I guess I’m a Marxist too!

show yes poverty in the United States and racism
and segregation the result I love President Obama been a marxist I don’t think I’m misrepresenting my guests position I’m I may be um I’m at the Garrick back to dig a little
deeper into this and trying to figure out what because I i still am a bit confused but Carl in Milford Massachusetts a car you have some thoughts on this are you
yes I do I’m so I’m a longtime marxist the I’m in my
seventies out a stereo marxism I’m your heart yeah okay campaign and I don’t recognize anything that the that very gentlemen said about remarks yeah a marx’s marxism is study Karl Marx want yes and he had no and analysis a capitalist society that is been pretty
good yeah I think his critique of capitalism
that you can read and ice cap it all was accurate actually wanna most
accurate analysis if above families free market
capitalism it’s ever been done I disagree with some of the solutions
but I think that his analysis was spot on well that’s what I’m very curious about
the the criticism are silly had the
solutions and I have yet to find him predicting or care prescribing any time to the social a organization I don’t see I don’t believe that anyone and her
current active countries calling themselves communists
a marxist I don’t take care yeah their heavy trash it I’m heavy I’m
assuming you have to have read the cob the Communist Manifesto by Marx and
Engels yes I hear I mean this is relatively
fast rate is only thirty forty pages and it’s a clear political call to
action I mean it reads like like a a you know above a barnstorming
fist pumpin speech oh absolutely and that’s what it was but
it certainly didn’t prescribe any kind over a social relations after the there might
be a dinner pollution it was pretty explicitly calling on on the the proletariat to rise up rise
up yes down yet but that let’s just that’s
just too the get them in involved and in the
political process which is not really what he wanted anyway I meet he was
pretty much a the prevents that that the crew members of our society
wasn’t going to allow a communist takeover Shiro okay soaking
wet what but beyond that he didn’t describe
how we would had actually live in society and and almost like that he certainly had
nothing to say about using a in certain underdogs as as a vehicle you know i mean we all wish that the in
the sixties that the war had been a vanguard for some kind of change and that black people in that 6 you know
whatever suppress oppressed group areas we hope that they
would be a band are just some kind of change but it has nothing to do with a a a clear-cut social plan for how we’re going to
organize everybody I mean that’s absolutely absurd yeah okay I you know your die a as a marxist
iight I defer to your judgment I’ve you know
I’ve by red marks 30 years ago and I’ve and I i I have a vague familiarity with marx’s radio sorry I cannot cited
chapter and verse I’m guessing you can what well no I can’t speak with these
very difficult read but yeah that’s why I’m commentary become very
are now a on social relations as far as a have how it some ideal society might
have been in the past for example they were very rigid near Chorley Indians but
he had a golden bird about them here’s a from a society as an example
are primitive communism but it certainly wasn’t a
distraction I wish they’d like Uruguay Marx wrote about the iroquois OS well angles didn’t have marks probably
read about it okay about when did in where did angles right about the
iroquois I’d love to read that a I will I wish they give you the exact work very well as in a believe in in one
about he it talks about early economic hymns he talks about the for you know I’m sorry I can’t care
yachts are that’s right that’s right you know I’m so beat the
heat like this an example so not really don’t want not that Carl
as as a marxist what would your prescription be for our
society I a low actually five if I can preface
this by by just laying out mine I think that the great society was just
half done I think that if we were to really really
genuinely strengthen our school system and provide free education all the way
up to a PhD or MD to everybody regardless of poverty and
regardless of race make sure that everybody gets a good
education if we were to provide a basic social safety net so that even people in poverty can live
at the bottom of the middle class as it were I and not have to be in continual stress
and panic about whether they’re going to make it through the next day if I or the next week if we can provide
a good health care system for everybody so people don’t are afraid that if they get sick they’re
gonna lose everything they have now I’m if we could provide an
opportunity to participate in some form of love I love economic intercourse whether it’s I you know
owning a small business or whether it’s creating a cooperative or joining a
cooperative I that guy starting something like that
all of those things are going to take a lot of moaning a lot
effort and if we did that collectively as a society through our government I think it was it was specifically
targeting people who love poverty and that’s
mostly why people in places like for West Virginia and people of color in
those places where poverty equals collar then I think we might be able to come
out of this stuff and I think that that’s what lyndon johnson started doing
I’m do you think I’m right and I as a oh
absolutely remarks I agree there if progress it’s one step at a time I
we’re not gonna have a utopia ever probably but we certainly can work towards a
better society and as a march if I know that we do you have the power to do that and
that the our relationships to our a productive system in this country is a fascist state yeah I was the
capitalist do control the congress they do control
local governments a great degree right which is literally the definition
fascist not talking about a democracy here we’re talking about fashion staff I agree with you call many Carl I got we
got a getting a break here but I thank you for the call I me I guess I’ll marx’s to p surface
but the thank you for the call thank you for the
information I’m telling you we have the smartest listeners on early I am so proud to hang out with
you all

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