How to Make Custom Maps in Civilization VI (WorldBuilder Basic Mode)

How to Make Custom Maps in Civilization VI (WorldBuilder Basic Mode)

Hello! I’m Dennis Shirk, Lead Producer on Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, and today were going to talk to you about the Civilization VI map editor, WorldBuilder. More specifically, the new WorldBuilder Basic Mode. This powerful tool lets you quickly and easily create and publish custom maps. You have full control over every last detail right down to the map’s resource layout. What you want to create is up to you. Do you want to make the perfect map that plays into all of Canada’s strengths? Or would you rather create something completely insane that puts your skills to the test? The team has been working hard to make WorldBuilder more polished and easier to use. Since we’re still working on it, the mode isn’t on by default. You’ll just need to activate it with a couple simple steps. Head into your Civilization VI game folder, inside of MyDocuments. Open the AppOptions.txt file, and look for the line called Enable WorldBuilder. Set that to ‘1’ and save it. And next time you start your game, Worldbuilder will appear as a button under “Additional Content” on the main menu. Let’s jump in and create a map. Set the initial details, like the size and type of the map however you want and confirm your selections. For just starting out, selecting “Empty Map” under Map Type is a good option if you want to create something specific, rather than working with something randomly generated. When WorldBuilder loads up, you can immediately start clicking away! Tiles can be placed individually with the left mouse button or rapidly like a brush stroke by holding the right mouse button and dragging. You can change the size of your brush in the bottom right hand corner. When the landmasses have been created, you’ll want to put down the things every good Civ map needs: resources, natural wonders, goody huts, rivers, cliffs, etc. Resources can be placed individually or by hitting the Scatter Resources mode. Switch from “Terrain” to “Features” to place Natural Wonders. And switch to Goody Huts to place… Goody Huts. If you want to place Rivers, switch to Rivers and click on hex edges. Don’t place them in a circle or you’re going to have a bad time. Now that your masterpiece is ready for the dawn of humankind, it’s time to do two very important things: 1. Name your map. Click on settings in the upper left-hand corner to fill out your map and mod names as well as their descriptions. This is what will show up back on the main menu underneath additional content and map lists. And 2, save your map. After saving you should see your map in the Map Type drop down when starting a new game. Load it up and try it out! You can always load up your map in WorldBuilder and make further adjustments. WorldBuilder is that easy to use so give it a try if you haven’t already. The team is still working very hard to polish WorldBuilder’s “Advanced Mode” which includes features we didn’t evern talk about today. Look forward to bigger and better city customization options, scenario options and much more. Now get to it! Put on your amateur cartographer hats. We’re excited to see what you make, and stay tuned for those updates in the coming months. And as always, follow the Civilization social channels for all of our latest news. And thank you to the best fans in gaming.

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    Now that you've seen how to use WorldBuilder Basic Mode, what kind of maps will you create? Are you excited about this feature? Let us know what you think!

  2. Made my custom map but now whenever I try to start a game using that map, the game crashes while loading. Is anyone else having this issue?

  3. Maybe ya'll should fix end game lag on Large map games, shit's gets kinda ridiculous sometimes, lol.

  4. What a cool Feature, There has always been a few features I've wanted to make! This just made game 10X better <3 I love to build shit

  5. I have had issues trying to start games on custom maps! The game just crashes while loading, does anyone else have this problem?

  6. critical error!! when playing more Civ than possible pantheons and not getting one there is a critical error!! Game hits the wall, and its not possible to continue. This bug has been there since day one. Please fix it!!!!!!

  7. I can't select grassland in the dropdown menu using this resolution = 1366 x 768
    The option is hidden in the top of screen 🙁

  8. I love making maps for Civ V using the world-builder for it but I always wished it had a "in-game view mode" so we can check out visually what it looks like rather than top view. Does this version for Civ 6 have it, if not you should. Would make it 100% better.

  9. Make Map. Name Map. Save Map. Map never appears in drop down menu as available map.
    Sounds about what I would expect

  10. Can you build mountain chains on here cause alll i can do is put the same mountain next to it and it looks tacky compared to real maps?

  11. Hello! Thank you for the video. It works well, except for the flooding. I can place floodplain etc. when I create the map, but when I play with my created map, no flooding. The rest works very good (volcanoes, sandstorms, etc)… can you help me please? I've been trying to solve the problems for days…maybe I'm doing something wrong, idk… Thank you in advance

  12. I have been trying to create a map with more than 22 civs on CIV5 for about a month now can someone help ?
    Also How to link icons to xml files ?

