How to Communicate Better (In Social Settings)

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
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In today’s video I am going to teach you my five tips on how to improve your
social communication skills no matter where you are whether you’re at the
office or in a social setting so that you can
speak more confidently and present yourself in the best possible way Ready to get the job you want? Top Notch
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at the end of this video in the work that I do I get many professionals ask
me to help them to improve their communication skills now many of them
are actually people who may not originally be from North America or
Australia or Europe and you’re struggling to communicate at a social
level because even though you naturally aren’t really a shy person but when
you’re faced with certain social groups and certain social settings you find
that you just simply don’t know what to say and so if this is you I just want to
say first of all I’m not an English teacher so I’m not here to teach you
English but I’m here to show you a few tips on how you can improve your social
communication skills so that you can interact with others in a more natural
and confident way tip number one entertain yourself differently what I
mean by this is if you really want to truly be able to connect with others in
your environment and really immerse yourself in the environment then you
need to entertain yourself differently by watching different types of
entertainment whether it be TV shows movies or even live shows now this is
the first time I’m sharing this with people publicly but I happen to love
watching Korean dramas when I feel like watching something that’s going to get
me hooked and I really want to get a good cry I’ll turn to a good Korean
drama to watch but here’s the thing if you happen to be Korean for example like
you are originally from Korea you grew up there and as an adult you moved to
the States or Australia or wherever you don’t want to be spending most of your
time watching Korean dramas because as much as they’re entertaining and fun and
you feel comfortable watching them you’re not necessarily
enabling yourself to immerse yourself in a different culture you’re simply
reconfirming what you already know and so if you mix it up a little bit and
watch different types of TV shows and really pay attention to the nuances the
language the way that they make jokes and the way that they speak to one
another you’re opening yourself up and your brain to a new way of thinking a
new way of communicating once you broaden your variety of
entertainment including by going to comedy clubs going to different types of
live events theater perhaps whatever it could be you’re allowing yourself to
learn the humor the different phrases that people use you’re understanding how
people really speak and you get to learn what people really talk about so what
happens is once you’re in a social or even just office setting and people are
talking about something that is relevant to what’s happening you’re gonna
understand it and you’re gonna be able to communicate to them in their language
that way all of this is going to help you to relate to your colleagues and
co-workers in a more personal way you’ll be able to understand what it is they’re
talking about and you’ll be able to contribute to the conversation I’m not
telling you to completely give up on the type of entertainment that you love
because of course you deserve to watch what you want to watch but at the same
time I’m just saying if you brought in your variety of entertainment that’s
going to help you expand and grow as an individual and that’s going to help you
with your social communication skills tip number two hang out with people
outside of your culture join an in-person networking group or Club
anywhere where you can meet people face-to-face so for example if you like
playing volleyball maybe join your local volleyball team or if you happen to work
at a large corporation a big company they likely have social clubs that you
can join and meet people there as well participating in these things is a great
way to get yourself to interact with people who you probably wouldn’t
normally interact with outside of work you’ll learn what people talk about how
people interact and it’ll help you to develop those habits as well tip number
three open up share your thoughts and observations if you want to be able to
get closer to people then opening and sharing things with them is the key
way to turn acquaintances into friends just simply watching different TV shows
and being around different types of people still isn’t enough to improve
your communication skills if you’re not going to be bold and be willing to speak
up to be interesting you need to be able to share your observations about things
so whenever someone brings up a topic about something that you have an opinion
about don’t be afraid to share your opinion obviously you don’t want to
sound negative about it but you can say things like you know I always thought it
was weird that and say whatever you thought was weird or I always noticed
blank you know when you can share these types of observations that you’ve had
throughout your life about a certain type of topic that people happen to be
talking about it shares a different dynamic about you and it reveals a
little bit more about your personality and it makes people feel a little bit
more connected to you because who knows they might be thinking the same thing
tip number four is get to the point part of good social communication is knowing
how to articulate your ideas in a clear and concise way without over explaining
the details this takes practice one way you can start to monitor this is moving
forward whenever you want to tell a story to someone or you want to share
something with someone instead of giving yourself five to ten sentences to tell
the whole thing it’s better to try to cut it down to two to three sentences
get to the point as quickly as you can right away and what that’s going to do
is if there’s more that needs to be said the other person has the opportunity to
ask for more and therefore you can have a free-flowing conversation between the
two of you now if you have the opposite problem where you don’t say too much and
instead you say too little then you also want to monitor how much you say by
trying to say at least two or three sentences as well so at the end of the
day you want to be able to elaborate what you’re saying in a way where people
can understand what it is that you’re talking about but they don’t feel
drowned in the details and finally tip number five Connect by being genuinely
curious I’ve said this before in other videos and it’s because it’s extremely
important in order to be able to connect with
other people you have to be genuinely curious about them you have to be
willing to truly ask questions about themselves and then ask them why and
really genuinely listen to their answers and then from listening to their answers
you’re going to learn how people communicate and you’ll be able to do the
same as well and to end this video I thought I would
leave you with an inspiring quote which says you must immerse yourself in an
unfamiliar environment in order to truly understand your own so there you have it
those are my five tips on how to improve your social communication skills now if
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