‘I have a plan.’ Tate Reeves lays out his goals for Mississippi teacher pay raises

‘I have a plan.’ Tate Reeves lays out his goals for Mississippi teacher pay raises

As governor, I want you to know
that I’ll support our teachers, I’ll invest in education. And we’ll continue to reform our
schools so that students come first. And this isn’t some vague promise
like the other side may be offering, I’ve got a plan. I’ve got a timetable. We’ve crunched the numbers and
determined exactly how we can ensure that our teachers make much
more in the coming years. Now we’ve been able to do some teacher pay
raises over the years, but not as much or as often as I would have liked. We do know that there’s not a teacher
in this state that makes, what he or she is worth. Now that our fiscal house is in order,
it’s time to get this done. My plan calls for us to raise teacher pay
to the Southern Regional Educational Board average within my first
two years in office. And my plan has us reach the southeastern
regional average within my first term. That would be a bold step towards
ensuring that our teachers get what they’ve earned and
it’s just the first of many steps. We need to invest also in early education. It’s a program that I have
championed since taking office, and that won’t stop now. I’m calling for continued major
investments in our early learning collaboratives to help Mississippi’s
youngest citizens get access to preschool. That’s my plan, and that’s my
commitment to Mississippi’s educators, to Mississippi’s parents, and
to Mississippi’s students. And together I know that we can address
every challenge in our educational system and help Mississippi next
generation to thrive. When I make a commitment, I keep it. And I I’m committed to getting
this done for our teachers, for our parents and most importantly, for the kids across Mississippi who
these teachers love dearly. [BLANK_AUDIO] And who we are counting on for
future workforce in Mississippi. And when the people that we are counting
on to help grow our economy long term. Thank you. God bless these folks
standing with me today, God bless all of our
educators across Mississippi. And may God bless the great
state of Mississippi.

3 thoughts on “‘I have a plan.’ Tate Reeves lays out his goals for Mississippi teacher pay raises

  1. We support the Republican party even when we know they aren't quite telling the truth. Forgot the state support the team

  2. This scumbag represents the same policies that keep Mississippi in a squalor-like condition. One of the poorest states in the country. First in teenage pregnancies. Last in education. First in obesity. Businesses refuse to come here because of archaic policies. The capital's infrastructure is in shambles, but this pathetic son of a bitch brags about getting "In God We Trust" put on a license plate 🤣 Plus, Tate Reeves is against raising wages for teachers (big shock) and used tax-payer money to build a road to his gated community. That's not all the swampy things he has done. Just look it up. His cup runneth over.

    Vote for Jim Hood. He's not perfect, but he's nowhere near as worthless as Tate Reeves. It's not about party. It's about what's right for the state. To move forward.

    And if Jim Hood doesn't do a good job … vote him the hell out too … But give him a chance. The old way has not been working.

  3. Elect Tate Reeves For Governor, I'm from Florida, let's send a strong message to Nancy Pelosi. We just put a new Republican governor in office along with a new Republican Senate seat.

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