  13. omg thank you so much for this. Everytime I wanna do a norweigian civ I'm placed in a desert and Everytime I wanna do an Aztec civ I'm placed in a tundra.

  14. I am trying to place the barrier reef and the Galapagos islands with no luck. I have tried every possible combination of tiles water ocean coast hills plains nothing all red.

  15. How do you remove cliffs. I made a continents map, cleared land and all I have is cliffs. Also, NO, selecting cliffs and trying to remove them individually doesnt work.

  16. Hi Civ team, in case you're interested I've created a detailed map of Aotearoa – New Zealand. Is it possible to share this with the wider Civ community? Cheers.

  17. I create a map, but when i play it i don't spawn on the map that I made, it's just a random map but with the locked settings of the map i made. I can't figure out why :/

  18. If you tell people not to put rivers in a circle or they are going to have a bad time you paradoxically told them to put rivers in circles and had a good time.

  19. I really hope that someone can help me out, 1. I have enabled DebugMenu and WorldBuilder. 2. I went into the game, chose the map with the real earth starting points because I only wanted to change a couple of resources (replace wine with olive) 3. I saved the game, but for whatever reason, it's not showing up, neither in single nor in multi. And yes, the map (mod) itself is enabled, but although I saved it with a correct name (which is also displayed in the documents folder) the mod itself is called "Unknown Mod". However, singleplayer itself is not even showing any map.

  20. just tried it… and civ6 crashed for the first time ever… lol

    all i did was an islands map, not sure what's wrong, gonna try loading again i guess

  21. please someone help whenever i make a map andd add floodplains tiles next to river and whenever i play the map than no flooding tile actually appears in the game and i cannot make dams… how to fix the problem///

  22. I can't believe that they haven't mentioned anything about GS river mechanics not working with Worldbuilder worlds. Do you want to make it more user-friendly? Add all mechanics into the editor without people needing to convert the map into a script or whatnot.

  23. Can anyone help me figure out why I can't use the maps I've built to play online multiplayer with friends? It automatically kicks them out of the game when I add them.

  24. That World builder is still horrible bring back the Civ5 world builder & while you are working on that bring back vassal nations from civ 4.

  25. Inside world builder in the game you can save multiple maps, but when you go to play them only 1 shows up. I made more and the new ones don't show. How do you load the other ones from inside the game?

  26. guys, i hope your working on a civ 7 world builder so you can release it with the base game day 1. Don't do this bs where civ6 base game, dlc 1, dlc 2 is out before you attempt to bring an ingame worldbuilder to us. This WB isn't even completely finished! the advanced tab may jack up your game file- why even allow us to use this then? you knwo people want to place civs on their maps– ughs.

  27. I spend 4 days on your goofy world builder & the map won't save, god just make better maps & allow players to add more AI to a map. If i want 20 AI on a Tiny Map then allow us to do that. Also why did you guy remove Large Islands & Small Continents maps? Enjoy the layoffs guys because when you screw over the players sales will drop.

  28. I'm glad that most people seem very excited about everything but you guys need to finally address the Worldbuilder mess because frankly, we have been waiting for it for far too long. And Basic Mode means absolutely nothing. You guys might as well have said, "Here. Basic Mode. It's nothing but something to hopefully distract you from the fact that the Worldbuilder is in shit condition and we can't be arsed with it yet". That would have been honest. Those who are interested in creating maps don't give a damn about Basic Mode. We would also very much like to be able to do other basic stuff like changing start locations, assigning city states wherever we like, etc. without the game crashing EVERY SINGLE TIME with an error message inadvertantly (?) putting the blame on community mods. We would expect this kind of behaviour from Bethesda and EA, not you guys.

  29. I can't play my own map from world builder. It says I have to disable the mods and I have tried to disable the mods but it says that the map is a mod too so I don't know how I can fix it. Does anyone know what is wrong?

  30. Thanks man! Now please can you make Civ 6 World Builder like what Civ 4 was… where we could literally do anything without the game crashing?

  31. i spent 3 hours making a map of Pennsylvania on World Builder and i cant even play it!!! it gives me an error which tells me to disable mods. but there are no community mods enabled (except my map)… Its frustrating!

  32. It was horrible this map builder, until today I could not use effectively. And being Brazilian I find the background music used in the video ironical trying to explain one of the worst civilization ever created.

  33. So I made a map, saved it and changed all the text (Name, description, etc), saved it, then enabled it in additional content, but it doesn't appear when I click on the maps dropdown in single-player or multi-player.

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