Human Vs. Horse Marathon  | NPR’s SKUNK BEAR

Human Vs. Horse Marathon | NPR’s SKUNK BEAR

No matter how strong or fast you are,
if you went up against the rest of the animal kingdom in most physical challenges,
you wouldn’t do that well. Take Usain Bolt – the fastest guy we’ve got.
In his record setting 100 meter dash, he was moving almost 28 mph.
But that’s nothing compared to the top speed of a cheetah
or a horse, or an ostrich,
or even a lot of house cats. Take almost any contest, and humanity wouldn’t
have a chance But. There is one event where homo sapiens
might possibly beat everybody else – running marathons We have the endurance to run really far … ten,
20, 30 miles. Ultra-marathoners run 100 miles in a go. We just might be the best
endurance runners on the planet. And I love this idea – partly because
before I became a scrawny, out of shape adult, I was a scrawny, in-shape kid.
I was really short and I wasn’t that fast, but I could run for a loooong time So when I heard about an event in Wales where
humans actually race against horses I had to go to see it. So I packed my lunch And I gave my boss the slip Wrote myself this theme song Going on a field trip, yeah Lan-wur-tid Wells? How do you say the name of this town Llanwrtyd Wells Woah Llanwrtyd Wells Llanwisthid Chlanwrtyd
It’s Llanwrtyd you @#$%& Llanwrtyd Wells is the smallest town in britain
with just 600 people and lots of sheep
But today its population is about to double because for the 36th year in a row,
The town is hosting a human vs. horse marathon And it all started at this hotel. I was in the bar one night with a local huntsman And I said that a runner would be much faster
than a horse over a long distance We decided we’d put it to the test and that’s
how it all started” Now, over the past 35 years, a horse has usually
been the champion. Any advice for the newcomers? SNORT That’s great advice. But every so often, a HUMAN wins.
The first person to do it was actually a man named Huw. How did Hugh manage it?
It turns out our bodies our actually built for long distance running.
We’ve got structures in our inner ears to keep us balanced with all that jostling
Springier tendons than our primate cousins, so we bounce as we run, and use less energy
A narrow waste and huge bottom muscles that keep our trunks stabilized. So as the competitors gather, there’s a question
in the air Who will win this year? Humans? Or the animals they’ve bred for centuries
to be fast and strong? To avoid getting trampled, the humans start first. Then, fifteen minutes later,
the clock starts for the horses It’s 22 miles of mud, mountains and river
crossings. In addition to their springy tendons and big
bottoms — these humans have a few more things going for them.
They don’t have to carry a person They’re nimble on turns and steep inclines.
And if it was a hot day, they’d be better at keeping cool. This last ability is a really big part of what made our ancestors such great good long distance runners Take your great great great – hundreds of
thousands of times great grandpa. He’s descended from trees, lost his fur, and
is moving around on two legs. and all that evolving has made him hungry
He doesn’t have spears or arrows yet – and he can’t run faster than this antelope.
But he can sweat. And the antelope can’t.
It needs to stop and pant to cool down. So on a hot day, if your ancestor just keeps
chasing that antelope It can’t stop. It can’t cool down. And eventually
it will collapse from heat exhaustion And your ancient ancestor will get to have dinner Today’s a bit different – these humans aren’t
chasing a meal. And horses — unlike antelopes — actually
can sweat They just don’t cool themselves as efficiently
as humans do. But, that won’t matter today, because a cooling rain is falling So it’s anyone’s guess who’s going to win. Could be a human Could be a horse The first finisher, coming in at 2:30, is a human.
In fact, its another man named Hugh But, remember, he had a fifteen minute head start And just a few minutes later …
The first horse comes in. It’s time? 2:20 A horse is this year’s champion. But the humans held their own. And Hugh did beat 46 of the 50 horses I might make that a sort of tagline Put it on a bumper sticker I think Yeah, faster than 46 out of 50 horses That means if he had lived a million years
ago, he would have been able to have meat for dinner And that’s what makes the human ability to
run long distances such a big deal. The theory goes that running got us meat
and meat fueled our evolution. All that fat and protein helped build bigger
brains It gave us time to invent tools, domesticate
animals, create language, culture, science, music In short — running made us who we are. [music plays]

100 thoughts on “Human Vs. Horse Marathon | NPR’s SKUNK BEAR

  1. In Africa a horse would most of the time lose against a human, especially an African human. Even when they don't have to carry any weight.

