I Joined a Cult – the World Mission Society church of God

I Joined a Cult – the World Mission Society church of God

Hey guys, it’s Chrissy and welcome to
Chrissy’s corner. Today we have a special guest. Her name is Sonia, she’s 22, from
Michigan and she’s here to talk to us about her experience with joining a cult
called the World Mission Society Church of God. Okay guys, so I have Sonia here
with me. How are you doing today? I’m doing very well thank you. I’m happy to be here. How are you? I am doing good. We’re glad to have you on here and that you
are willing to talk to us about your experience with what went on joining
that religious group. Can you tell us all a little bit about yourself. Yeah so my
name is Sonia I’m 22 and I live in the Detroit area. I grew up Catholic, I’m one
of five kids and my family we went to church every Sunday, we celebrated all
the holidays, we’d pray the rosary as a family. At times and like prayed before
every meal and Catholic faith was a big part of my life.
However I do identify as an atheist and there are a lot of things that led
up to that. And part of the journey to becoming atheist was I did join, what I
would consider, a religious cult called the World Mission Society Church of God.
And that particular part of my journey is what I want to share with you all.
Yeah, we’re super excited to hear from you about your experience. Can you tell
us about how this all began? How you joined this cult or how you came into contact
with it? My first encounter with them was my freshman year of college. I was
attending the University of Oklahoma and I was on my way to the dining hall and
these two women approached me and asked if I wanted to join a Bible study and
they said they were from the Church of God. So I’m like sure. It seemed like just
like a normal Christian Bible study. Like the church of god just sounds like maybe a denomination or the name of a church I
hadn’t heard before. They basically took my number so they can text me and set up a time of when I’m available to meet with them. And apparently I missed a
number or something, and I didn’t do it on purpose I was like trying to give
them like a fake number just to call them off or whatever, but they
literally ran back when they noticed that I put my numbering wrong or I only
entered nine digits. And they asked me just to like, you know…
They wanted to be sure that they got the right information. Yeah, which at the time
it seemed kind of normal. but looking back i think just how persisted or insistent they were and attention to detail it… I
think it is a little bit of a red sign now that I’m thinking back. So the
following week I I met them at the library.
We had a Bible study. Yeah they sound like… If I heard if I heard that cult
name, the World Mission Society Church of God, I would automatically
think it’s a break off of Christianity. It’s some sort of group of
Christianity so I can see why you thought that because that makes sense. It
says that in the name but it was very different than what you expected. What
was… what was the Bible study like? The whole format, it was basically me and one
of the women that I met who asked if I wanted to join the Bible study. Where
usually the Bible studies I was a part of in the past, it was it was like an
entire group where we would study together and there’d be one person
leading it and we’d just go through some Scripture together and we try to figure
out what God was trying to tell us and try to apply it to our own individual
lives. And it was always just kind of empowering and a way to be mindful in
our own lives and that sort of thing. Where this, it felt like I was in Sunday
school and I was five years old and I was just being preached at the whole
time.What I would consider very radical beliefs that I had never heard before.
For example, they said that it was sinful to celebrate Christmas, sinful to
celebrate Easter and a lot of different holidays that most Christians celebrate.
Why is that? So their view is that a lot of these mainstream Christian holidays
that we celebrate were originally pagan holidays that we basically stole, to an
extent, and are instead worshiping our own God. So for example, Easter derives from
the from the word Esther who is the goddess of fertility and spring. Even
though we’re celebrating the resurrection of Jesus there are a lot of
spring themes and that sort of incorporated into that holiday. So ultimately they think it is the holiday that has taken origins and the Book of
Isaiah condemns that. When Isaiah was a prophet, he was preaching to the Jews at
the time who were worshipping God Jehovah on pagan holidays and basically
saying it doesn’t matter what who you’re celebrating and what you’re
worshipping on those days. If it’s origin is and the date is itself as a pagan
holiday, it is still sinful. And Christmas was… was a holiday to worship
the Sun God originally. So it didn’t matter at all your actual like the
actual reasoning of why people do it because it started this way… It’s… for
this cult it’s not okay. Yes and even to further to go on that, they said it
was sinful to practice our faith on Sunday or to go to church on Sunday. See
that… that’s really interesting because that’s what most people meet or tend to
me, I should say, is on Sundays. Instead the people of the Church of God would
