I Am Rackham: Charles Senteio, Ph.D. Candidate, Information

[background music] Charles Senteio: I’m Charles Senteio. I’m
a Rackham graduate student studying health informatics. My work centers around improving
chronic care health outcomes. Part of the reason why I was really enthused to come back
to Ann Arbor as a student again is that I was familiar with the place. I’d been back
here. I had done my best to support the University and its environment, and I knew that I would
be a part of that rich network again as a student. I found that to be extremely rewarding. Being a Rackham student has afforded me the
very easy access where I can very easily move between these disciplines and almost not even
notice that there are divisions between them. I’m a Rackham Merit Fellow, which has made
my doctoral experience extremely enriching. Thank you. I’m very proud to say that I am

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