  2. The two sons of the Lykov family who fled percecution from the bolchevics and the Russian orthodox church and lived alone and isolated in the wilderness from 1937 to 1978 used that very strategy to hunt. They ran down deer and other animals.

  3. A longer distance and the humans would win every time. The distance wasn't hardly long enough for the horse's endurance to catch up with them and they are faster sprinters so obviously they would win in shorter distances. We used horses in medieval times because they could turn grass into energy so we didn't have to eat extra food to run or walk everywhere, or we used them to carry heavy things. Humans are by far better runners and probably often hunted animals like horses.

  4. If had a cheetah-human marathon, all humans would win, that's if the cheetahs don't eat anyone.

  5. The race is no longer a fun race like it used to be since the endurance riders took over, running it under endurance rules it was then inevitable the runner was going to win , it’s not really a race anymore shame !

  6. Wait wait… I thought like… Sled dogs were the world's best marathon runners, no? There's a video on youtube talking about why sled dogs were the best at long distance runnin'.

  7. It's not about how fast you get to the finish line, it's about how long you can go. Humans are nearly the best at that, I'd wager even better than horses,/

  8. It helped that they've written "human" and "horse" under all those photos of competitors because I wouldn't know who is who :b

  9. But Dogs can keep running for a very long time. They can use fat and proteins to slowly burn energy and use that energy for a long time. MinuteEarth talked about it

  10. This human vs horse racing was featured in the famous Born To Run book. The thing is, over the distance of marathon the horse has really good chances to win. The longer the distance gets, the bigger advantage of the trained male ultramarathon runner will be. He has a higher terminal speed than even a riderless horse, not by much, but the advantage is measurable. So ultimately the trained runner will outrun the horse.

  11. I'm not so sure this is a complete metric? Average horse vs average person, horse every time. Trained people vs average horse, some people can win. How about horses trained for long distance running? That could be interesting. Most horses can't gallop for very long but they can trot pretty indefinitely. But a horses trot, I don't think is faster than a trained runners pace. This competition is a novelty, someone needs to do it seriously. Another big difference is, a horse can do it again tomorrow, not many humans could do that.

  12. Humans should run without those shirts. It makes cooling much more efficient. Better cooling – less sweating. Less sweating – less loosing of minerals.

  13. Forget racing against my horse. I just get on. He's an arabian so no way you'll beat him on endurance.

  14. Such bullshit. A man could never chased down an antelope. It would disappear out of site in a flash. Even if you can find a way to track it down, It would have fully recovered and gotten some sleep in between.

    The bullshit that humans go through to try and justify their superiority.

  15. Humans can’t win against huskies tho. These beasts can run across a continent only stopping to eat and sleep and shit and they aren’t even tired in the end. The don’t need glucose for energy at all.

  16. A quarter horse in decent shape can cover 15 miles an hour for 3 hours straight carrying a rider. They are running the wrong type of horses.

  17. The meat built bigger brains theory has been debunked many times! it's just a lame story carnist tell themselves trying to justify their cult beliefs, the truth is humans have zero anatomical similarities to Omnivores or Carnivores…. and have many similarities to Herbivores and Frugivores…. in other words humans are designed to eat plants….. that is why 16 of the top 18 diseases killing humans are directly linked to the consumption of animal flesh and secretions, and in all medical studies the more plant based you eat…. the healthier you will be! The human brain runs on carbohydrates not protein!

  18. Great video but the thing in the end about fat and protein building brains is just false. brains consume very high amounts of starch and sugar, and so what probably fueled early humans development was mainly fruits and rice/potatoe-ish stuff.

  19. I think another thing humans would be the best at is throwing stuff. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no other animal can throw something as far as humans

  20. Great 👍🏻 job,big guys (I am talking to Bug,my horse
    That was in this marathon he came in 28 place for the horses

  21. Yes humans can run for a long time, but it depends how fast they are running, while horses, dogs and other animals with great endurance running much faster, about 60-80 % of there top speed without getting exhausted and can keep up the pace.