celebrate the Sabbath. Which is on Saturday. Which they felt that that’s
what Jesus taught so why is it that we changed it? And when you go back in
history, Emperor Constantine implemented a law that all Christians and all Romans
need to celebrate on Sunday itself just to kind of make the culture more unified
because that that was the Roman day of worship. And now we justify it like what
Jesus raised from the dead on Sunday, but that wasn’t really the main reason of
why we switched over to Sunday. Sounds like they’re really they really go into depth
about like the Bible and what they think about it. And like the little tiny
aspects that people really miss. Is that kind of how they are? They’re very
particular and very precise. Like there is only one way to worship God and it
has to be exactly the way the Bible said. Okay so how was the energy of that Bible study?
Because I imagine sitting there and being talked at like your child wasn’t,
you know, the ideal thing and it didn’t make you feel very good. Yeah, I guess in
addition to that some of the questions she would asks at the beginning we’re
very manipulative just to pry my thinking, maybe to question my own beliefs. For example, she’d ask ‘if God were walking
among us today, the way Jesus did 2,000 years ago, would you be able to recognize
him?’ It just kind of makes you think like… that’s not an easy question to
answer. Or she went through a parable with me. Like the weeds and the wheat.
If you’re a Christian I think you know what I’m talking about.
But basically Jesus said a parable where a farmer sewed a field of wheat and while
he was sleeping Satan sowed seeds of weeds into the same crop. When they both
started to grow they both look very similar basically. You couldn’t really
tell which one was weeds and which one was wheat at first. Jesus said the
kingdom of heaven is like this. So she was kind of Prying my thinking that all
churches may look the same but there’s actually some major differences. There’s
a major difference between meat and weeds and wheat even though they may
look very similar. And she even showed me a picture of which one is a weed and which
one is a stem of wheat and I couldn’t even tell and she kind of told me but… it
kind of implies that there are false prophets out there and I’m gonna help
you navigate through which ones are true and which ones are false. So it had kind
of like this thing of let me make you question what you already think you
believed and then let me help you? Yes. That’s exactly what it felt like. So I I
left very confused and very emotionally drained but how I cope with that
negative emotion was that well, I’m not on this journey, this faith journey, to
find some warm and fuzzy philosophy. I want to really find out what is true.
So I just decided to keep going to the studies even though it made me
uncomfortable, just to kind of get a holistic view of what this faith really
is and make my informed decision based on that. So when did you start actually
attending the church services? So strangely enough, the first Bible study I
went to was a week before Christmas break and my whole Christmas break is
like a whole month. So I’ll say that she was super disappointed that break was
next week and that we couldn’t meet sooner, like she was afraid that I just forget
about this and not have another Bible study or something.
But she sort of kept tabs on me throughout the entire break a little bit
and would kind of send me links sometimes. Sometimes I’d read them
sometimes like… my mind wasn’t really focused on the cult whatsoever but after
after break I did meet her again for another Bible study because I was still
just interested in learning more about this faith. And it was probably two weeks
after break that I went to the first church service. So what was that like
what was it like to actually attend those church services? Right off the bat, what was very different was all the men would sit on one side of the
congregation and all the women would sit on the other. And it was required for the
women to cover their heads during service. So we’d have all these like all
the women wear like white veils and like I was wearing… even though I didn’t have
one, like someone loaned me one (oh, did they?) yeah I guess somewhere,
and I think it’s in Corinthians somewhere, the Apostle Paul basically
said that women need to cover their heads for modesty when they’re
worshiping and in prayer and stuff. So they took that literally. Did you think
it was weird when you went in and you just saw everybody like… males on one
side and females on the other? It was a little weird. For sure. Like I still don’t
know why they do that. That… that’s different. That’s really different. And
then the service itself it just felt like a very large group Bible study.
Usually sermons are…. they’ll talk about Scripture but they’re also supposed to
be a little bit inspirational and teach you how to live your life. Where there’s
none of that. They see the Bible as just a book of prophecy. Which is how you’re
supposed to interpret it in their eyes. In this third and final age which I’ll
I’ll get on to that later. Again, it just it was just that feeling…. Like this
cognitive dissonance I’ll say of just so different from what I grew up
