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  1. [NOTE :] Please Read The Description Before Watch The Video. All The Consequence is Yours if You Didn't Read The Description.

  2. I’m 100% sure if even ONE of these goes wrong, another 1 billion people will die from malaria or other diseases because of this, make sure you have a backup plan involving flame throwers

  3. I was thinking, since I have a open fish tank inside my house and what if the fishes miss to eat some of those larva and those turn into musquitos😱

  4. This is so unnecessarily complicated. First off, if you're living in an area where mosquitoes are common anyway, you can just take any regular water without adding anything to it and let it sit; the mosquitoes will lay their eggs there either way and you will avoid a smelly mess. Also, why are you feeding the mosquito larvae fish food? Just feed the larvae to your fish as soon as they hatch instead of wasting food on the larvae that you could be feeding your fish directly. Jesus

  5. De antemano muchas gracias.
    Muy interesante el video para obtener larvas de mosquito limpia. Así se puede alimentar peces sin temor.

  6. I have done all of this and waited 7 days .I kept the culture becket in a damp and shady place with lots of mosquito outside.but I monitored them every day but I didn't find any eggs or larvae.what to do?

  7. I once graved a bunch of them in a local water body to feed my fish, i graved enough for two days.
    That morning i feed them and they were so happy! i closed the container and returned the same day, late, to give them more…. and the little monsters were already adults. all of them. I don't know what happend there but it was crazy XD they were not in third stage of growth that morning so it was surpricing

  8. Out of Mosquito season poor Orbit is gonna have no food to eat. Man I think their might be a market for selling live larvae however needs to be a decent profit, because having to deal with complaining buyers, and having to buy shipping containers cuts down on the profit it's a bit of work having to do this kinda stuff to sell it. Used to sell Millipedes on eBay stopped because I didn't wanna deal with the buyers trying to scam me. Claiming they were too small ect…

  9. If the Larva become Puppa already, usually i will just throw them away to the Hot street and let them die before becoming into Adult Mosquito..

    i have fry bettafish.. What should i feed them with? Should i give them the powdered bettafish food? Or the first day small larvae mosquito?

  11. This should be submitted the the International Chindogu Award Judge Election Committee – using fish food that you had to buy, in order to grow other things to use as fish food [that will spread pestilence and disease, if escaped], with so much unnecessary effort and wasted space that it negates any and all potential benefits of feeding your fish "homegrown" insect larvae…
    Chindogu brilliance at its finest!!!

  12. I'm writing this from the hospital.. The larvae turned into mosquitos overnight and swarmed my room and I have dengae and west nile virus now.

  13. Dam those betta fishs loves munches on the mosquito larvae too. Nice video. Live food can really give the fish a Chase and Bitting action.

  14. Hello I was quite too late that the mosquito larvae eggs hatch so I captured them soooo is it ok?

  15. Your fish are lucky and/or clever to have picked you to look after them … great instructional video. Thank you for sharing. This is different from how I've ever done it, and FAR more productive.

  16. Feeding fish pellets to the mosquito larvae to harvest them as fish food…hmmmmm. I suppose the larvae are much more nutritious than pellets… or why bother going through all this effort and risk?

  17. I made this not for fish food but for growing mosquitos and me idiot forgot it in the house at the last step and how do i say that . Well that night was horrible hundreds of mosquitos we're taking my blood .

  18. You can freeze the larvae before they get adult into dangerus masquito and keep it for tommorow. I ever try this and it work very well.

  19. Thanks for teaching us how to make a mosquito lay it's egg and make it's hunders of larvae.

    We can use this technique to erradicate mosquitoes by making to lay their eggs and let them become larvae and then kill them all at once by pouring the water containing larvae in hot sun, or by pouring Dettol into the container.

  20. Reading the description was even more satisfying than watching the video itself. Thank you though for sharing this information.

  21. Reading the description was even more satisfying than watching the video itself. Thank you though for sharing this information.

  22. Eew let's grow malaria machines and kill all our neighbors! Just kidding but it does seem kind of risky attracting mosquitoes to feed fish. Nice videos.

  23. Wtf is this ? Trust me folks for mosquito larvae you don't need to work hard just store water without lid and movement for few days and it will be filled with mosquito larvae.

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