How to Trap a Feral Cat for TNR

How to Trap a Feral Cat for TNR

If you have seen cats in your neighborhood And you want to help them out, the best way to do that is through TNR Trap-Neuter-Return Trap-Neuter-Return is a process by which outdoor feral cats are trapped with a humane trap Neuter and vaccinated at the veterinarian, and then return to their outdoor home I’m going to show you how you can trap cats in your own neighborhood Before you get started, you want to find out exactly how many cats are in your neighborhood The best way to do that is start feeding them And if you feed them once a day, the same time every day You’ll start to see that all of the cats will come out at that time So get them on a feeding schedule for about a week or two So that you can take notes of who’s really there When you are identifying the cats in your neighborhood The first thing to look for is an ear tip An ear tip is the removal of the top three-eighths of an inch of the left ear on the cat And this signifies that they have been through the TNR program If the cat already has an ear tip, that means they’ve been through the TNR program So you don’t need to trap them If they don’t have an ear tip – pretty good chance that cat is still intact And you’re going to want to get them spayed or neutered My best advice is to try to catch the whole colony of cats at once So don’t try to do one at a time try to get as many as you can at once Before you go ahead and start trapping You’re going to want to make an appointment at a veterinarian Make sure you find a veterinarian that is feral friendly Find a vet that has experience working with feral cats in traps Because it is different than taking your pet cat to the vet Identify the day that you have the appointment And then you’re going to want to trap the day before So to prepare to trap you’re going to want to gather some supplies The supplies that I recommend are: A humane trap Bait for the Trap And I recommend tuna in oil It’s very fragrant so it gets them to come from far away And the oil helps it to not dry out You will need some newspaper, so get a stack of newspapers You’ll need a tarp And this is to line your vehicle when you’re transporting the cats As well as your space that you keep them in overnight Some a large towels that will cover the traps And if you’re working in an area where you know there are feral kittens You might want to grab some bite gloves I never recommend trying to pick up a feral cat or kitten by hand But even if you find some very tiny kittens You’re going to want to protect yourself if you are going to try to pick them up I recommend talking to some of your neighbors Before you start a trap, just so that there’s no confusion about what’s going on You might also learn a little bit more about the cats from your neighbors, who may also be taking care of them And if any of your neighbors are feeding the cats Then you do need to ask them not to feed them They need to be hungry enough to go into the trap Once you’re setting up to trap The very first thing you want to do is count and prepare your traps You can’t be too careful about counting traps So I would literally write down how many you have.
One, two, three, four. Make sure you know how many traps you have with you, because if you leave out a trap and you forget it Then that can be very dangerous or even deadly to an animal who gets caught in it I recommend putting a label on your trap also Mine says: “Property of Kitten Lady” with my email and phone number on it Ok, so let’s prepare our traps I am unlocking the back of these traps and opening them up So inside the trap you’re going to want to line it with a light layer of newspaper Which you can take and fold over To fit the inside of the trap Be careful that your newspaper is not too thick As it might make it hard for the trick plate to go off So the newspaper is going to help support their feet It’s also going to act as a bit of a pad To absorb any urine or food So here’s the front of my trap Every trap is a little different, this one is a “True catch” brand And on this one These rings come up, this goes out And then there is a little latch here And that’s how you set the trap So this is the front where the cat is actually going to walk inside Back here there’s a trick plate So when they step on this trick plate The two rings hold them up Open the door Then this latch comes up Step on the plate and The door will gently close behind them So because we want them to walk all the way to the back We need to put the food as far back as it can possibly go Make sure that if you’ve been feeding this neighborhood cat You do NOT feed them the day before You want them to be sufficiently hungry that they’ll be willing to go into this strange little box here You also don’t want to give them too much food So this is a tablespoon, that’s about as much as I recommend putting I also recommend putting a little bit of food closer to the door So that the cat can get a tease for it To also incentivize them to go all the way in So this is stinky stuff.
