How To Cope With Loneliness – Listen Till The End How To Beat Loneliness 👊🤵

How To Cope With Loneliness – Listen Till The End How To Beat Loneliness 👊🤵

we all have a need for human connection
without it you can have a feeling of loneliness that leads to depression
hopelessness we go through life sometimes feeling alone lost completely
completely run over just by stress our people and we get into this state of
feeling as if our life doesn’t matter a powerful way to combat loneliness is to
embrace being alone being alone is sometimes the only way we can truly
connect with ourselves to explore and realize what we are really capable of
we’ve all heard that famous quote the wolf on top of the hill is never as
hungry as the wolf climbing the hill low innocence from placing your happiness on
something of someone else basically you will lean on something or someone else
to make you feel complete of full and when that person a bad thing goes away
you fold down quite often if you really reflect on your life you find that the
reason you’re feeling lonely is because you’ve placed your happiness on someone
or something else and don’t that person and that thing has gone away and you
feel an emptiness inside of you and hence the feeling of loneliness my guru
would always advise to me lean on you’re always spine so you tell me to leave no
man was fine he would even go to the extent of saying don’t lean on him
because he says you lean on me and when I go away one day you’re gonna fall down
so place your happiness place the contentment on yourself lean on your own
spine turn inward and not lift yourself so the way to avoid loneliness is stop
placing How to cope with loneliness lesson containment on someone or
something else in their life learn to lean on your spine and realize that
everything and everyone else in your life is a gift a wonderful gift to you
you are complete and whole as a person as it is and everyone and everything
else it’s a bonus in your life and you start adapting that attitude you’ll no
longer start to feel lonely because even if you’re by yourself at home traveling
where they may be you always feel content as a person and the feeling of
loneliness just doesn’t come to a person who’s feeling content and then look at
everything and everyone and us as an additional bonus in your life

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