How to Live Stream to Increase REACH (Tips to Overcome Fear of Live Video!)

How to Live Stream to Increase REACH (Tips to Overcome Fear of Live Video!)

What is up everyone. Welcome back to my channel, the best place
for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. Now before we begin, you’ll notice that the
background in this video is slightly different and that’s because I’m currently still traveling
as we speak. I am currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but
that doesn’t stop the videos from coming to you guys almost every single Sunday. Now in today’s video I really want to talk
about a topic that I haven’t really touched on at all here on my channel and that is the
power of live video. Regardless if you are on Instagram, YouTube
or Facebook live video, AKA live streaming has become not only more and more popular
but also more and more powerful when it comes to driving more traffic and more reach onto
your social media platforms. That’s why if you aren’t currently using live
video within your business strategy, you are truly missing out not only this and this video. I also want to share with you guys some tips
and tricks on how you can get started with live video because I know through talking
to you guys one on one, a lot of you guys know that live video is important, but many
of you guys are petrified to actually get started and I don’t blame you creating content
live and delivering it real time to a real audience that’s engaging with you can be very
nerve wracking. That’s why in this video I am going to share
some specific strategies that I’ve used myself in order for me to truly get consistent with
live video. Before we dive into the video, I also want
to give a shout out to two special people. The first is our YouTube comment of the week. Thank you so much for leaving this comment
on my previous video and for supporting the channel. The second one is our Instagram profile of
the week. Thank you so much for sharing last week’s
video on your Instagram story. It’s truly appreciated and honestly makes
my day when I see you guys watching my videos and sharing them in real time. Now if you want to be featured in next week’s
video, you can do one of the following two things. Number one, leave a comment below on this
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or the way. Let’s just dive right into the video now. First things first, let’s talk about the power
of live video. Let’s kick off with Instagram. Let’s say, have you noticed that every time
someone or yourself goes on live video, almost everyone that follows you will get a notification. Now, only this, when you go on live, you are
prioritized in the story feed. This is amazing and incredible visibility
for your account to sweeten the pot just a little bit. If you actually go on live with someone else
as well. Not only do your followers get a notification,
but their followers do as well. That’s why you’re going to be able to increase
your visibility by a lot when you choose to use live video. To add onto all of this. What I’ve also noticed is that Instagram,
more and more has added more features and functions to the live stream feature and that
really goes to show that they’re truly investing in live stream because they value it for their
platform. It’s probably one of the most organic and
engaging ways that you can actually speak to your audience. For example, did you know that people can
obviously live chat with you, but also the questions can be systematically filter through
so that you can have it all packaged up neatly. Not only this new features such as picture
and picture has now allowed content creators to create even more engaging live streams
by sharing photos, slide decks, videos, whatever you can think of that you can share with your
audience. To me, that really shows that Instagram is
truly pushing live stream on their platform. Now moving onto other platforms such as Facebook
or YouTube. For Facebook specifically, what I’ve noticed
through firsthand experience of doing live streams on my business page, I’ve actually
gotten way more reach and way more engagement on those posts versus posts that I preplan
in advance. That is a true Testament to show that Facebook
truly values live content and we’ll push it further on people’s feeds. Not only this as a pro tip, if you are someone
who let’s say has a Facebook group and you go on live stream often in your Facebook group,
that’s actually going to allow your Facebook group to actually rank higher in Facebook’s
algorithm. So like I said, if you have a personal page
business page or you’re using Facebook in general, regardless if it’s groups or not
to actually grow your business, leveraging live video can truly, truly give you that
extra boost that you’re looking for. Not only this, if you are, let’s say on YouTube,
did you know that when you actually go on live video, it will rank higher within search
and within the algorithm. That’s why again, if you aren’t leveraging
live video right now on either platforms that you choose, you are truly missing out on a
really big opportunity to grow your socials. Now at this point of the video, you might
be convinced that live video is really going to help bring your business to the next level,
but part of you is probably also nervous and worry to actually get started with live video. That’s why I’m going to be sharing with you
guys some tips and strategies on how I got started and got my feet wet with live video. The first tip that I have for you is a no
brainer tip and I’m going to talk about it really quickly because I feel like everyone
shares this tip and that is make sure that you are practicing on Instagram stories first
or any type of really bite sized content pieces that don’t require a lot of time but aren’t
necessarily live. If you are nervous about being live, at least
get comfortable speaking to a camera first. Now, the next tip that I have for you is something
that I preach and that is create bite-sized content first. What this means is I noticed that a lot of
people when they want to go on live for the very first time, they are setting really high
expectations for themselves. They automatically dive into creating 20 minute,
30 minute live streams. That can be really stressful and it stressed
me out too when I first started. That’s why instead of telling myself that
I need to nail a 20 minute live stream or deliver a 30 minute presentation live to my
audience, what I instead do is go on live for five minutes, only, tried to focus on
