How to Make Interviewers See You as the Right “Fit” for the Job – 5 Tips

How to Make Interviewers See You as the Right “Fit” for the Job – 5 Tips

hi it’s Linda Rayner of Linda Raynor comm career strategist speaker and coach and in this video I’m going to teach you five tips on how to make interviewers feel that you’re the right fit as a candidate and enhance their chances of landing the job offer tip number one understand their pain and how to solve it a good job candidate knows that when there’s a job opening it means that the company is currently going through some sort of business pain and that’s why they need to hire this job serves a purpose and a need that’s not yet being met so when you can understand the business situation by doing research ahead of time and then making an educated guess on what kind of business pains the company may be going through which is why they’re hiring then you will actually appear to be more of the right fit for the organization because you actually understand what they need and if you can also discuss what you can do in order to help them to fill this business need of theirs and how to resolve this pain that they have then that’s going to bring you that much closer to landing the job offer shift number two show the right demeanor so imagine that a hiring manager had to select between two candidates to hire candidate a was someone who had all the right technical skills and experience they were a bit antisocial they didn’t smile very much during the interview and then candidate be with someone who technically speaking they probably weren’t as strong as candidate a however they were bright they were personable they were engaging and they were confident who do you think that the hiring manager would select I’ll tell you that a good chunk of employers would actually hire candidate be the one with slightly fewer technical skills and knowledge but a better demeanor a better personality and how do I know this well I was once a recruiter and I saw firsthand the exact types of candidates that hiring managers would take on into their companies and what I noticed was that not all the time were these candidates the most technical and knowledgeable but they definitely had great demeanors and great personality and that is a huge determinant for a lot of companies to assess whether you are the right fit for their organizations so remember in order to have the right demeanor it means that you want to be positive you want to be friendly yet you also want to be confident and specifically you also want to be very engaging tip number three tell stories this ties directly into my point about being engaging to be engaging means that you know how to tell a good story so as a candidate if you’re able to walk through an interviewer through your qualifications your background and your accomplishments in a way that is interesting and invites them into your world in a positive way through your journey they will spend more attention on you and for longer periods of time and that will help them to see you as someone who is the right fit tip number four sell yourself an interview is not a Q&A meeting an interview is a sales presentation it’s your sales presentation and you’re the salesperson if you’re not selling yourself every chance you get meaning every question that an interviewer is asking you and you’re not explaining why you’re a good fit for that role as you answer the question then you’re not doing a good enough job of selling yourself to the company in to the interviewer and as a result you’re not going to be seen as someone who’s the perfect fit for the job you have to sell yourself meaning you have to articulate why you’re the right fit for them tip number five be confidently you yes I said have the right personality in demeanor but don’t confuse that with being a robot confidence comes from self awareness and self awareness comes from observing yourself so if you can be natural in front of the interviewer that exudes confidence it’s the classic rehearsal in the mir trick where you’re thinking of questions that might be asked of you and then responding to the questions by looking at yourself another one could be that perhaps you’re you ask a friend or family member to be the interviewer for you and then can practice in front of them and get their feedback whatever it is you need to make sure that your presentation is there so make sure you observe yourself before you enter the interview and as I say this I’m thinking that as much as I make these recommendations a lot of people were interviewed don’t even do these things they end up winging the interviews hoping that they did a good enough job but if you really want to appear to be the right fit for them there’s a lot that goes into it and you have to make sure you practice ahead of time believe in yourself because that’s also where confidence comes from so there you have it five tips on how to make interviewers feel that you’re the right fit for the position feel free to download a copy of my 10 ultimate resume hacks cheat sheets in the link located below where you’ll find 10 tips on how to make your resume stand out and land more interviews and ideally job offers if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with your friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video [Music] [Music]

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  1. The interviewers says that I have strong personality what does it mean am I boastful during the interviews??

  2. Most of the time outward attitude is important but not necessarily be considered as only selection criteria. If you want to hire a gardener,test his gardening skills not his algorithmic capabilities. However I agree a gardener who knows algorithm may grow great plant,but just because he doesnt know algorithm ,he should not be rejected

  3. Thank you so much. Great tips. So many job interviews tomorrow and I have an online interview that is recorded responses. This was one of my sample questions so I'm sure this will be a real question.

  4. Hi Linda, I came across your channel because I'm preparing myself to look for a job after a maternity pause of 4 years. Your advice is amazing and I'm watching all your videos and even checked your Vlog :)) Thanks very much for the information you share, keep up the good job.

  5. how to answer the application form this question. I really don't understand the question. Interview for pharmacy assistant job. question: performing the full range of duties associated with this position?

  6. Hi Linda. I've heard in several of your presentations that there is a free resume template for listeners. Whenever I click on the link, I see instructions to buy a resume membership for $397. Surely you aren't suggesting that we buy a $397 membership that will give us a free resume template, correct?

  7. Very good video!! This is the second video of yours that has popped up in my YouTube recommended feed that I have watched.

  8. Thank you so much or your help, I watched your videos and I was hired a few hours after my interview. I'm so excited because this is my first corporate job after college.

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH, LINDA! i got the best job offer ever so far in my life! I followed all your advice! I was feeling sooo down for the past months but with your help, I managed to give my best shot in the interviews I had! I can't thank you enough!!!! You are truly a blessing 💗

  10. Very clear ,easy to understand and learn. your videos help a lot for a beginner like me! you are the best explaining your pronunciation is so amazing. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more content in near future.

  11. Having a great personality does not necessarily means be smiley, be social, be assertive!
    Otherwise how would you explain that most of the people that were influent on our history were not that way?

