99 thoughts on “HUMAN Extended version VOL.2

  1. The beautiful scenes and music wash the pain and fill the observer with awe .
    The interviews so precious and precise,
    are testemonies that dig deep into our humanity .thank you

  2. the ultimate defence of a point of view is War – all we have to do is change our point of view ….

  3. I first watched this 3 years ago and I still come back to see the man at around 1:07:00 minutes that talks about his dad.
    When I say I still cry THREE years later!

  4. The movie brings up lots of message about our modern human being. It's hundred times worth watching than surfing nonsense Facebook feeds. My eyes and mind were widened to the world around me. Sometimes I just exaggerate my feeling or experience without noticing that many people out there are suffering much worse situation than mine. From this, I have learnt to appreciate what I have and starting thinking of what I can do to help people.
    Thanks the team who made all of this. You did a great great job.

  5. When the heart and soul is damage life seems to loose all meaning to some . Which leave darkness and hell hunting the soul.

  6. I was always scared that the world would end one day. Now, I would be happy, if only we could start again as vegans in peace, equality, and prosperity for everyone.

  7. This beautiful Jewish Lady says very important things. However it is a half truth and half truth quite often amounts to whole lie. Germans in general were killing Jews and not only them because general goal was to exterminate Slavic people ( as well Poles ) Why there are missing the others in this films? Ethnic Slavic Poles were helping Jews as well. Even people who economically against them gave the life for them and now some of them treat people in a way it is better not to write.

  8. 27:37 Many people told me : "It’s not your right to forgive in her name". And the answer: it’s also not my right to take revenge in her name.

  9. Listening to Bassam speaking is such a life lesson. How strong of a person you need to be to understand this after your child was killed. I'm speechless

  10. This may seem inhuman to some but what about the people to whom these people were married to , who loved them and then they left them because he/she was not what they wanted , what was their fault ??

  11. It teaches me what the world of Religion and the So-called spiritual leaders failed to teach… my deep gratitude to all the common men and women of this lifetime who show what the Life Is

  12. No weapons = no war!
    World without weapons = more peace!

    Weapons = money!
    World without money = world peace!!!

  13. scariest part is that some of these ill educated people have one or two arms chopped off and they are thanking god !? mutilation is nothing to give thanx for. how about winning the lottery ? now there's something to give thanx for. someone has preached to them that there is a god to keep them impoverished but once they die…there is a reward waiting for them in heaven …but first they must suffer here on earth ! what a concept that god is .

  14. Let all rich people in rich countries watch and listen to this documentaries..and hope they change…

  15. Why is the girl laughing when she is talking about her father's death?!!!(55:47) How is it possible? Has anybody asked himself this question? I did and the answer came itself to my mind – the people here are actors and the main aim of this film is the propoganda of geys and lesbians in order to avoid overpopullation of our planet…

  16. I want to watch more documentaries and shows like this one … something for the mind and soul… please and suggestions ?!

  17. A life without God is a very dangerous life, because you have just opened up yourself to be possessed by Satan the master of all calamities on the earth–death, wickedness and destruction–man inhumanity to man.. All forms of wickedness, flows from Satan's kingdom. Until mankind wise up and separate themselves from Satan, and have a relationship with God, mankind will continue to suffer untold wickedness and suffering on the earth. Satan will be given the opportunity to destroy mankind and put mankind in perpetual bondage and lifelessness. There is no life without the creator of life whether you know it or not. There will be no peace without God in your life whether you like it or not. Because you have no power, to give yourself peace on the earth. The spiritual forces that rule the Universe controls your life on any given day. You have no power to do anything about it on your own without God. Spiritual poverty and material poverty will sweep you away like a hurricane. Mankind is powerless without God. You cannot fight the spirit of darkness with your own human power. They will swallow you whole. I am an Apostle and servant of God. I know the truth and secret of life. God has talked with me in real life, so I know God exist. I have seen Satan in real life face to face, so I know Satan, your enemy exist. Apostle R.A.

  18. All the efforts of mankind to show love, understanding and peace will be futile without God. Because Satan will defeat you without God. Apostle R.A.

  19. Easily, One of the best Documentaries that pierces through to the edges of the world; portraying a side of us, the humankind, nuances of the World we live in, that ever so rarely has been brought to this kind of subtle spotlight.

  20. Everyone needs to see these. The impact of these stories on just myself alone is astounding, imagine if the whole world saw these. These films are beautiful and eye opening

  21. ..we live on time of critical disconnection with mother earth and consequently with ourselves and the others….this extraordinary film is facing us with real feelings to process in our heart

  22. This movie should be seen by students of all age ranges worldwide! Great, precious food for thought!!!

  23. This goes so deep that man said "why would I kill my enemy? now they are a enemy no more after death"

  24. watching series of these videos (Human extended version) has made me see life, human, spaces that separate us different. We need each other, we need hugs, we want someone who can just listen.

  25. If I were born a female I would certainly be gay. I cannot even imagine ever being able to love a man. I don't see how women do it. I never do enjoy being in the company of men even when they seek my friendship. To be in an Islamic country would be a horror for me because they do not allow men to have any female friends as equals. As a man I must frequently, uncomfortably, and silently tolerate the company of men. This movie has enlightened me and gives me empathy for the gay condition.

  26. Bliss is not easily found even though the human heart is a ravenous hunter~! We seek more instinctively than not…impetuous & with a courage in the depths of our being…the infinite, glimpse of our Creator~as if to pay respects, to thank ~for the noble & precious gift of our human birth.

