How Pranksters Are Ruining Society…

How Pranksters Are Ruining Society…

Guys, excuse me for this goofy-ass pedo mustache. we were in the middle of making another video, but something came up that was just soo JUICY. Soooooo.. Good I didn’t even care comin’ at you with this pedo mustache because I need to talk about it, right now. Okay, check this shit out. Joey Salads, ya boy, back at it again! With the racist social experiments… Last time it was the black lives matter, we got a ton of kickback. People talking about, “Fuck you Ethan, for calling this shit fake,” I remember one specific comment that said, “Ethan, this one’s real. You KNOW this one’s real. You remember, guy who wrote that? Do you remember saying that? He’s been on a fuckin, he’s been on a tear lately The next video he did was, he left an open trunk in a black neighborhood, and everybody got in the car, you know, OBVIOUSLY But the new one? Guys, you won’t believe what black youth are up to these days according to Joey Salads boi Check it out, “Trump Car DESTROYED”! …I’m just emphasizing on the caps “In a black neighborhood (social experiment)” “What’s up guys, Joey Salads here. Now you may have seen on my on the internet and through the polls that a lot of black people don’t like Trump. And they don’t even like his supporters in some cases.. Black people don’t like Trump, ‘kay, we got a good thesis So what I did was, I got a car, and I put some, um, Trump appearel on it. and we’re gonna park it in a black neighborhood, and see what happens So then he walks away from the car and it’s .. it’s ALMOST, I swear to god it’s like a comedy scene. I swear it like a sketch you can’t write that shit. And then, all of a sudden right.. cut.. cut to this Look at this shit..Like what ?? It.. It literally says 15 minutes later. Look at this So, he’s like.. okay.. alright I’m gonna leave my Trump car. 15 minutes later. [Goofy Gafster Music and Laughter Trackss] (applaud sounds) Like, where’d you even find a pipe? Look at this. What’s with the pipe ? WTF ? Who does that ? So, you do it out there. Ya remember the fucking guy who’s like, “Ethan you know this one’s real” That had like 500 points. huhh…. I hope you’re watching. I hope you remember this ok. Cause I nearly had a fucking full body orgasm. I had to go. I ran. I changed my underwear. I came back and I was like, “Hila, I know I have a pedo mustache but, we need to do this right now.” Watch this. All right guys, just feast your fucking eyes on this fucking beautiful thing, DUuuDEE. Is that Joey Salads standing in front of the same car with all these black hooligans. So what we have here is somebody oversaw this “social experiment” going down and filmed the whole thing. The same black actors that destroyed the car are standing with Joey, right behind the camera as he does his introduction. What does that mean ? If I have to spell it out I get, like, I guess that means IT’S FAKE. What’s up guys? Joey Salads, here. and you may have seen on the internet through the polls that a lot of black people don’t like trump. And they don’t even like his supporters in some cases. So what I did was. I got a car, put some Trump apparel on it and we gonna park it in a black neighborhood and see what happens As you can see from this video the black community is violent towards Trump and his supporters I’d like you to comment bellow what you think about this, what you think about the video. Please give this video a like, share and subscribe. I’m Joey Salads.Thanks for watching. As you can see from the video the black community is very violent towards Trump and his supporters You guys think “Is this one real?” I man, I don’t know. It’s hard to tell I CAN’T TELL IF THIS ONE IS REAL OR FAKE Maybe you guys in the comments can give me your thoughts on it God, I’m such a Social Justice Warrior peace of shit I can’t accept the truth that black people are just insane violent knots who will beat the shit of any white person or anyone with a trump shirt on them I can’t tell if this.. I can’t tell if this was real or not Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Leave you thoughts in the comments Ohhhhhhh Let’s see if people in the comments can help us out here Joey says: “Thoughts on this?” “After filming this”, Joey left a comment saying “I talked to some spectators who were black and said they locally support Trump, but won’t come out because they are afraid of community backlash” WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Why are you making up like fake scenarios. You.. WHAT THE…?! Joey, are talking about… this? Now though I am waiting for the comment saying like: “Yeah it’s fake… , but the message is real” “You know if you parked a car in the hood with Trump stickers that the same thing would happen” “I dare you to double this social experiment” Now let’s actually see what this staged faked ass video has done to the fucking world, to this planet we live in “Another example of how many blacks in the hood can’t let others have an opinion.” “It’s sad that in the us you can’t even voice your voice without some black guy breaking your car” That is sad I wonder if my car has been broken by a black guy right now for just expressing my opinion that this video is fake That’s not actually even an opinion… really.. that’s just straight a fact Oh so my car should be fine then “No surprise here … niggers just have to nig” (chuckle) “Black people behave like animals” “Just monkeys, nothing more” Well this guy.. I can tell this guy is very intelligent by what he has written almost a thesis on.. on here Let’s “Blacks with their average low IQ are easy to manipulate” “Democrats only see Blacks as voting resources” “Mexicans are smarter then blacks.. obviously” “higher average IQ are harder [to] manipulate” “but still awful” “but what to expect from stupid niggers.. sorry blacks, but most of you are easy to manipulate, ongi bongi onga bonga” (hmpf) I.. judging from his comment, he is a very intelligent white man Who is.. who is. you are pretty much the worst person in America right now very hard to manipulate this guy is well above manipulation unlike those minorities. For example Joey Salads definitely didn’t manipulate you “As you can see from this video the black community is very violent towards Trump and his supporters” Did you? You high IQ. Fucking superior white bred man. You definitely didn’t get manipulated by a FUCKING FAAAAAKEEEEEE (weird sounds from his mouth) GOD, I LOVE IT! “Everyone of them deserves to be shot” “Everyone that sympathies with this ignorant thugs deserves to be shot” It’s all the way down I mean.. you get the idea. But my point is the reason why I am so happy today why I had.. I think had.. I’d … we did a cut I had to go change my underwear again. I’ve had come in my pants like 10 times today. Buckets of cum dude.. it’s insane Anyway.. the reason I’m so happy about this is just because this time we don’t even need to have a debate about if it is fake or not. It’s fucking fake guys. And Joey Salads… you are pretty much the worst person in America right now as far as I’m concerned you are pretty much wanna start a civil war at this county and let me tell you what dude when it goes down okay..when the.. when the race wars inevitably happen and it’s all your fault Joey just remember ALL LIVES MATTER except for fucking salad matters dude I’ll munch your ass I’m gonna toss your ass up .. in my favorite dressing ranch you remember.. I love ranch I’m gonna toss it up and I’m gonna munch your fucking salad ass Watch your back Joey, ’cause I’m gonna munch your salad asshole This is fucking H3 signing out of this bitch “Whats up guys Joey Salads here” “And you may have seen on the internet and through the polls” “that a lot of black people don’t like Trump” “and they don’t even like his supporters in some cases” “so what I did was I got a car and put some Trump apparel on it and we gonna park it in a black neighborhood” “and see what happens”