believing. It was it was just a very stressful circumstances when everything
that you used to know to be true and actually still means a lot to you and it
gives a lot of meaning to your life, is completely false. Did you keep going
because they would ask you those questions like from the Bible study
that would make you question your own current beliefs and then say it I can
help you…. Like is that kind of why you kept going to like those meetings? Because you were just trying to figure out really what was true and what
wasn’t? Yeah, I was I was taking a very objective approach to truth instead of
this feels good therefore it’s true. I wanted to avoid that as much as possible
and just basically be honest. (“and you didn’t…) So that’s why I kept going. And you didn’t really care like if it seemed like negative or positive. It was just, you just wanted the truth from
it. That’s all you wanted? Yeah, like me as an individual I can’t control if what is
true feels good or not. And I think a lot of people associated truth with what
feels good. To me that was a very flawed sense of reasoning. So that’s why I kept
going. I couldn’t think of a reason not to and I kept trying to find excuses of
like this can’t make sense because of this or I kept trying to find gaps and
their sense of reasoning. (yeah) and I just couldn’t. The only way that I was able to
find any kind of gap was either God isn’t true or the Bible isn’t true. And I
guess personally, I wasn’t really willing to go there yet. Which, eventually I did
start questioning that a little later. I think as human beings just in general
like we want to find the truth. And I think that’s a very logical way of
thinking and being truthful with yourself and saying: okay, truth doesn’t
mean that it’s always positive, It can be negative to. And so I think that’s very
appliable to lots of different people because people want the truth. so as you
started attending these meetings, what were some of the beliefs that you picked
up on that weren’t in the normality of Christianity? They believe there is both a god the father and god the mother. And they
back the scripture with the book of Genesis when it says that men and women
we’re created in the image of God. So and if man is created of the image of
God, women must be as well. So there must be a woman version. In addition in the
the book of Genesis, God often refers himself as us or our. So it kind of
begs the question is like why is he addressing him in this way? Or there
there’s a parable in the New Testament, it talks about a bridegroom and there’s a
celebration at a wedding. So they asked a question like where’s the bride? She’s
implied, but where is she? Basically how these Bible studies go, these teachings go… they take a verse in one chapter. Then they’ll like go all the way to another book, maybe in the New Testament, and pick out a verse there and then go back to the Old
Testament. So they do really cherry pick (like a cross reference) a lot of beliefs and really
kind of put them together in a very very complicated ways. And in addition to God
the Father… So there’s God the Father, God the Son
God the Holy Spirit. They do believe in the Trinity. But they believe that
each aspect of the Trinity has a different age. There was the age of God
the Father, then there was then Jesus Christ, started the age of the son and in
this day and age started the age of the Holy Spirit around the 1950s or so. And
they believe that the Holy Spirit came to earth and the flesh in South Korea at
some point in the 50s. And the Church of God worships him at the same level as
Jesus Christ and god the father. And partially in order to be saved, you have
to you have to believe and worship we pray to him as well. Which that’s a
very strange concept to wrap your brain (yah that’s very different ) around. So do
they believe like us right now like we’re still in that age? Yes and this is the
last day. This is the last age before the rapture. And another belief was that we
have sinned in heaven. Like we had we had a past life in heaven and there
there was a war between Satan and God. Where Satan tried to take the throne. And we, as people, took the side of Satan and fought the war on Satan’s side. So god condemned us to earth as punishment and it’s up to us to make up
for the sins we committed in heaven. So everybody on the planet right now,
with their belief… everyone on the planet. There are angels in heaven. Like we were angels. There are
other angels in heaven that were on God’s side and they’re still in heaven
and we would still be there too if we hadn’t Sinned against him. That’s extremely
different from Christianity. Yes. Very different. So like with that view,
did they… like how did they view hardships in life? Would they view it as
you deserve it because you chose the devil, you fought for the devil? Basically, so
it was very guilt trippy and I think part of the reason why they justified
that a lot of people don’t really know this truth, and a lot of people would
ultimately be ending up in hell, as well we kind of deserve it anyway. So I think
that was a way for people to just kind of justify the fact that most of their
family might be going to hell or most of their friends because very few people do
believe this particular faith. That was a very hard concept for me to wrap my head
