How the Turntables (and Why Twilight Valor is Good) – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 3

How the Turntables (and Why Twilight Valor is Good) – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 3

Hey everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 6 So, I think it’s time to go on the offensive and try capturing the city but first let’s change our policies I am going to keep the production bonus because I would like to get a few more units we could wait to finish games and recreation and then switch the production bonus to something else and while we wait we can get 3 more spearmen so that’s exactly what I’m going to do and I can swap out twilight valor for conscription for now because I’m going to need conscription at this point and I’m keeping urban planning I might pick up twilight valor again later when we’re actually ready to attack the city itself but we’ll see about that the combat bonus is really nice but the part where you can’t heal outside of my territory is maybe not so nice but the combat bonus would be a huge help we’ll see we can decide in 10 turns depending on what our exact situation is So, first, let’s heal back to full and then we can make our move he is still coming with the catapult I mean, thanks for the experience we can kill it right now I think this guy actually got a promotion so let’s get the killing blow with this guy and then he can pick up a promotion to heal himself sounds good to me one more turn to heal ourselves and then we can move in Russia is still at war with Norway which is good I’m hoping it will stay that way and here’s…. no, that’s the previous promotion alright then the only annoying part is that we are at war with Kabul and there’s nothing I can do about that because Peter is the suzerain so I’ll have to avoid that city state when attacking Peter’s city but that shouldn’t be a huge problem here’s a promotion and we can kill the warrior nice So, now we can actually start moving in but let’s be careful about this he does have more units defending the city and I’ll get started on a library we kind of need libraries by now I need the science horsemen, that’s fine I’m actually just passing by, imagine that! I mean, haven’t you noticed that I’ve been at war with Russia for… like, a thousand years he’s not very observant, is he? right, so, like I said I’ll probably avoid that tile with sheep because I do not want Kabul to get involved here I do not want them to send their units after me, that would be bad anyway, let’s do some damage this guy needs one more turn of healing and just fortify, probably yep, that’s fine here, that will do I might be able to kill that horseman on the next turn he’s backing up with the catapult he has a lot of units around here I’ll have to kill these units first before I can really do anything else so let’s swap that spearman for a warrior, that’s fine and we can go heal the spearman that sounds reasonable we got one more envoy, but there’s no point sending him anywhere right now I can still do it, but it won’t really achieve anything so, we can attack from back here, nice not with the other archer, unfortunately okay so… next let’s see how many more units he’s going to throw at me hopefully not too many but his combat strength increased quite a bit now oh, now you want peace? sorry bro, now I’m not interested I got different plans so, I think it’s fine to move in now let’s wait for the other spearman maybe go like this no, let’s kill the heavy chariot, because I can definitely do that there then we can move in with the archers there’s not much point attacking the city right now but before we move, let’s move in with the warrior because I’ll kind of block the way the only point attacking the city is to get experience which, don’t get me wrong, is important oh, and there’s a promotion so let’s move in – no, let’s wait for the battering ram move back into our territory and heal up I might send one unit to Mediolanum, just in case and we should actually be able to get the sugar but at this point I’m going to wait for games and recreation and then pick up land surveyors because that will save us quite a bit of gold oh, he has iron over here, really? well then… now we definitely want that city now I need that city because there’s no iron anywhere else this is literally the only source I know of right now well then… that seals the deal now we definitely need to take this city there’s no question about it, there’s no other option we’re not leaving and we’re not ending the war until we take the city we absolutely 100% need it now I might need a few more units, but they are coming hopefully it will be enough I will probably need twilight valor for the production… for the combat boost however and let’s get irrigation let’s get irrigation first yep sounds good to me because I can’t improve sugar without irrigation there’s the spearman we’ll get one more spearman and then I’ll switch to twilight valor so that we can attack with the combat bonus, that’s the plan I can still heal myself outside of my territory but I have to use promotions for that they will still heal me even when twilight valor is active but that’s the only way to heal myself outside of my territory so… you can heal for one more turn this is going to be amazing experience for the archers and fortify and I’m just going to wait with the builder no, not interested in your offers, sorry bro I got different plans I got very different plans I just hope this is going to be enough units I will probably have to sacrifice a few but you know what – that’s acceptable I don’t really care about losing a few units as long as we take the actual city this city is way too important now oh, I should have moved one archer well, that’s fine let’s do it like this ok, this is fine there we go, that’s actually better and keep this warrior as backup I can send him through here this is more useful because there’s a road up there two more turns Norway might actually grab that tile, but oh well I can live with that, if he does So… one more turn let’s wait for twilight valor and then we’ll attack, like I said it is bit of a gamble, but it should work nicely and we’ll pick up emplacement that is actually useful not quite sure how much exactly he’s going to heal here and I cannot put the city under siege not with the catapults in the back actively defending it but that’s ok we should still be able to deal with it one more spearman sugar is still available and there’s irrigation, perfect timing now we can change our policies so, I’m keeping conscription and we’ll get rid of production bonus to units and we’ll pick up twilight valor and I’m keeping urban planning wait, no – we need land surveyors, right