How to invite people to your Facebook group 2017

How to invite people to your Facebook group 2017

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media your social
media personal trainer. Now do you run a group on Facebook? Would you like to know how when
you invite your friends you can personalize the message so that everyone understands why
you are inviting them instead of just being added into the group. I’m going to show you
how. Here we go. Here we are in my free social media training
group on Facebook and as you can see to the right there’s add members. Here you can type
in the first initial and find through your friends people you could invite. But if you
do that and you click invite it just goes straightaway. However, if you click on this
option personalize your invite with a note and importantly make sure you write the note
first before you add anyone. So I’ll just say Hi Peter. OK so I’ve typed in the note
now I need to find the person so, I’ll look up Peter and now I click invite. Now let’s look at the other end of this , the
invite has come through. There it is – Paul Wilson invited you to join the public group.
So essentially without that personal message it would just be there saying decline, Join
group , mark as spam. So you’ve got a much better chance if you’ve got that personal
message to explain why you are inviting them that they are not going to mark you as spam
, yes they could still decline but at least if they feel that it’s coming from you , it’s
the right way to do things. You don’t want to just add bulk numbers of
friends who may or may not be interested. Best thing to do is to make sure they understand
it’s coming from you. So I’ll say join group. So here I am back
on the page and I can see 374 members 6 new and Peter was added a few minutes ago so you
can like it you can welcome the person to the group. All these things matter , you are
building relationships and in the past on Facebook you could just be added directly
in whether you liked it or not and then you had to work out how to leave the group. At
least now you’ve got the staging process but definitely better to add that personal message.

13 thoughts on “How to invite people to your Facebook group 2017

  1. my club cant send me invites when they click on my name. what do i adjust in settings? help

  2. I have tried this previously an it adds folks automatically. I tried again and I get a confirmation from FB that says the person was added. It is rude and intrusive to automatically add people. They hate that too. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi Paul Wilson thanks for the great video but actually i was to ask you for example i dont want it turn on the ( personalize your friend with a note ) how can i disable that how to make it only to have the join and to add friends on the group thank you

  4. I created a group for friends of mine, but instead of invites, it seems like they're just automatically added. Or is that just what I see while they're actually getting invited and not added?

  5. Hey Paul, thanks for this video however I tried adding a personalized message to a few people before sending the invite and it automatically add's them to the group without the option to have a choice to join or not to join. Has the option to do this changed on Facebook?

  6. Hi Paul! Thanks for this 🙂 Was wondering two things: 1. Can you add from your page, and 2. What screen casting program are you using? Looking for one that has the features you used in this video. Thanks!

  7. Hi Paul, this is a helpful video, though I also have the same issue as others. Do you think it's because your group is a "Public" group instead of another type (Private / Secret?)

  8. Hi everyone, seems to be lots of issues with people trying this feature and getting a mix of results, whether on PC or mobile. My advice would be to test with a small number first and additionally message those you are going to invite to let them know what you are inviting them too and giving them the option that they can leave at any time, but hope they will stay to get the benefits of membership. Please let me know how you get on with this – hopefully facebook will eventually come up with a more reliable solution

  9. Hey Paul, thanks for making this video.

    Let me add this to what you've said, if anyone is interested in embedding facebook group invitation to a wordpress website, there a new plugin named "WP Facebook Group Promoter" that can do that easily.

    It's available for FREE download on wordpress repository via

    You can use it to embed facebook group invite within posts, pages, widget/sidebar area, below posts e.t.c.

    I hope this helps..

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