around because I knew for sure my parents were very devout and all my
siblings and that they would not really accept these beliefs. But during the time
like when they were teaching you everything it just made sense and you
couldn’t really figure out a way around what they were saying? Cuz for me when I
hear like okay man’s created and God’s image. Okay God’s like a man and then
it’s like when you are saying well there has to be a woman too because who are
the woman created after? Another thing, like women give life,
women give birth, so our life can’t actually come from God the Father who is
a man. Yeah. Like that that’s a strange concept but I can see how that would
make sense. Yes, basically and I guess the way they backed it in Scripture was very… Seemed convincing to me. Like I’m Catholic. A lot of the believers there were… a lot
of them were originally Catholic and converted. Like you didn’t see very many
protestants (that’s interesting) or people of other faiths. Which I thought was kind of interesting. (yeah) so… I don’t know. (that’s really interesting) so they also believe that 144,000 go to heaven and are saved. It
says that in the book of Revelation somewhere. Then God takes the mercy on a few other souls that are outside the 144,000. Like… who
aren’t as good but are kind of closer and those people are considered to be a
part of the grand multitude, which the grand multitude also goes to heaven and
then there is everyone else who is just kind of doomed. Basically to get to heaven,
like you had to work really, really, really hard. That’s a lot of people who are just doomed. Yes, as scripture says, the lake of.. you end up in the lake of fire.
(Yeah) That’s hell. No big deal. Just the rest of the world. Yes, it’s a very fear based faith. So what do you need to
do in order to be saved according to this belief? First of all, you have to be…
have a valid baptism. You have to be baptized in the name. That’s key. Of the
father and the son and the Holy Spirit. The name of God the Father is Jehovah,
God the Son is Jesus obviously and the Holy Spirit his name is Christ Ahn Sahng-hong. Since he was born in South Korea, that was his name. I actually was re-baptized at one point and they re- baptized me in the name of God the
Father Jehovah, God the Son Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit
Christ Ahn Sahng-hong. Can you tell us the backstory behind you deciding to be
baptized? So this was definitely a part of their manipulation. I literally broke
down crying in one of the services at one point, basically just fearing my
family and all my friends fate. I wasn’t completely convinced that this was the
truth at that point but my fear that it was true. Sarah her name is, or I’ll say
her name is Sarah, the person who was doing all the Bible studies with me and
spending a lot of time and just trying to teach me about the faith. She kind of
took me outside and she just kind of just asked what’s wrong, covered me and she just said something along the lines of not letting your family get in the way
of your biggest opportunity. Which is eternal life. And she did it as a way to
try to be comforted… comforting. At that moment I was feeling really emotional (vulnerable) it was kind of a way of love… she was kind of loved bombing me a little bit too.
And then that moment of when I was really vulnerable I decided okay
I’ll be baptized. Immediately after that she went to the pastor, and she’s like
all right we need a baptism. And then they threw it together, like just like right then and there ( just same day?) Yah (just right then?) right then. Which i think is an interesting
concept because that doesn’t give you time to really think about it, you know?
You were in a vulnerable state and feeling very emotional about, you know,
what’s happening or what could happen. They kind of took advantage of that
opportunity and just… hey let’s get you baptized! Right here, right now. Yeah and… Sarah I don’t see her as a bad person. Now looking back I just see her
as so brainwashed and I really hope she gets out. She is a very kind individual
and I’m not trying to bash her any way. I really think she was trying to do
what she thought was best for me so… Yeah and a lot of people in cults don’t
really recognize that they are in one. And for them, maybe they’re just
recognizing, you know, this person needs my help with this because this is the
one true belief, so they’re trying to help you but they don’t necessarily
realize kind of the tactics that they’re taught to bring these people in. So what
other things do you need to do in order to be saved? There’s a total of seven
feasts that you need to keep. There’s the Passover, which is receiving the body and
blood of Christ. Which is only done once each year. The Catholic Church does it
every week as well as the Mormon Church or a lot of the other Christians who
only do it once a month, that’s wrong. It has to be done once a year on Passover.
There’s the Sabbath which was worshipping on Saturday. And then there’s
like five others, which I… since I was only in the group for three months, I
didn’t ever really learn about the other ones. I know there was a Feast of
Tabernacles and I asked that during one of my Bible studies. So I’m like so what is
this feast? And they’re like Oh