100 thoughts on “How Pranksters Are Ruining Society…

  1. Jesus christ these people disgust me. I want to whack each of the idiotic racists in the comments with a 10 foot metal pole.

  2. Its a shame that theres people like Joe Salads making black people look bad and convincing these kids watching his video to think that…

  3. Black people walking around with pipes, baseball bat's and hokey sticks, just your average group of young black males.

  4. Dude, here's why you suck.. I didn't want to watch 8 minutes on how a guy staged a video, so I skipped ahead more than 8 times I only ever saw you talking into a camera.. You're not that interesting or clever.. You have no meat. You're a waste if time.. Can you refer me to a link where I can get some meat? I just saw a loser talking fir 8 minutes and literally left with nothing.. Fucking time waster

  5. Damn man this video and fake "social experiment" is bad, but those comments are straight up degeneracy. I mean i'm a conservative and hate SJW PC shit but ironically calling an entire race violent and saying "NiGgeRs gOtTa NiG!! XXDDD" is fucking awful

  6. Joey is taking a real problem of people oppressing trump supporters and staging it. That's wrong, but people oppressing trump supporters is a real problem because it has happened to my family for wearing maga hats.

  7. It's so beautifully ironic how those guys berating blacks for their stupidity in that comment section are proving themselves stupid by actually believing that shitty clickbait video. Talk about a backfire.

  8. I'm not shocked at all. Look, to cater to the right wing you need to cater to their warped twisted and racist mind. This is why you have to pay actors to inact a scenario that they believe is believable. This is why it's surprising to Bill O'riley when he went into a restaurant in Harlem and noticed that the black people didn't have tattoos on their faces. This is why they think black people shoot with their guns sideways, despite me being a black gun owner and a member of several black gun clubs and been to many ranges and saw many black gun owners over the years and never once seeing a black gun owner shooting like that. Right wingers get their expectations from racists and rap videos

  9. Joey Salad is pretty much treating the black communities as animals in which he pokes a stick at films the reaction as a part of a study

  10. These black dudes were probably paid to reinforce their own peoples' negative stereotype.

    The rappers do it too.
    They rap about being a tough criminal, knowing young male teens are listening.

  11. I can confirm that every black person walks around with 10 rocks, a 10ft pole and hate everyone because they voice their opinion yes this is definitely true

  12. Fun fact about the paragraph guys, the three parentheses around George Soros is a Nazi dog whistle, it's part of the Jewish conspiracy, so it's even more funny that Ethan is roasting him.

  13. When I first saw the video I also thought that the pipe was really out of place. It felt like if they already had a pipe.

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