HUMAN Extended version VOL.1

HUMAN Extended version VOL.1

Pape – Senegal Samantha – USA Prasad – India Peter – Papua New Guinea Zongying – China Wahid – France Roula – Jordan Paeman – Afghanistan Devi – India Prity – India Pakistan Leonard – USA Kenya Rachel – USA Daniel – Mexico Petronila – Dominican Republic Guerlio – Haiti Petronila – Dominican Republic Raul – Cuba Juan-Vicente – Dominican Republic Pasiona – Peru Camille – France Sunao – Japan Saul-Morgana – Mexico Aicha – Senegal Jason – Canada Jorge – Brazil Jacqueline – France Jorge – Brazil Philippe – France Abeer – Lebanon Peter – South Africa Linath – South Africa Peter – South Africa Nar – Burma Nepal Pakistan Maria – Italy Pilar – Spain Aida – Senegal Carolyn – England Sabira – Kazakhstan Walaa – Lebanon Alexandra – USA Walaa – Lebanon Fatmeh – Lebanon Priscilla – France Lisa – Papua New Guinea Milia – Peru Maryline – France Brahima – Burkina Faso Frezno – USA Setou – Burkina Faso Fernanda – Brazil Neeta – India Frezno – USA Arsene – Burkina Faso Yu – China Rasmata – Burkina Faso Cynthia – Rwanda Myo Su – Burma Fanny – France Cynthia – Rwanda Kadia – Senegal Therese – USA Sandra – Peru Kadia – Senegal Crispina – The Philippines Donesia – Australia Maria – Italy Sandrine – France Donesia – Australia Wendy – USA Kumiko – Japan Jalal – Lebanon Donesia – Australia Mongolia Madagascar Bolivia Pakistan Mostafa – Bangladesh Vanessa – Brazil Prasad – India Mostafa – Bangladesh Yujian – China Yu-Qian – China Jean-Marc – France Altynai – Kazakhstan Prasad – India Yu-Qian – China Leon – France Crisanto – Mexico Jonathan – France Galyna – France Kaye – Thailand Donato – Mexico Claudia – Mexico Donato – Mexico Constantinos – Greece Philippe – France Constantinos – Greece Dominican Republic Atman – Haiti Liliana – Russia Haiyan – China Robert – Canada Peter – Australia Robert – Canada Danielle-Marianne – France Robert – Canada Tatyana – Russia Lalmati – India Geeta – India Lalmati – India Amadou – Senegal Zica – Brazil Eric – France Jean-Pierre – France Stefan – France Jean-Pierre – France Stephen – Australia Gregory – France Stephen – Australia Devi – India Mohammed – Bangladesh Haiti Jose – Uruguay USA Juana – Mexico Israel – Mexico Roslin – USA

100 thoughts on “HUMAN Extended version VOL.1

  1. There is more truth here than most people will ever be able to digest! This is a WONderful documentary and everyone should find time to watch and then share! We are all more alike than we realize! It's not about me, it's not about you. It's all about US!

  2. Western women cry, complain, nash their teeth because they feel oppressed. At the same time, I don't see any of these women standing for the women who are actually oppressed. I'm tired of these lying bullshit videos, and the same for the news, academia, HollyWeird and the politicians.

  3. We live in a strange strange world….changes will happen, are happening already. We need change. And even if it doesn’t look like it……..look within yourself, unite with others and we’ll make it happen. From the bottom up🙏🏻. Love to all humans. We’re in this together…..but some suffer more and differently. I pray we may unite…..💫🙏🏻

  4. But why don't they send the flues away!? Sigh… I am not joking nor mocking. I know the video isn't bout the flies. But why I always see these scenes and they never rebel to the flues on their faces!?

  5. everyone has problems..poverty personal and social issues and see life from their own prospective..but its intresting to note one has to face and solve the challanges..and thats what make life living..nobodyelse will solve problems for you

  6. As a veteran Treeplanter of 24 years & millions of trees later I have a broken back to show for it, it brakes my heart to see feminist woman who hate men because they think us men have it so good we must endure brutal work & come home to an ungrateful wife & kids because real men don't complain or cry

  7. This is why I have been devoting all my time to try and help people become self aware, learn to heal, forgive, and love themselves. People are empty. They don't even have enough love inside of themselves to say thank you.

  8. We live in a world where pop music videos get millions of views and likes and film documentary like this one gets the least attention…we live in a world where people want to know the latest brand that celebrities wear, while other people roam around to look into the garbage for some food to eat…we live in a world where the minds are hijacked and souls are sold in the name of power and money that few own and benefit from the state of a hungry world.

  9. Man at 1:04 struggling with a depressed son. I'm so sorry. It's such a horrible feeling when you can't treat a loved ones disease no matter how hard you work at it. I don't know if you'll ever see this but I hope that you'll take care of yourself too and find some peace.

