How to create a Facebook group 2017 – Facebook tutorial

How to create a Facebook group 2017 – Facebook tutorial

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media your social
media personal trainer. Now, you may have had a Facebook page for a while, but what
about groups. They are a fantastic way to really build community engagement with your
audience. And I’m going to show you how you can create
a group on Facebook. Here we go. With Facebook groups you show up as you the
person so important to bear that in mind you can’t be in that group as a company or organization,
you are you the person. So, with that in mind let’s go and show you
how you go and set up a brand new group. If I click here on groups and I’ve got some options
around the types of groups out there already maybe I want to join. So buy and sell groups,
particularly very popular locally , lots of interaction with those. The whole idea is
around people being able to share ideas , that’s why I talked about them as a really powerful
way to get engagement. If you show up everyday in a group you can bring other people together
who’ve got that shared interest and they can really take the group forward. But the options are to create that group as
open so anyone can join at any point, so these ones , you’ve just got the “join” option.
These are what friends are in so its just suggesting on that basis. I can have a look
at what groups I’ve currently been invited to , some pending invitations, any groups
that I currently manage, and any groups that I’m in as a member. For all sorts of different
reasons. If any of these groups you think well I’m
not sure why i’m still in that , just click on the star wheel and just say leave group.
And that’s very straightforward. OK so now lets look at how we actually create
the group. So here on this button we’ve got create group. Some very basic details. I’m
asked to provide a name , Add some people so you have to have at least one person in
there, so I’ll add my good friend Paul and the option is closed by default. That means
you have to be a member of the group to see the updates in it .But I could make it public
or scroll down a bit further there’s a secret group. These groups are not even searchable
it can’t be found by a typical Facebook search. only visible to those who are members of the
group. You can change the group type later on, let’s make this secret for now while we
get everything set up. And then we can say pin to shortcut so you
can access it at anytime when you log in. So, the group is created. You have to chose
an icon to go with the group so let’s choose a tree there for the tree of knowledge and
essentially that group is now available. You’ve got the ability to upload a cover photo. You
can write posts into the group , have something there at the top to introduce , you can add
a description and if you want to actually change the settings
of anything you could just go manage group or edit group settings. All sorts of opitons
here. Even if you have chosen a public type of group you can choose whether anybody can
add people into the group or do they have to be approved first. You can add who’s allowed
to post in the group or a simlar thing. So I would suggest that you create your own private
group with just a couple of people , play around with the settings , get used to it
and then go into the process of inviting people. Remember, that if you invite a friend into
a group, they could quite easily find themselves in a group that they weren’t really interested
in. So be cautious about who you invite to your groups. Be aware that people may not
want to be added to multiple different groups. And that’s it from me, so that’s creating
a group in 2017. I’m Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer .And I’d
love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on how you are getting on with groups
, how they help with your engagement, any tips or tricks that you want to share. And
please do subscribe if you want to get more content like this , regular step-by-step social
media training videos. Cheers then, bye!

3 thoughts on “How to create a Facebook group 2017 – Facebook tutorial

  1. Thanks this helped a lot. I have had to kill five group pages because I couldn't get it right. what kills me it takes 14 day for that Page to be deleted. nothing should be this hard, it's just a group page

  2. Hi there and thanks for efforts and posting this. I am new to this side of things and was hoping to ask a few questions. I live in Paris and am Diabetic (Type 1) and want to create a support info exchange group for other diabetics (or those w/friends and family who are). Nothing special in nature, just a place for people to share daily coping ideas, support, info and the like. It’s primarily for English speakers but open to everyone in the Paris region. The thing is I don’t know anyone locally to invite to the group, aside from one or two friends in the US, to at least get the group started, so, can you suggest ways to promote the group to others here without knowing them? Are there some Facebook tools one can use to get the presence of the group out to people?
    I am assuming to I can visit other similarly themed groups and ‘like’ them and then hope for their members to join up?

    Anyway, as stated, I’m just starting. I’ll look around for ideas but thought to tap into your expertise! Many thanks in advance and all the best from Paris!

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