33 thoughts on “How to grow a facebook group (Facebook group marketing) social media marketing

  1. does this also work for a like page? it seems like it would.. I never thought about the links I'll try that on my next post

  2. Hei JR, mind telling us where can we find some good recurring affiliate physical product? I saw earlier that dan henry used to do vape cigars and get recurring commissions when the customer purchase cartridges every month.

  3. Best way I've found is Socialek, a tool that let's you monetize Facebook Fan Pages, Groups and Twitter Accounts. You just need to connect your accounts, choose dates, time and thematics of the posts, and the app would do the rest, so you just need to see money coming! They also have a very profitable affiliate plan.
    It really deserves a try!

  4. I just started a group about 3 weeks ago, I'm up to 2,000 members. Here's a link, you should check it out.
    Excellent video man, keep up the good work!

  5. Hi JR, so basically its being consistent with your content upload and no outside links – but how do we grow it? how do we make it pass that 100 people bar? how do we encourage FB to push our page to people who are more interested in our community? this is the hardest and trickiest part!!! give us examples on what u did to make your group grow to 10K

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    Nice video
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  7. Thank U Mr. Rivas…tonight I will go to sleep much more intelligent on these suggestions.
    Much appreciated. Will read all your other Utube POST1

  8. good stuff…if you are starting from 0 members…what is the average number to aim to join daily? How many people should I be trying to get to add daily?

  9. Nice video bro

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