Nice ship, bro Alright… and the city walls are done, now we did a granary Come on, give me Kabul already And hey, you never know – it might have some valuable resources in the future There’s some jade to the west, but it’s outside of its range There is however sugar in range, I could always try to sell it to someone Speaking of selling things, once we are done with this emergency my next goal will be finding other AI’s I know that Netherlands is in the game, because there were some notifications up here, about the Netherlands So that was like a spoiler basically Right, Kabul should be ours on the next turn, easily. So let’s do that and and get another unit as a garrison since I have retainers The fastest one is probably still the crossbowman Yep Sure, let’s get a crossbowman, works for me And move our own crossbowmen into the encampment I killed so many units already. I haven’t been counting, but it had to be a lot, and it will be even more There. Nice and even more over here Can’t quite kill that guy Alright, looking good. Trade route… So let’s send it to Geneva again Unless I want to try like, Buenos Aires or something. No, obviously not Definitely not Japan either. Just go to Geneva That’s still kind of the safest one I got. I just have to monitor my trade route count because some of them might still get pillaged and I think we can take Kabul right now. It will take quite a bit of damage from all the catapults surrounding it but that shouldn’t really be a problem Yep, it’s basically mine. So let’s take it with the unit that’s already wounded or with the legion because that musketman is more valuable I could actually pillage this mine before taking Kabul and get 216 gold, that’s probably worth it. And I got a builder that can repair it right away That is definitely worth it. That’s a lot of gold Here – it’s ours, and I will keep it. Why would I want to raze it and let’s go repair that tile right away. I can also remove the jungle to speed up the city walls Those are probably going to be first Yep Let’s do that then. And then we can repair granary, monument and water mill and I could also move Victor into that city, because it seems pretty obvious a lot of the fighting will be focused on Kabul now, and not on Bergen So I think Victor will be more useful in Kabul overall but that’s going to be the end of this episode so thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it! Leave like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t and subscribe for more videos just like this one. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

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    So instead of writing "1 shirt" I wrote "1 civilization"
    Mind you that I derped from spanish to english

  2. Marbs, you are the best. I religiously watch all of your CIV content. I enjoy early game much more than the late game, so I often don't finish my games or watch the later parts of lets' plays. But I watch yours.

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  6. Tip: You should try stationing Siege units in coastal cities instead of Ranged because Ranged units suffer a -17 penalty while attacking naval units but Siege units don't.

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