I really recommend using something like tuna and oil Because it has a really strong smell that’s going to attract the cats in your neighborhood They’re going to get these little tiny pieces at the front of the door And then they’re going to want to walk all the way in, step on that trip plate in order to get the bigger meal Close your back door and latch it, because cats are really smart they know how to escape The last thing you need is your towel, about half to two-thirds of your trap And this I recommend putting over your trap from the get-go So that once the cat walks in you can quickly cover them up If you don’t have a trap cover The cats can see outside and they might get very fearful So a lot of the time you’ll see them lash around in the cage They can injure themselves on the side here Once you cover them completely They calm down every single time So I recommend just having the towel on there,
ready to go Okay, so we’re ready to go let’s trap It’s a cat right there? See him? Oh I saw him run away – We’re going to get him
– Alright We’re gonna put out some traps now We’re going to see who we catch and then we’ll go from there So when you’re putting your trap down, make sure that it’s flat on the ground If you put it somewhere that’s got an uneven surface like this The cat’s not going to want to go in that because it’s not sturdy Move it around a little bit to see if this is an even surface Once your traps are set, you don’t want to just leave them there All night or go out to work for the day You want to stay kind of nearby them I recommend checking on the traps at least every 20 to 30 minutes You also don’t want to loom over them Because the cat’s not going o walk into this trap you’re sitting right next to it But you want to be close enough that if you hear it go off You can run over, cover the cat up and get them safely into your car or into your house I got that orange cat from earlier, so I completely covered And I’m going to bring him inside So the first thing I’m looking for is an ear tip and he does not have an ear tip Which means it’s pretty likely that he is intact He might be a little upset, when you cover it, you can see that he does calm down If this were off, he would be going nuts so You wanna limit your interaction with them I’m pretty sure this is an intact male So when I’m looking in here I’m just making sure it’s not a cat that has an ear tip Or a collar, or anything like that What should we name him?
What would your name be? Bobcat Ollie We can name him Ollie after the Bobcat We’re going to name him after Ollie, who is a bobcat that recently escaped the DC Zoo Hi Ollie! And keep your fingers away from the cat.
You know, you don’t want to Put your fingers in there, these are Feral animals that might not be socialized to people So just be careful Stay in this room overnight.
You can see that I’ve laid down a tarp So this will catch any, you know, urine or feces or anything like that, to protect your floor And then this tarp in the morning I’ll bring to my car To lay down in my car, to help transport in a clean way For tonight Ollie is going to sleep in here and then tomorrow morning He will be off to the vet for his neuter And then we’ll have no babies this spring Sorry Ollie, no babies for you! His cheeks are huge! That’s what happens with big boys when they’re not neutered Not for long sir! Snip snip Okay, so we’ll take this one inside
We’ll check out who the heck this is The other important thing about the cloth covers is that this prevents them from seeing each other Which can be pretty upsetting for them, so they’re just going to be covered next to each other. I’m gonna check out who this is Who are you? Brown and white tabby, looks young! Looking for an ear tip, I don’t see an ear tip Hi There’s no collar, there’s no ear tip.
So we are going to bring this one in as well. This could be a female cat That would have become pregnant from this male cat living in the neighborhood And that’s how you end up with this abundance of kittens You liked that tuna! You came all the way over here for that tuna We’ll name you Tuna Since that’s what you like No more food for these guys tonight So don’t put any food in there with them You don’t wanna to put your fingers anywhere near And you know, that meal that they’ve had is quite enough When they’re getting surgery the next day you don’t want them to have a full belly anyway Cover them up And this is where they’re going to stay tonight Then tomorrow Tuna and Ollie will be going to the vet The morning after the surgery check on each of the traps Take a look at the cat inside Make sure that they are bright-eyed and alert Make sure that you don’t see anything concerning, such as bleeding or lethargy And if they are looking like they’re Awake and ready to go, then you can return them to their outdoor home Here we go Ollie, you ready? Come on Tunafish