  22. Did he forget the husky and malamute mix they're braid for running long distance and I'm pretty sure they can running a longer distance and we can

  23. If human's whole thing is endurance, in order to properly give a fair shot to humans, they should have made the thing longer. Double or triple distance. Then I'm pretty sure you have a more even spread of horse vs huma winners instead of winners being mostly horses

  24. I really enjoy the way you style your videos, it remains informative yet has moments to breathe with humour and pleasant mini-facts while still getting to the point.
    It's not too clunky and feels rather refreshing to watch! It also has a good mixture of animation and real footage!

  25. raise average horse agaisnt average human . lol. or lazy horse vs lazy human . . horse can run fast to next town have a beer and nap then take off before you get there . lol.

  26. Humans do walk and sometimes run, but we're not "made to run": the "endurance running" ideas of human evolution (e.g. Lieberman) are outdated and anthropocentric (just so): regular running is secondary and late in human evolution, google e.g.
    "Coastal Dispersal of Pleistocene Homo 2018 biology vs anthropocentrism".

  27. Ok I’m not judging or trying to be mean and shit down this thing but the horse Leo was way to under weight like if your on my side

  28. An average horse weighs around 1500 lb, and an average rider say 150 lbs, so the humans should be made to carry an animal weighing around 15 lbs on their shoulders to call this a fair race.

  29. Fun video, but (in my opinion) the sections of cement need to be removed. Horses with shoes on vs cement = ice skates. The horse's times would of been even less. They can't extend their trot, or do a proper gate, on cement easily (plus it's dangerous.) Also, breed and training strongly influence outcome. During an endurance ride, we wouldn't hesitate to "trot" (like a human jog) for hours (more than the few hours this race was!) and never even gave it a thought. Pure bliss. Lots of good info out there ( I'll give the horses my vote 🙂 Of course 😉 Ps, Endurance GB looks incredible!

  30. Fun fact we wouldn't be able to even win in this because wolves are actually very good endurance runners and they are known to migrate a lot or just catch prey by tiring it by running for 30 km without getting tired so i don't i think we even stand a chance in this event.

  31. 6:50 Dog says "Never thought about letting man's best friend in on the race."
    A sled dog team against an iceland pony might be interesting.

  32. wait wait wait….those horses have humans on them!
    that's quite an unfair advantage for the humans… about making the humans carry a heavy load as well?

  33. WTF is up with psycho animal lovers that say that humans Will die at every cost by any animal. You see that your ancestors will not be proud of you for saying that. They got killed and slauthered by these same animals that you call cute. You say that a tiger is fluffy but If you were locked in a cage with a angry tiger and a gun, you will not even think about how cute he is, you are going to shoot that thing in the head with no remorse at ALL.

  34. They’re just trotting the horses I would’ve put the horse in a canter or gallop to catch up then have a slow canter and when a horse gallops a horse will just be like a f1 to a mopehead in speed

  35. Also here’s the thing,we’re not predators,and we’re to post be more on the herbivorous side.Even herbivores eat meat people don’t realize,but mainly in dire situations,or they just never get the chance to,and store up on the majority of plants they eat.They could continuously eat meat,but for health sake,their plant diet overweighs their tiny meat/bone diet.Same thing goes for humans(even the ones who forget we’re mere animals),just because we can eat meat,doesn’t mean we should as much as we do today,maybe only a few days,week,or a month a year probably.Plus,we’re not gonna have enough time to evolve more omnivorous,and it’s too late to all go vegan bc of that “human superiority”,and we have too many damn people on this planet to change,7.7 billion to almost exact.So keep eating mainly meat,becoming a vegan,or just chill around with both bc at the end of the day,it doesn’t matter.U can blame your ancestors,and your existence to the downfall of the planet.I just really hope when extinction comes back around again,which will most likey be world wide,humans(including me of course)don’t try to make a big ship or some shit to get away from the problem we started.

  36. Did you know, Native Americans would do everything on foot before the Spanish would bring horses? Even one of the Spaniards who'd just seen an Apache for thr first time said, "These people have the greatest physique I've ever seen in my journeys." Without horses, the native Americans were extreamly fit people.

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