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(bright music) – Hi everyone I’m Alyssa Chronowski. – I’m Lauren Swartz. – And we are heading to the Capital Area Humane Society today. We are taking a break off
practicing volley ball and we’re going to go do
something that we love to do in our free time. We both have huge hearts for animals and we thoroughly enjoy
ourselves while we’re there too, and we love socializing with
the puppies and kittens, walking dogs and spending
time with the cats. We kind of planned it
out last Spring and then we did our training this summer. We have gone as many times
as possible for sure. – Yeah every chance we get we like to go. It’s a nice break after
practice or after a lift just go and hang out with all the animals. Good time. – One of our main goals of
going to the Humane Society is to love on a bunch of
animals but hopefully inspire Kathy and George to get a dog or a cat. As for our team we graduated
seven seniors last year and most of them were starters. So Michigan State volley ball
is going to have a new look this year but a good
luck and that’s for sure. Our freshman have been
came in a few weeks ago and they look good and the
rest of us kind of oldies have been working really hard
all through Spring to form new relationships and create
a system that we think is going to be really
successful in the big ten. – Is this our exit? Next one. – Thank you. – [Both] We’re here. (laughter) – [Lauren] I love it. Well the first thing we like
to do here is see if there’s any FIV cats which mean
it’s like HIV in humans so it just means that the
cats get diseases easily so we have to pet them first. So we wash our hands before then and then we see if there’s
any of those cats here. So let’s go. – They’ll normally have a
little sign on their thing but if not we’ll move into the next stall with puppies and kittens. (cat mewing) – Hi yes okay I’ll play with you. – We’ve seen this one before. We normally pick the ones
that are scaling like the entire crate or something like that or are crying because it’s hard to ignore. Hi bud. (bright music) – It’s really important to
interact with all these animals before get homes so they are
socialized and they can better adjust to their homes
when they get adopted so they’re not as scared
with all the new people that they’re around in
the new environment. – Next we’ll probably go to
the dogs and walk some dogs. We normally check if
there’s any ones that like to be active or like to run. We’ll take him. – This is Storm I forget how old she is, but she’s a cutie pie. When she first got here
she was really scared and we tried to go in her
crate she didn’t really want to be petted she was hiding a lot, but now she’s super friendly. Super excited we’re
going to go for a walk. Let’s go. She’s been here a couple of weeks now. Usually our favorite dogs
get adopted really quickly which is sad for us but good for them. She’s all tired out. – Obviously they love
getting outside but I think you definitely see a different
part of their personality. They’re different being in
there and then when they’re out here they’re normally
calm and super friendly. So we love kind of building relationships for their stay here, but
it’s definitely nice to see them out because they’re
different, a good different. You chilling? (dogs barking) – You guys look good. – Take a picture that will
melt Kathy’s heart and Jerry’s. – Sent it to Kathy. Storm hopes you had a good day recruiting. – We had a great day here at
Capital Area Humane Society. We so much enjoyed loving
on some of the animals here. Now we’re going to head back to practice. See you guys later. – Bye. (deep bass music)

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