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  1. First count how many native birds and animals are in your area.A neutered cat only stops it shagging and TNR keeps them killing.

  2. We follow exactly the same procedures for our TNR . We have caught ear-tipped cats that we had done previously though. We just let them go and reset the trap. We set ours at dusk, and check them in the morning early.

  3. TNR is a godsend but you need to be vigilant about it. As for pets I had my cat butterball fixed and we always clip out cats ear after fixing. They trapped him but let him go. He disappeared for a day but came back with flee and tick meds on him (that stuff has a certain smell to it), shaken but unharmed.

  4. I have 19 cat rescues which are all fixed and left ear clipped, they all eat and are cared for very well.😸😺😽😼🐺💞

  5. Ummmm… this might be weird but does TNR make sure they don’t have babies for the year or no I don’t really understand sorry 😅

  6. Hi Kitten Lady. I enjoyed your video. I am concerned bc a stray cat in my neighborhood had kittens. I have been feeding mama and her 4 babies for a few weeks now. I’m going to try the TNR but my only concern is that all four babies like to eat off the same plate at once. I’m concerned that if I have a couple of traps out they will try to go into the same trap and if the first cat steps on the release plate in the back and more are following they will get spooked and not go in. I hope you find this message soon. Thanks for the very informational video.

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    I’m so excited though I just learned that my county in Texas will pay for TNR as I just did one cat today 😁

  10. I have spoken about TNR in my community. Apparently we who support TNR or Neutering in general are monsters. I got replies like you're taking away their right from them, its their instincts, or you're messing up with the ecosystem , cats will go extinct, this is against nature. I tried every (maybe not all) reason but in vain. Here I see lots of posts on Facebook that they want to mate their pets and they're looking for an opposite gender to get it happen. This boils my blood as we see a lot of abandoned kittens and pregnant cats. It also Makes me wonder what they're gonna do when their pets ask to mate again and again and again…. we already have more cats than homes…

  11. Latching and locking the back door of the trap is a crucial step that you don't want to forget. Otherwise, you might go out to the garage to take your trapped cat down for neutering and find the cage empty, then have to enlist your husband to help you get the cat out from underneath the built-in garage shelves that conveniently have a 6-inch space to hide underneath. We managed to block off every other exit besides the trap and fortunately got him back in with minimal trauma, but that's a mistake I'll hopefully never make again!

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    I have a family of 3 kittens and a mom and dad that come into my patio.

    And what if I trap one, then have to wait for the others for a while?

    I also have 2 of my own, and I'm concerned that if I bring them inside, they'll transfer stuff to my cats

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  14. Where I used to live has so many feral cats in the town. They are by the Casey's and there were many by where I lived. Now I live 4 hours from there but I would like to go back just the tnr the cats. Mainly the one the has been having kittens every year.

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  19. Understand the 'ear tip' yet that could also be a fight outcome. In AUS our cats (and Dogs) are tattooed inside their ear to show they they are spade (neutered). We cannot by a 'sound' cat nor dog unless we are breeders.

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    My husband & I are getting ready to buy a home next year, and I'll be wanting to expand our fur family a little, once we get out of our apartment. We want to take in special needs animals, but I also want to make sure that I'll know how to trap, fix & release any & all stray animals, that I might find in the new community we'll be living in.

    I wanna do my part, and your videos inform me, and let me know how best to help the animals I cherish so very much! 🤓🐾 Thank You again!

  26. Hannah, I have a question. After you TNR a cat/cats, are you obligated to continue feeding them forever? Have they lost their capacity to acquire food for themselves?

  27. Kitten Lady, thank you for this video. I trapped my first cat last night. I was expecting this cat to meow and cry in her trap all night, but she didn't make a peep. I don't know if this is normal, but the two cats you trapped were a bit more opinionated about their predicament.

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  30. Great video! I trapped my first cat and unfortunately he busted right out of the trap door through the drivers side door.

  31. My 70 year old neighbor wanted me to trap our 10 year old neighborhood feral. Well, she took him straight in her house. It took her 3 months to tame him. Then named him Figalo 🤔 loved that woman to death but she was a character, very unique lol

  32. My boyfriend and I recently spotted 5, 3-4 week old kittens that have taken shelter in his backyard. I am leaving them be but I am coming back to this video to learn how to appropriately do this for the momma cat and maybe more. Thank you do much for these videos Hannah! I wish I had these sorts of video about 5 years ago when I found another litter of kittens outside of my house

  33. Took in my first feral mommy and 5 babies. I feared how much she hated me that she would remain feral. She head butt my hand yesterday. It was a major move for her. I'm still probably gonna fix and release her back where I got her because there is a lady that feeds the cats in the area but this was huge to me. And the baby mewmews are so cute.

  34. Here in Turkey, it's impossible to leave the trap out and move away – as the trap will be stolen to be sold as strap metal by humans. You also have too many hungry feral cats, some sterilized, so you just have to stay, often with a water spray and dry food to keep other cats away. Getting the right cat is the most difficult part.

  35. I have a bad experience when I had my cat neutered. She was died in operation table. And that's the first time I neutered the cat. It's traumatized me. But I still keep doing it because, let my cat pregnant, fights, escape, infected, is more scary.
    2nd times I spayed my male cat and tried to forgot my trauma. I was shaking for whole time in his surgery, but I relieved that he's fine.
    Now I have female cat and wanted to neutered her next month. I'm still scared, but I have no choice. I want to keep her forever. Wish me luck!

