100 thoughts on “i-D Meets: Tyler, The Creator and Mikey Alfred (Illegal Civilization)

  1. He's right…. and golf is just like the necktie bullshit. you hit a little ball..then go look for it…like…just stop hitting the ball, it's pointless.. It's like a game to make rich fat white people…walk around a lot, lol.

    Basket ball, now that's a sport…And even Baseball has the fact that…. it's not about strength or height, you just need to memorize the rules and.. run on time. So it's something most people can play…that's what it became.

    And yes, it is said to keep one's mind young (forever changing) because when you act like a old person, you generally don't want to learn anything new, you just want to rest or complain, Keep your mind young!

  2. "Golf Wang kids have some type of hidden talent" then proceeds to spit terrible freestyle. Love him though

  3. I love Tyler so fucking much. Also I love how they included Aramis and Ash and Cavi in the interview and how they actually are about to work together 😀

  4. I wonder if there's ever gonna be an interview that addresses the fact that tyler used to be on some emo shit and then he totally switched up lol

  5. @0:33 Nigga that fucking lateral!!

    Also theres is wayyy to many side clips that need explaining lmao.. Like I'm more curious about that half a second random thing than the actual interview.

  6. Audio guy needs to get fired yo! The dialogue is quiet as fuck so I turn my speakers up then this nigga ups the audio two fold for music, like it's not that hard bruh.

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