  12. That isn’t a fair example at all. So candidate A has a lot less social skills but slightly more technical skills. You either make it a lot-lot example or slightly-slightly. As you used it even a rabbit would pick candidate B.

    Nice video though, thank you.

  13. Why the number of jobs is much less than the number of people? 😒, in the end, if you have the right network, it will be way easier to find a Job than just applying online.

  14. thank for this video, i got a question beside an email adress what else information can i give to the employer so i could get the job.

  15. "There are a candidate A who is professional but bit shy and a candidate B who is less professional but smiles more often. Whom would a hire manager select? The candidate B." Another proof that some hire managers are not professional at all. If a company seeks f.e. a lawyer for mere drafting documents and not a sales manager, it's much more important that a candidate has brilliant drafting and research skills plus experience and theoretical basis rather than ability to smile much in stressful situations.

  16. Specific examples were not provided, for example, "a lot goes into to it".  Linda's comment should be expanded in order to be more useful to the viewer.

  17. I believe presenting yourself as a brand, really goes very far. It's not only elevates confidence in the job seekers, but also acts as an equalizer between employer and job seeker.

  18. Hi Ms. Linda. Thank you for sharing your career tips. I use to watch your videos frequently.

    May I ask for some insights on how to convince the interviewer that I want to work for their organization considering my situation?

    I am a degree holder of BS in Foreign Service major in Diplomacy. I worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2012 then transferred to the private sector (2012-2018) because of my want to explore and earn more. After more than 5 years however, I resigned because I realized that there is more career growth in the field of foreign service, and that it is more fulfilling to work when the job is relevant to your education.

    I am currently applying to different embassies in our country and to different international organizations

    May I request for some ideas on this? Thank you.

  19. Wow! I've been looking for help with interviewing and your videos have been the most helpful. I like how you share what not to do and then you break the steps on what to do. Thank you so much!!!

  20. OMG!!! Thank you soooo much for these tips, I'm on my way for my first interview as an experienced employee in Amazon and they are super helpful.

  21. I agree that an interview is not a Q&A Meeting, but I just had an “interview” through “HireVue” which was just that…an ineffective Q&A. I feel I did well, but I also feel that video “interviews” are cop-outs and laziness on the organization’s part. It’s as if it’s a “safe” way to discriminate without the litigation being susceptible to scrutiny. Same with any software using “key words” to move a potential candidate into the next round, per day. Maybe I’m wrong here, but it seems like more and more organizations who want candidates with personality are missing the mark by not engaging with the candidates face to face. Thoughts?

  22. @LindaRaynier: there seems to be a slight problem with your microphone 🎤. There’s a hint of static every now and then. I just wanted to point that out. Aside from those hiccups your motivational videos are always top notch! Maybe that’s why you call your program “Top Notch..” 😄

  23. Hello my name is eyeursalem. I graduated with medical administration office. I am looking some one to fix my resume

  24. I'm glad I spotted this video as I have an upcoming interview for a contract position (the gig is supposed to run several months) this week. I like all these tips. My concern, especially during a group interview, is how likeable I come across. I consider myself friendly but I think I need to work on my body language (smile, etc..). I find myself to behave more like myself too when I'm with friends and close colleagues. Otherwise, in interviews, I try to put on the best formal corporate impression I can although I'm now wondering if it's coming across as artificial and overly stiff which might turn off some hiring managers. I also need to work on creating stories which highlight my accomplishments in past jobs; I don't think I have much there to share. My years in the office unfortunately haven't been filled with many great stories of turning difficult situations around for past departments, supervisors, vendors, etc… it's frankly embarrassing.

  25. A photos really necessary in resumes, France usually expected them on CV's…is that what we do now, Instagram photos, for approval?

  26. I really like this term "understand their pain" – that puts so much more power into the hands of the candidate!

  27. Hi, Linda,
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. The interview video clips you posted here gave me a huge help on talking with confidence, organizing my speech logic, using proper words and tones, and so on. Have to say, your videos are amazing! Thank you a lot. Hope others can also benefit from your work here.

    All the best to you.

  28. As an introvert, I still can’t managed to sell myself. I find it really challenging on doing things that other people can do it easily. 🙁

  29. these tips might work depending on what kind of position you're interviewing for, these certainly no gonna work if you are appearing for a technical job role or leadership role.
    And when most peoples say they're hiring managers, it simply means they themselves never landed any real time job…

  30. Great tips, but society always favours extroverts over the introverts just because of superficial factors….

  31. Please remember, not all companies have a pain, sometimes they hire someone just because they can help that person. And not everyone is extremely outgoing, and that should be okay. Some jobs require the not so outgoing type of person and that is where the not out going person should apply. They would be a good fit too!

  32. 1:25 I've met too many people who managed to get jobs this way and then turned out to be incompetent, lazy, unprofessional, or even mentally or emotionally unstable. Unfortunately, the American hiring system tends to focus too much on superficial traits like charm or whether this person can help them fill a diversity quota rather than getting people who can actually do the job well. A lot of places won't even check references. It becomes all about the interview, but most people put on their best face for the interview, even though it may not reflect their actual performance or attitude on the job. In the end, this is why there are so many incompetent or woefully underqualified people in the workforce.

    Personally, while I wouldn't hire an arrogant jerk just because they have a lot of skills, I would also NEVER hire someone who is obviously underqualified, no matter how charming they were.

  33. Hi,
    Your advice is really helpful and I think you hit bull's-eye when giving your tips about interview prep.
    Thank you.

  34. The next form not application because that is considered begging when apply that i fill out n if get that work , that will be my 47th job in my career. I have no problem with interviews .. retiring soon though

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