here that will do so, let’s buy that tile, shall we? yes, let’s… there we go we can get sugar it was worth it Norway might be a little bit upset about that, but we are friends I hope we’ll be able to stay friendly he also has diamonds I could actually maybe buy those how much would we have to pay… this isn’t too bad and I could use extra amenities, I’m not gonna lie I think I’ll go for that deal 6 diplomatic favor is not really a huge amount let’s go for that deal then wasn’t he going to accept this? 60 gold ok, fine, let’s go for it that will help our amenity situation and next up we can finish horseback riding and either get another unit still… or get the library I think I might grab one more unit still you know, just in case this isn’t going to be enough I think it’s going to be enough ok, screw it, let’s get the library because I need more science and surely, this is going to be enough famous last words I just hope it’s going to be enough so, let’s do this yep, let’s do this 38 combat strength well, I don’t really have much of a choice but we have the bonus from oligarchy and from twilight valor – which is +9 combat strength total that is going to make a significant difference I will take a lot of damage when I attack, but that’s kind of unavoidable, you know? this guy does have a promotion available which means I will be able to use the promotion to hopefully keep him alive let’s just do it yep, let’s just do it if I lose a few units, that’s fine I just really need this city at this point I’m not ending this war without taking the city yep, definitely not this should be enough units, surely… yeah, he wants peace… sorry, buddy unless you’re going to give me the city, which he probably won’t but hey, we can ask him it doesn’t hurt to ask him no, he obviously won’t but hey, it’s worth asking oh, and we can actually pillage this, that’s a mine yeah, that’s 108 gold, let’s pillage that I might lose the warrior, but like I said, that’s not a big deal now we can heal ourselves, despite having twilight valor and swap the spearman out here move that guy back into our territory and now we have a fresh spearman let’s keep attacking I need to maximize my damage the city is down to like, almost half yep, it’s basically down to half I do have a promotion available that’s emplacement, let’s pick that up and another promotion it’s basically down to half right now it will heal around 20 I think but we should be able to do this hey, Norway – what are you doing, Norway? please stop I am building city walls, just in case they might actually be needed as far as I can tell and next up, let’s get currency because I would like to get a market we will need more money 10 gold per turn is not exactly a huge amount so, swap these out again and like this… it’s a nice spearman train it’s actually pretty funny can’t swap these out anymore ok, that’s fine… he should still survive attack again you know, I could still attack with this warrior he will die as a result, but he will do the damage before he dies yeah, let’s just attack with him, it’s only a level 2 warrior, it’s not a big deal just attack, here that was 13 damage with him which was basically worth almost 2 archers the city is almost down to red… it is down to red we might even be able to take it, like, on the next turn maybe not on the next turn, but soon after maybe we can take it on the next turn! also, declaration of friendship expired so, extend that we do not want him declaring war on us, that would be bad I might be able to take it on the next turn and if not – on the turn after I think it will heal around 20 so, alright, probably not the next turn and now Kabul is also attacking me okay it’s at 58 let’s see how much we can do right now there’s another promotion, but I need to maximize my damage we are very, very close to taking the city 22 I’m so close right now I need that other spearman to move in so, let him move in there’s no need to throw away spearmen if we don’t have to and we got a promotion, perfect here I’m pretty sure we can take it on the next turn about 90% sure you can go hide in Rome ok, looking good I don’t think Norway is at war with Russia anymore… nope, he’s not good to know you can chill in Mediolanum just in case, I don’t want any funny surprises I’m not interested in your offers, sorry let’s do this I think it’s ours now I’m about 99% sure… yeah, it’s definitely ours I can even pick up the promotion Yep ok, the warrior died, but whatever there – done – it’s actually ours that is quite a few boosts so with that, we took iron we took a perfectly positioned encampment and we took a holy site but this encampment is literally perfectly positioned if we end up fighting Russia again there’s no way Russia will ever be able to retake this city they have zero chance now we just have to repair and probably move a governor yep and obviously keep the city and we don’t have to stay at war anymore I can still attack the catapult to get more experience but that’s basically it let’s have a chat with Russia, shall we? what is he going to give us? other than the city he wouldn’t give me another city, would he? no, probably not – but hey, it’s always worth asking let’s take the jade a little bit of gold his great work and 20 diplomatic favor because they will never give you more than 20 no matter what and that’s probably going to be it maybe some strategic resources? no this is fine though – I’m ok with this deal accept well then… this is really nice and now we need to expand a bit more I would still like to start a city in this area it’s not going to be amazing but we can still have one here it’s acceptable… it’s a coastal city we’ll have Auckland… speaking of which coastal cities are getting a huge boost in the next update I might even get a separate video about that because that update is going to be massive it’s literally game changing as far as coastal cities go but like I said, I might make an entirely separate video about that so, granary, I kind of need a granary by now because that city is not going to grow otherwise and we can move Magnus so let’s move Magnus into our new city and that’s that the library is almost done and we will probably be entering a new era pretty soon in 9 turns I don’t think I can get 10 more era score in that time probably not I’m not gonna lie though, a heroic age would be really nice but I don’t see myself getting that much more era score in 8 turns however, that’s going to be the end of this episode so thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it! leave a like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t and subscribe for more videos just like this one! I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!