  36. i get vaccinating them but..
    why nuder? so sad.
    imagine being kidnapped, getting nudered then getting set free?
    i'd be sad. they'd be sad too. so sad.
    they just wanna frick! let em frick. please?

  37. Cats ears are very delicate and sensitive, it's not fair to cut the tip 🙁 I understand it is to mark them as neutered, but it still looks unfair from a humane point of view.

  38. I'd like to offer a few additional tips to use on this style of trap especially for those cats who are skittish or smart:
    1. When placing the blanket over the trap, I drape the blanket over the sides but leave the back end of the trap visible so the trap looks more like a tunnel. If a cat can see the food and see through the trap it's more likely to go inside to investigate than if the sides and back are 'closed off'
    2. I recommend using a layer of cardboard instead of newspaper. My experience has shown that some cats are particular about the feel of what they're walking on. They don't really like the wire bottom and while newspaper helps, you can still feel the wire somewhat unless you put down a lot of layers. Plus the newspaper can make noise when the cat walks on it. Or it there's even the slightest of breeze, the newspaper moves around and whatnot
    3. You can make the trip plate more sensitive and also increase the surface area of the trip plate by laying a larger piece of cardboard over top of the metal trip plate. I've had cats that were big enough / smart enough to walk in the trap, eat the food and walk back out even when the food is placed at the very back. So if the metal trip plate is 3 -4 inches long, lay a piece of stiff cardboard that's 8 – 11 inches long on top of the metal plate. You can put 2 layers of cardboard on if you wish. The cardboard is stiff enough to hold the cats weight long enough that it will set off the trip plate earlier but not so early that the cat has time to back out after tripping the trap.
    4. If you trap a female that's in heat or an active male tom, save the towel(s) you used to cover the trap(s) to use on future trappings. Chances are good that the cat will have sprayed on the towel during its time in the trap. I kept a few of these towels inside a sealed trash bag (to trap the smell) that were part of my trapping 'toolkit.' Sometimes reusing a towel that reeked of cat was enough to bring around more cats.
    5. Unless you have the tools, DO NOT try to transfer a feral cat from a trap to an animal carrier.
    TNR works. Please get your pet spayed or neutered.

  39. Why no effort to tame and adopt these feral cats? Cats living outside, with no home, are in constant danger, from animal control workers, from predator animals, and from cruel human beings.

  40. If anyone could help me I am currently feeding a mama and a male (her longtime mate) and she recently about 4-5 months ago had kittens (her first full term litter, she has failed to keep the other litters alive) she is VERY trap weary as people have trapped her entire colony except for about 4 cats and never returned any. She still has the kittens but is going back into heat with the male and im trying to capture all of them but im worried that once the trap goes off she is gonna bolt or her kittens and the male will bolt

  41. There's an orange kitty who lives in a parking lot near me, under a year old and not neutered. I'm wondering whether to do TNR or try to rehome him in a protected feral colony, because the lot he lives in is set to be demolished in the future. I'm worried that if I do TNR now, he'll be wary of the traps and we won't be able to catch him before construction begins.

  42. My first cat that I truly called my own was a feral 5 month old who very quickly adapted to home life. He was a gray tabby and very fluffy, I named him after a dear friend's golden retriever who had passed away at that point (Bailey). As soon as we felt we were ready, I took him in to a spay/neuter clinic that our local shelter was having (no babies and no mess for that guy). I had him for a few years until he ran away, he was a very good boy. I now have a sweet Tortoiseshell named Lacey (spayed, of course).

  43. Kitten Lady, you're amazing!! Thank you so much for making and sharing this video! I've been feeding cats my entire life! I just 'can't not feed them ya know? I've recently got help from an organization here that's going to pay for 6 feral cats to be fixed next week and I'm so so grateful!! I've worked hard at trying to get this help as it's not offered in my county!! So a volunteer at the place their getting fixed at just kept that between ourselves and she also got another volunteer to bring me the cat traps this past week because I'm disabled and without a vehicle. The sweetest girl too!! She's also going to help me take them all in next week and bring them home the next day. I could go on and on about all the feral and stray cats outside that I feed but it's getting late. lol Anyway, thank you once again for the video cuz I've never trapped before and for ALL that you do for cats!! 😻🙏😻

  44. I'm trying to catch an orange tabby who I've been feeding I do believe he was abandoned and abused and has become feral unfortunately he also knows traps cuz I've caught everything but him a gray tabby opossum and armadillo I'm at this point I'm starting to lose hope what is the best method for trying to trap him yes I have stopped feeding him but I fear he is now gone elsewhere

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