creating very short bite sized content pieces for your audience via live so that you can
at least get your feet wet of going live in general and as you get more confident, then
you can start increasing the times that you go on live. For example, going from five minutes to 1515
to 30 30 to an hour if you’d like, but my biggest advice to you is that if you are intimidated
by live, don’t make it harder on yourself by feeling like you need to deliver 20 minutes
of value. Instead, just tell yourself, Hey, I’m going
to go on live for five minutes, only deliver one big tip to my audience and voila. That’s why if you are intimidated by live,
make sure that you do create bite-sized content first. Now moving onto the next tip that I have for
you and that is create a formula for yourself. Now, what exactly does this mean? I’m going to give you a very clear example
for me. I deliver a lot of lives over on my Facebook
page and also in my free Facebook group. Turn your followers into clients and generally
when I prepare for these live streams, what I’d like to do is I like to write down some
notes of what I’m going to say in bullet point form, but over time what I realize is that
I was starting to see a pattern of how I was structuring and organizing the flow of my
live streams. So what I ended up doing was I ended up creating
a plug and play formula for myself, for me to follow every single time I go on live stream. Now, to give you a clear picture of what exactly
I’m talking about when it comes to creating formulas for me over on my Facebook channels,
I talk a lot about entrepreneurship and coaching and generally with all of my live streams,
I like to teach and coach my audience on how they can improve their coaching efforts or
how they can improve their business efforts. So my formula is the beginning of every live
stream. I give three main takeaways. This is what I’m going to promise my audience
of what they’re going to learn from my live stream. Next. I then talk about personal experience regardless
of what the theme of that live stream is. I love to tie it back to a personal experience
on why exactly I’m here to share this particular topic. Then I talk about mistakes. I talk about the mistakes that some of the
coaches might be making or business owners might be making. Following that, I then talk about the undesired
outcomes that come from those mistakes, and last but not least, I then offer a solution. This is the formula that I like to follow
for almost all of my live streams of that particular nature. That’s why if you are someone who’s been noticing
a pattern of what your live streams are all about, I highly recommend that you create
a plug and play formula for yourself that you can simply replicate for every single
live stream that you do and truly streamline your content creation process. Now, speaking of content creation and business,
make sure you also download my free blueprint. Turn your followers into clients because creating
this type of content that builds demand is going to be crucial when it comes to actually
converting many of your followers to become clients for your business. So again, if you haven’t downloaded this blueprint
already, make sure you check out the link in the comment section below or in the description
box below as well. Now the next tip that I have for you is something
that has helped me, especially when I was first starting with livestream, and that is
instead of doing solo shows, trying to do interviews instead, when I first started my
livestream journey, I was just like you, super petrified to be on live. So what I did was I actually created more
interviews with other people because what I found was that doing live streams with someone
else was far better than doing them alone. Now, only this one, it’s an interview style. You kind of get in the moment of having a
conversation with someone else and you forget the fact that you’re even live. Not only this to sweeten the pot. If you are the host of the interview and you’re
the one asking the questions and not the one being actually interviewed, that actually
takes a lot more edge off when it comes to live video. That’s why if you are uncomfortable with live
video, try to pair up with someone else or use it as a good excuse to do interviews and
network with other people so that you don’t have to feel alone when doing live content. Now, following this, if you are still telling
yourself, Nope, I can’t do it, I’m uncomfortable with doing live video, then the next tip might
be beneficial for you and that is choose unpopular times to go live. Now this obviously sounds like a very counter
intuitive tip, but like me, when I first started I was petrified and actually having real people
going on and watching me in real time. I didn’t have an issue being on camera, but
I did have an issue with real people watching it. That’s why I specifically and strategically
chose the times where I knew people were either sleeping or at work in order to do my live
streams and over time as I got more confident in having a smaller audience watching me,
I then started to migrate my live streams to more popular times where I would have a
bigger audience. That’s why again, if you are someone who is
still very nervous to be on live simply because of the fact that you know other people are
watching you, then don’t make it harder on yourself and specifically choose the times
where you know that there’s not going to be that big of an audience watching. You know. So far in this video we covered a lot of ground
when it comes to live video and live streaming. First of all, we talked about the power of
live video and we also gave you some tips and strategies on how you can get started
in a very stress free way. Now remember, live stream is only a very small
portion of your content strategy and content strategy is also a very small portion of actually
the entire process. To turn a follower into a client for your
business. That’s why if you haven’t already, make sure
you check out the description box and the comment below to snag this blueprint right
here, because I shared the entire process that I walked through all of my clients and
students through to turn their followers into clients. Not only this, while you wait for next week’s
YouTube video, make sure that you also check out these two videos that I have here as well. I talk a lot about coaching, social media
and entrepreneurship. So again, make sure you check out these two
videos as well. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye guys.

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