25 thoughts on “How the Turntables (and Why Twilight Valor is Good) – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 3

  1. “ Hey Norway, what are you doing? Please stop. “ LOL. If Russia goes to war with you again, consider taking Kabul first, I wonder what strategic resource they might have.

  2. Russia declares war, fails to take any cities and even accidentally reveals iron. They get counter invaded because of that.

    The irony.

  3. Well done, bold decisions have been paid with iron. There is nothing worse than playing Rome with no iron… Legions will march and conquer !

  4. I have no interest in Civ games, I must admit but, I strangely enjoy watching you play it.
    BTW, any plans on playing XCOM Long War for old time's sake? 😁

  5. I am so ON BOARD with you on that new update opinion. BUOY will it have a great impact on the naval aspects of civ 6!. It's exactly what the naval civs needed to STAY AFLOAT.

  6. I guess a bit of somewhat critical comments wouldn't hurt, right? =)

    1) Russia had some troops with a clock icon meaning those were levied from a city state. Like at 1:18, and there were some in the previous part. Those were levied from Kabul most likely, and most of theme were killed already, which means they are not likely to be a problem. Turned out they only had two units (which is quite a low amount for a military CS), and only one of them, an archer, was an actual threat.
    2) 3:33 Not sending an envoy to a military city state seems a waste, since it gives +2 prod for capital for units, and there were lots of units queued in the cap.

  7. I disagree with people saying the video is too short, you ended it perfectly after the war ended with Russia. Cutting it at key points like that should be more important than just getting to a specific length 😀

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