How to make a hydroponic water culture system from a coffee container

How to make a hydroponic water culture system from a coffee container

okay I’m going to demonstrate how I made a hydroponic container from a coffee can or a coffe container this is a deep water culture system very inexpensive, basically thing for your plants airstone tubing and this just needs to be hooked to an air pump you can get an air pump at Wal-Mart for five bucks I think I think this air stone was around three dollars and anyway so you need a quarter inch hole see 1/4″ drill bit drill a hole there for the lid I made this a four site container you could do two or three or one, or whatever and I used a 7/8″ hole saw don’t have to use a hole saw you could let’s see just lay your net net cup down and trace around and take a razor or something cut it out I did find out though, the I think it’s back here a two inch hole saw at least for these net pots is exactly the diameter, cuts a hole exactly the diameter of this so it’ll actually fall through which is why I went with the 7/8″ and it will fit not not all the way in but has a little bit left at the top if you wanted it to fit flush you could take a knife and trim that out a little bit One thing I want to suggest though, if you do use a hole saw get it started in the forward direction until the till this part goes in and then switch it in reverse cause if you don’t, once these teeth grab it’s gonna sling your container across the room you also want to make sure this is very secure before you drill it so anyway that’s that’s that so I’m gonna just quickly demonstrate how this goes together this is 1/4″ tubing it’s important to use black tubing let me just put that on there I need a little elbow in there let’s try that just a little bit more there we go, it’s it’s in there well enough it’ll work and then you just need to fill it up with some nutrient solution and I’ve got some Maxibloom already mixed up so it takes less than a gallon to fill this this is 350 ppm, I think I used 400 on the last one and that was okay you just want it to be enough to go up within the first 1/4 inch or so of the net pot so I’m going to add some more in here okay and that’s pretty much it put your plants in there and this does work really well want to show you these two are the same kind of plant from the same seed stock started the same time and they were the same size before I put this one in here and in three weeks it got that much bigger so so yeah it works really well the reason I my purpose for this is to to get them big enough to pot up basically kind of speeds up the process you could grow one a lot bigger especially if you had just one net pot and kind of just grew it out I mean you couldn’t grow one to maturity in this something this small maybe a smaller type of pepper or whatever you’re growing could do that anyway I’ll I’ll show how this looks with my peppers that are ready to go in there I’ll show how I set these peppers up to go in the hydro bucket I take these neoprene collars and basically cut them in half and I’ll trim the rapid rooter plug from the bottom so that I’ll have a little bit of room for the collar so take that out trimmed the roots a little bit but that’s okay this is a West Indies Red CARDI from CARDI via Juanitos so yeah, that’s about perfect and this one’s probably okay, sometimes I’ll trim this out a little bit too just to give a little more room that way I can kinda if it’s not perfectly centered I can put that on there better in the way I just there we go that’s that I put this one in here, it’s a Mayan Love Pepper Jay’s Ghost Scorpion Red Naga Morich and a West Indies Red CARDI so basically a CARDI Red Hab alright it’s ready to hook up to the air pump and and put under the light just want to give an update on the these plants that I just put in here, this is the day two I want to just show how these look inside kind of see how the air stone’s doing these will start putting out a ton of roots here in the next few days they look good thanks for watching

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  1. A well presented video with enough detail with good audio on bubbleponics.   I'm going to try some fogponics not many good videos on that either.   Cheers!

  2. If you traced around the net cup it like you suggested, wouldn't the net cup fall into the hole since it's the same size?

  3. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover aquaponics book try Tarbetti Amazing Aquaponics Tutor (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my m8 got cool success with it.

  4. If you have used all the solution and want to refill what are the guide lines as to how much solution to use. Excellent video. thanks

  5. How long before it's too small for those 4 plant sites? Eventually the roots will become bound right? Then what you just transfer them to a bigger bucket?

  6. I ordered my net pots from wish and I WISH they would get here finally. My rockwool cubes came yesterday so they shouldn't be too far behind.

  7. Funny how everyone thinks hydroponics are so incredibly hard and you have to be a skilled science professor to do it haha. Hydroponics are so easy.

  8. When you made the holes in the plastic did you use a drill or did you just twizzle the drill bit around and around with your fingers?

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