How to create a New Civilization ?

How to create a New Civilization ?

Hey guys so today I’m going to talk about
something very important which is how to create a new civilization, a new world. And that
is quite easy you just have to look to history and you will see that the major problem, the
most problematic problem, the most important problem of every human being and their life.
Every society is money. Today money is a big huge problem. Thinking about that, you can
see it through the whole world. We work for one simple reason. Most of people work for
money and that is a problem of our government. I mean of our society. We work only for money,
most of us work for money and not for the thing because we love it. That’s a problem
of us. And so, my idea on talking about this is to make you think about it and maybe that
will change something in the world. I don’t know.. But, you have to know that money is
creator of war, money is creator of destruction, money is creator of hate, money is creator
of separation, money is creator of destruction, money is the biggest creator of problems in
the world.And nobody want to solve it. So, my idea is to that have to destroy money.To
create a life where we live without money without the need of money. But, we can’t do
this right now ! We cannot do this ! Why ? You have to know that companies, governments and
you know.They created on us (the average people) one habit. And that habit is very important.
Which is to consume, we consume a lot, a lot, a lot. We always go to supermarket, we buy.
We always go for example Amazon, to buy new thing. We always buy new thing. We always buy,
and buy and buy. And, we actually, we buy more than what we need. And that by buying
more than what we need, we create waste and that’s another problem.So my idea is we have
to decrease the use of money and by decreasing the use of money we slowly destroying that
habit from the people. Because, we can’t do it in one day. In everything, if you want
to change in everything, if you want to change a habit, you can’t destroy it in one day.
It’s something that takes time to change. And here I’m talking about changing the habit
of billions of people. And so, to do that we have to go step by step. And the first
step is to decrease the use of money, to decrease the power of money. So, to do that, I have
an easy example to stop the habit of consuming. We can just for example in the supermarket,
they can allow us to buy for example 10L of water each month. And if you want to buy more,
you’ll have to pay. If you want to use electricity we are allowed to use electricity for a certain
amount and if we use more, we pay. Same for water, for food, for everything. By that we decrease our way of buying always more than what we need and by decreasing that idea of we buy more than what we need. We do it slowly, slowly to everything until we destroy the
money as in the end people will just go to take only what they need and not more. That is we have to do it. The second thing to create a new world, a new civilization is to destroy what we call right now patriotism and so on. We have to destroy countries, we have to destroy those governments and instead of, we have to bring one government for the whole planet. Why am I saying this ? Just look to the history, just look to what is going on right now. We
have wars for ressources, and for lands. So, that is the idea. So I think those two are
the most important to create a peace world, which I hope one day it will happen, it will
come. I really hope. Anyway, anyway, anyway. So, thank you for listening to me and I tell
you to the next time ! Peace out !

2 thoughts on “How to create a New Civilization ?

  1. I've heard this argument a million times and it always ignores the elephant in the room – humans.
    Money is not a source of evil, people's ideas about it are. Money is a very useful commodity. The only time when it begins to cause problems is when someone uses the power aspect of it to control, or dominate others.
    The sorts of changes that you are talking about won't come from any changes in legislation, but may, or indeed may not come about by evolution. So really, as most thinking people already know of this idea, there really isn't any point in trying to push this agenda. People will, or won't do this when they are ready and not before. Maybe hibernate for 1000 years and take a look, but I wouldn't hold my breath. And as for the NWO idea? NO WAY!

  2. Money is not the cause of problems. The reason we all think money is bad is when eveil people with bad intent are in control of the money supply! nothing more nothing less,
    Money when controlled by good forces with good intent and good purpose is a source of stability in the world. Poverty is the source of all evil not money! Where there is no poverty there is no crime. With money a tribe can go and purchase food and clothes from another tribe instead of of stealing it. Money is a source of exchange, For example say you have an object. I then give you some money for it and we make the exchange. I am happy because I have the object I wanted and you are happy because you now have some more buying power so when you see some thing you can now buy it. You do nnot have to steal it.
    Money also teaches us not to be wasteful. Those who fail to learn that lesson are the ones at fault and not the money.
    The only way you can have a cashless society is that no one is allowed to own anything. or every one is given every thing they need for free,
    The only way to feed your selves would be to hunt,fish or grow your own crops. You would have to make all your own clothes, Aall your own homes, Collect all the water you need to drink bath and wash in.
    We have had cashless civilizations before and they just become more and more barbaric over time. Go into a poor area of the world where there is no money. People urinate in the streets and defecate all over the place it becomes a living hell.
    Now go into a place where there is plenty of money and see the difference.
    Money is not bad! its the attitude you have that is bad. The bad people who are controling the money supply.
    Money in the right hands is a wonderful thing.

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