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    P.s. the bride is the church (us)

  34. The World Mission Society Church of God is also known as the WMSCOG the We LoveU Foundation and Church of God University Student Volunteers ASEZ. Strange how this group likes to conceal who they are through charity and Blood Drive Events?!!!!

  35. I was approached by these people at WalMart! Can you believe that?!? Anyways, after trying to have a conversation with them, they wouldn’t let you speak. As a Christian (Protestant), they love to cherry pick verses and take verses out of context. Feel bad for this lady and her experience but hope she can take some time away and read the Bible on her own and come to the understanding of Scripture.

  36. Omg I literally just had a conversation with a girl who tried to recruit me to this just like 2hrs ago. Happy for the internet lol.

  37. Literally everything she’s saying just happened to me, yesterday I was on campus and approached by a girl, asked if I was aware of God the Mother. She pointed out some scripture and asked if I was familiar with the Bible, to which I said yes and she replied with “are you Catholic?” We talked some more and she explained the concept of God the mother by mentioning those SAME scriptures in Genesis about “our image”, etc. She got my number and asked me to call her right away, and we planned to meet today. I mentioned that I’d recently been longing to go to mass and she inspired me to attend a mass today before we met, she discouraged me nicely, I don’t remember what she said (I went to a mass anyway). Today when we met she reviewed the importance of Passover, the way Christians have been spinning against God but worshipping on Sunday, and continued to try to get me to go to bible studies tomorrow again. Orientations are going on my campus at this time also, it’s a transition time. I’m so glad I found this video! I’ll be notifying the police. Thank you

  38. You must based to the bible of what was written . Not based on the human tradition. Just read for u to understand more about the prophecies of church of God. U cant understand it if u dont try to study the words of God step by step .You'rewasting your time to spread false news. Godblessyou all.. and God will judge u at the end for what you are saying againts him. 🙂 I just want to share something that this nowadays.. we are in the age of the holy spirit. Jesus christ 2000 years ago in the name of God the son. He also persecute because he was a human too like us.. and they never believe to him but instead, they crucify him those criminals in the cross. Same nowadays in ourlives.. the holyspirit will persecute too of what people did to jesus christ 2000 years ago. Few only can believe in Elohim God and those people who belive in him are chosen one. its a prophecy. U must based on the bible.. if you believe to the words of God and not only here in internet that just human made..God is powerful so, we must follow and obey through his words. Godblessyou all. 🤗😊😘

  39. It seems like this people are on something else, with all due respect this cult is honestly brainwashed. I have got stopped 3 times in nyc today about this little group and i got so annoyed to the point that i had to respond rude to one of them to leave me alone. The tactics that this cult uses to get people are really really annoying and its best to just give no response and not feed their energy and walk away. It seems like this cult has no respect for other people's way of thinking and its not the right way to live. Stay safe all of you!