  27. Makes me feel like I just want to hug each and every single person in there along with everybody else involved in the making of this movie! It is a wonderful, marvelous bridge what you've created and I love you greatly for that and thank you with all of my heart!

  28. We are all one. We just don't know it yet! How do you share such insight with humans that are not yet awake? How can we awaken ourselves to this knowledge soon enough? Why do we blindly choose to live in such denial of the truth, the fact that, we are all one? We all ask the same questions. How judgmental and blind we are! Will we ever wake up? Everyone should watch this amazing documentary!

  29. That wave pool …in China, I suppose…. all those thousands of colored swim rings around all those adults… it brings back memories of being in Rizhao, Shandong Province, where I saw this same image live at their very beautiful beach every day in the summer. Swim rings rental is a very important and lucrative beach business in China, where hardly anybody can swim. Frankly, it is funny to see all these adults in the Ocean with a swim ring around their chest, bobbing about where they could actually still stand without a problem. I was the only foreigner, and the only swimmer at that beach. When they noticed that I swam way out and had no swim ring, I became a local celebrity just for that.

  30. South Korea: A Reverend Moon, aka Unification Church mass wedding. I once attended one of these myself, many years ago. It is quite an impressive sight to behold, to see 4000 couples matched by the "Master" and getting married all together!

  31. Ethiopia: It is not the weapon that is bad, that is killing all those people. It is the person pulling the trigger of the weapon who wants the war, the killing. This is true everywhere, not just for Ethiopia. When we have no peace in ourselves, in our mind, in our heart, we will find a way to express that disdain for ourselves, that self-loathing and hatred. Because that is what it really is: hate for ourselves, lack of respect, absence of love for ourselves. We can't give anything but what we have. Maybe one day, we shall have love and respect for ourselves. Then, finally, we can share that with everybody who asks for it. For, you must ask for it if you want to receive it. Universal rule. Nothing is imposed upon us. We are free. Free to hate, free to love. May peace come to all of us.

  32. There is something synonymous with China and plastic. It is scary! I think they even invented plastic rice and cabbage!

  33. so what now.: stop being greedy, nasty, undisciplined, primitiv
    stop being religious, stop having too many babies, stop eating meat,

    study, learn, be spiritual, not religious, not decadent, be modern, integral, help youngsters to be independent , intelligent individuals
    you are not great inthat what you are, but in that what you can become, I believe in human beings, there is hope

  34. Released on 9/11 and this is the 911th comment – I have come to the truth that we were created by a loving God – Even though it is hard to see or understand sometimes given things like 9/11, unending war poverty and suffering – Evil exists and so does God Check out flat earth or the latest scientific evidence on the Turin shroud Even science is proving creation – Be blessed

  35. what makes us humans ?
    these people actually are versions of violence.
    what really makes us humans our nasty nature, the love of selfishness what makes us start wars and make rules apply to what we think its right or wrong and our narcissist traits expect other to follow them.
    then we die like we never existed, in fact our thoughts will die in time.
    it is just how much we are important to this life.
    like we never existed.
    and then someone come with the concept of love of my life or soul mates.
    honestly i would rather the singularity become true soon

  36. à1’46 seconde ça commence déjà bien , de la tendresse mais en nombres 🧡🧡💛💚❤️ WoW 🤩 la suite est aussi lol 😂 vous avez demandé des vagues 🌊 ne quittez pas 😇😇😇🤣🤣

  37. If we give into all our desires the world will be more immoral than it is. All of us have evil desires.. desires to rape to kill to take another man's wife or husband to steal to have sex with the same sex to have sex with animals to have sex with kids… But strength is built by resisting the evil within us some would say it's just natural to give into the desire to have sex with a child but no it's not natural it's unnatural and it's not good
    Yes there's right and there's wrong and that's just how it is we now have to accept that fact

  38. They say that human consciousness also has an effect on our planet, so too you see tremendous Beauty in people and our Earth and tremendous severity in human behavior, and how our planet has violent eruptions, and earthquakes, and floods, and fires and droughts

  39. I love the sound of the songs, and sounds of the different languages, so Beautiful tones, and lyrical, melodical, this film is pretty raw and painful, and exquisite. Landscape at the same time

  40. What a complex film, I felt, and saw, and experienced so many emotions, but most of all compassion, and Love, Thank you, to all who brought this film to all of us, you Have All Left something for the future

  41. This is a true great documentary movie! And thank you so much for inspiring me to dare to inspire others.

  42. This is propaganda or what?why is the israëli occupation of palestinian territories seen and presented here as something that is settled, as an event from the past that don't need te be interpelled, harshly critisised, as if israel doesn't deserve to be critisized for her continuous aggressive occupation and ethnic cleansing of Gaza!? Human ok but i doubt if the israëlis and the hebrew government is as human as one would like to see them !?World actualities and events in that region, proove otherwise!!!

  43. My Russian brother GETS it, he nailed it, the purpose and currency of this life IS unconditional love for ALL things, good AND "seemingly" bad. That crippled son of his is his savior NOT a burden. When everyone recognizes this we'll start to evolve from this bullshit war-like divisive aggression and stupidity incarnation we've created.


  45. this is too depressing to watch. it's well done, but i just could not continue watching it. 🙁 humanity is too sad.

  46. i think there are 2 types of people who have killed a fellow human , the ones that cant process the guilt and shame and it haunts them forever and then there's guy 22 mins in who is a ticking time bomb because he got pleasure from it

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