  10. This didn't encompass much about being human. It was more about human misery. It's not fair to life to say this is all there is. Listen to the score it expresses desperation.

  11. Very hard to watch such poverty cruelty and greed It causes me to feel gratitude and for my nourishment water and shelter. It also brings the injustice to the fore. I hope and pray this world slave system will end one day. The sooner the better – God bless

  12. Ok so the answer, don't have kids, buy nothing, create nothing, eat drink just enough, walk through forests for days, play chess, coffee on sunday followed by a lil joint and a rope swing into river. Ahh. Love from human to human. Lets all stop getting married to its a bit of a world fucker too. "Look everyone im married wifes pregnant why aren't you married have kids etc".

  13. I love how the director use pure black for the background. These faces explain a lot, my friends… Faces explain a lot…

  14. We are one human family with all of us having equal value in the eyes of our creator. Why is that so hard for mankind to understand? So much confusion and destruction has been created over our differences which are superficial at best. The truth is we come from the same source and are an extended family. What a powerful series. Thank you.

  15. The sadiest movie ever! 😭 The poverty is a sate of mind, which comes from compearing. There are a lot of happy poor people. I hope, second part of documentary is moore cheerful &optimistic 💓

  16. Comme le dit si bien si-dessous #Katherine maître #Ils devraient montrer ça dans toutes les classes du monde entier des enfants de la primaire ainsi que les classes secondaires & même dans les hospices , s ils avaient le malheur de le rater , c est complètement fabuleux des les premières images avec ces 4 premiers visages et cette musique WoW 🤩 WoW l Humain l humanité ……

  17. I first watched this when it came out and I was very affected by other people's hardships and I felt incredibly grateful for my life. Fast forward a few years, I learned a thing or two about history and politics and now I think this film is a giant globalist propaganda piece designed to make me feel guilty about my good fortune and make me want to give up hard-earned money coz some strategically chosen individuals told me about their terrible lives. Well guess what? I'm not falling for it. Socialism always end in starvation and death.

  18. don't talk about suffering while having "Starbucks".You can easily say that this is a stupid movie because you are not in that state of pain to understand.

  19. Cosa cavolo dice quella donna italiana che la vita di un uomo è una vita facile, sinceramente il video mi è piaciuto tanto ma il modo di parlare di quella donna mi ha deluso molto.

  20. No matter how often I watch these documentaries, I always have to cry at some point. The different experiences and perspectives expressed here are incredibly touching. I thank everyone who has participated. It gives me greater empathy and love for the people I see around me.

  21. interesting the "im a woman im a man" and "they are like this "… sexism positive or negativly… stop forcing categorising and corporate yourself.. "im a man ! im strong! i must be this that" or "im a woman poor me life isnt easay, we work hard" okaay… work hard male or female so what? have a great lifewhatever sex you are born with or choose to change… feel so limited. "im a woman so" insert whole text about specific to womens… "i realised i was lesbian" so my compasion for animal stoped and became the man in the couple eating meat.. lol

  22. The first person to speak, the man in prison, what an incredible story, I just wanted to say, Agnes showed this man, his true essence, the light of love he was born with, the love that unites all of us, this story made me cry, I was raised by parents like him, who said those same words, How many generations?

  23. nadzwyczajne, ten film jest … najpiękniejszy jaki widziałam. Dziękuje Mr.Bertrand, dziękuje dziękuje dziękuje za Twoje patrzenie na świat i za ten cudowny film

  24. this world lies in perversion and overshadowed by the wisdom of THE man of sin. we are all LACKING THE REAL LOVE, ZOE LOVE, HOLY LOVE. PEOPLE ARE JUST SLAVE IN THE CARNAL LIFE.

  25. a beautiful film, made me cry and laugh and cry again. if people from all over the world had fewer children, would life be easier, would balance be restored?

  26. This should be MANDATORY viewing for all humans, especially those living comfortably in "developed" countries. Life and reactions are about perspective, change a person's perspective and watch the reactions change. These people ARE us, every damn one of us is connected, and there are no divisions between us other than the self-destructive ones governments and the unevolved have thrown up in order to control the herds. This breaks my heart a million times over.

  27. This song belong the. Persian. great singer ; salar aghili , we persian love molana jalaledin rumi , salar aghili, homayoun shajarian, are our best traditional singer .

  28. The first thing that comes to mind after hearing everyone story is a desire to hug them very profoundly and tell them that I care, but when you think about it everyone have his own story but we it comes to reality I become so selfish that I'm unable to listen.. this documentary must teach everyone about how to love deeply and authenticly and without doubt.. Much Love from ALGERIA ❤

  29. Money degrades humanity. We don't need it. We are so many, we can do things without money. Money only raises the worse in humanity.

  30. There is no definition of Love all attempts are feeble all expression, feelings right wrong are but a drop in the OCEAN OF LOVE.

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