How to Create a Facebook Group and Link it to Your Facebook Page

How to Create a Facebook Group and Link it to Your Facebook Page

– You may be like a lot
of other business owners who see their Facebook
page reach declining. I mean, the writing’s
literally on the wall. Mark Zuckerberg himself said
that the future is private. Well in this video, I’m gonna
teach you exactly step by step how to start a group for your business, break down all the group
settings to create raving fans. (peaceful music) Okay, so I’m gonna show you exactly how to set up a Facebook group. You’re gonna go on the left-hand
side where it says explore, and you’re gonna go to groups. Once you click on groups,
at the top left corner, there’s gonna be a big blue
button that says create group. You’re gonna press that. Here, we’re gonna name our group. So, SME test. You’re gonna add some people. So let’s add Mitch, and then we’re gonna select our privacy. We talked about that in
another video up here that you can watch through step-by-step. So let’s just do private
visible, that’s my favorite. And I’m also gonna
press that little button that says pin to shortcuts. Then we’re gonna press on create. And voila, your group is created. But, there’s still a lot
more work you need to do. So the first thing, let’s just
take it from top to bottom. You’re gonna upload a photo. Go ahead and press that
green button, and fill it in with some sort of a photo
that you’ve already created. Make that look all pretty, and press save. I highly recommend that
you use Canva or Easil to design that cover photo. The reason is is they’ve
already got the design templates in there, so that you don’t have to go and mess around with the sizing. The next thing that you’re gonna do is go ahead and click more. And when you get into more, you’re gonna go to edit group settings. When you go to edit group settings, we’re gonna start from the
top and work straight down. So we got the group name. You also might want to
check out group type, it says general, or you can change it. This is where there’s five
different types of groups that you can do. I highly suggest either doing a general or a social learning. When you do a social learning group, you’ll get to use units, and units is something that
we discuss in another video that you can go check
out and learn more about. So for this one, I’ll go ahead
and check social learning, and then press save. Now because I chose social
learning, the landing tab is actually gonna give
me two different options. When my members come into the group, they’re either gonna
land on the discussion, where Facebook sets the order
of the posts in the tab, or units, where we can choose the order and organization of the posts in this tab. The next section is description, and you’re gonna wanna make
sure that this description tells exactly what your group is about, and who it’s for and who it’s not for, and maybe even who it’s sponsored by. This is gonna help you attract and deflect the right kinds of people. The next thing is location. Depending on your business, this may or may not be good for you. Tags, tags help people find the groups that they might be interested in joining, and you can change ’em at any time. The next one is apps. One example is Be.Live. If you actually wanted to broadcast with Be.Live TV inside of your group, you would have to go press add app, and then find Be.Live in here. All right, linked pages. You could create a new linked
page, or link your page. All you gotta do is click on it, and then find which page
you’re gonna link here, and press link. The next thing is choose color. I love this one, because
it’s really something that helps make it stand
out, especially on mobile. Customize address, I highly
recommend doing this, just to kinda grab it, but once your group does
reach 5,000 members, you can no longer change it. And what it’ll look like is
you want, (chuckles) provided that it’s not already taken. The privacy setting. Should you ever wanna change
a privacy setting again, you can do it right here by
changing privacy settings, and you can change it all around again. The next section is badges. And badges, they’re always experimenting. Sometimes there’s more,
sometimes there’s less. Today it’s just the founding member. The next thing here is post topics. So you can check or uncheck this box, and it basically organizes posts by adding the topics that
are important to people. And you can also go through
membership approval, where anyone in the group
can approve members, which I don’t really recommend, or only admins and the moderators. I’d go ahead and check that second one. Membership preapprovals, if
you maybe do have members that are part of another group, so maybe you already
have their information, maybe they’re already
part of your community, and you wanna just
automatically accept them without having to actually press approve, depending on how big
or small your group is, this could actually save you
a lot of manpower and time. Membership requests from pages, you have the opportunity
to allow other pages to become a member of your group or not. That is completely up to you. My personal opinion is not to
really allow other businesses to join your group, because I really love the human-to-human element inside groups. However, if you’re a B to B, and it makes sense for you
to do that, then go for it. The next one is posting permissions, and depending on what kinda
group you have, again, either anyone can post
any time of the day, or it has to be approved by the admin. I see that feature being used much more in buy and sell groups,
where people want to approve that the poster has presented
what they’re selling properly and given all the information before they approve it in the group. I don’t see it happening
much in discussion groups. And then keyword alerts lets you know when members use certain
words or phrases in your group so you can react quickly if needed. This feature is amazing! Members who use keywords won’t
know that you’re alerted, but this is a really cool
way that Facebook helps you stay on top of the group. Now don’t forget, no matter
what settings you press, at the very bottom here,
we’re gonna wanna press save. Now remember, any settings
that you have put in here, you can come back and change at any time, so don’t stress out too
much, don’t get anxiety, because you can always change
it, except for the vanity URL. Once you have 5,000
people, ya can’t change it. The next logical step
that you’re gonna wanna do is add more people to the group. But let me warn you, people
hate getting added to groups without your asking
their permission first. So I would rather you
post it on your page, or privately invite
people to join your group instead of just adding them to it. It’s not often a nice way to start. Next you’re gonna wanna either
show or hide the group tab on your Facebook page. So if you’re really keen about getting people added to your group, I highly recommend that you
show this on your Facebook page. Let me show you what I mean. We’re at our main page here. Jump Consulting is my business. We’re gonna go over here
and click community. Once we’re in community, we’re
gonna scroll down to groups, where it says see all groups. Up here we can link your group. You’re gonna click on that, and it’s gonna show all
the groups that you manage, and you can link them to there. You might manage more groups than maybe what you wanna
put out there publicly, and that’s okay. I do recommend only linking
the higher-level groups, obviously the ones that aren’t
a paid membership maybe, or a bonus to getting
a download somewhere. So now, Facebook allows you to post as your business page or your personal profile
inside your group. Now here’s my personal opinion about it. There’s very few times
where I encourage you to post as your business
page in the group. And that is only if it is a brand page, like Bella Vasta, public
figure brand page, posting in the group, because it appears that
it’s coming from a person. I highly discourage you to use your brand that has a logo on it,
posting in the group. And my research has shown that the reach and the engagement isn’t that much, because people know that it’s a page, and it just doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy. I highly recommend that
more times than not, you should really be posting
as your Facebook profile, or, if you’re a busy
brand, and you’re saying, “Bella, I just can’t personally do it. “I don’t want people coming at me,” then that’s when you
definitely need a face of the community, and you
need a community manager, or the moderators. I know that was a little
confusing, so let me show you. Here we are in the Jump Start
Your Pet Business group, and just right up here where it says interacting as yourself, I can actually switch to
the Jump Consulting page, or to my Bella Vasta page,
which is my public profile page. So now, when I post something,
it looks like it might be me because it’s actually
my Bella Vasta profile, so it’s actually a picture of me, whereas if I were to
post as Jump Consulting, you see the Jump Consulting logo. In the long run, I do agree
with Social Media Examiner, how they love to test
everything, the data shows. So if you’re on the fence about it, go ahead and try to
post like your business for about a week in the
group, and see what that does, and see if you see a drop
in engagement like I did. So now you have a
Facebook group, now what? Well, we just so happen
to have an entire playlist just for you, yay! Where we’re gonna teach you how
to get people in your group, grow the group, engage the group, and use a lot of different
really cool features. So come along and go
click on our playlist, ’cause we got a lot more in store for you.

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  1. Hi Bella… when you say "page" are you referring to a "personal" or "business" page? ref: about 5.4 minutes in. Thanks, Mike

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