  40. About 3 years when I was 18, I accidentally joined this cult. It was a really rough time in my life and I was just starting college. I live Omaha, and was approached at a local Walmart around 9:30ish at night around Christmas time. Two Latina women approached me and started up a conversation asking if I was believed in God. Then we had a conversation about how God is neither male nor female, something I’ve always believed. We also talked about the Sabbath on Saturday but church is on Sunday. Something I always though was weird. Like I said before, it was a rough year for me. When they asked if I wanted to get baptized that night, I very very naively hopped in their car and drove to the church to get baptized. The church was really nice, a really nice diverse group of young people and families. I’m not catholic, I’m Apostolic, and so churches that I’ve been to, have never really had a lot of artwork or pictures of biblical characters. Upon entering, there were tons of pics of this Korean man depicted as Jesus. I thought it was weird but originally chocked it up just not being used to religious imagery. They gave me bread and a glass of wine, then they put a veil on me and I got baptized by the pastor (a Korean man) in this small room. They also said they needed all of my personal contact info when I was resistant they told me that they needed the info for the Book Of Heaven. When the two ladies drove me back to Walmart, one of them told me not to tell my mom because parents don’t understand the church’s beliefs. So naturally a week later I told my mom I was goin to go to a church service there and she was horrified!!

  41. Galatians 1:8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.
    The only way you can tell the real gospel is that Jesus is God in the flesh and He came from heaven to die on the cross for our sins
    And He rose from the dead on the third day, and went back to heaven and is coming back one day. ( Jesus alone, no one or nothing else, because we are saved by grace NOT works)
    If you believe in your heart that, and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord you will be saved.
    Any other teaching it’s teaching a false Christ.

  42. 😏😏humans were angels and the Holy Spirit was born mmmm really!! That’s not a red flag that’s a ticket to hell shonshangum yourself

  43. They have taken my sister from us. They have her believing we are all demons and to cut ties with us. I pray one day she can see the truth.

  44. Typical story of a Catholic, who is religious and doesn't read or study scripture as the Bible teaches and falls for any false teaching from deceptive cults and sadly now calls herself atheist. You will never be able to discern truth from lies if you do not abide in the Word of God daily. Jesus remember is the Word of God and the bread of life. " GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD" is not meaning just supply of food but his word that we are called to live on. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God

  45. WMSCOG can easily be refuted. It is unfortunate that she was not able to find resources to help her with scriptural proofs. Atheism will not help her escape the reality of her fate. Prayers that she will cling onto Christ (the one who created all things) and paid the penalty of sin on the cross and rose on the third day to give assurance of all of those who believe.

  46. These people are worse than scientologist, monies and jehovahs. They were always at my old school. Tell tell needs to do a vid on them.

  47. So what the people in here that are from the church who left it fell to mention they actually don’t believe in any church now. Reason being because the truth exposes all the lies. More so than that what knowledge and understanding they still have left comes from that same church they persecute. Which is why they won’t go to another church because they know what the other churches are. Also they lead you away from the church just to lead you to nothing. There’s hundreds of denominations they don’t believe the same thing surely those other denominations must be bad right? Example: hey I’m going to a Methodist church . Kool have fun. / Ex : Hey I’m going to a Lutheran church . Kool have fun. Etc etc. Where’s the motivation and energy for all the other churches or all the other churches really 1 in the same secretly? If you look at the Bible logically you can see that in order to know God has to physically show you . That doesn’t change it’s no I think or I felt. Unless you can claim that or the church you go to can claim that you’re wrong. If they claim it they must prove it through the Bible. If they are proving it and it’s correct but than somewhere you have a disconnect not understanding etc. Pray to God and speak up to the one or ones teaching. Don’t let the 1st thing to do is run to ppl who don’t believe or slander.

  48. Currently dealing with this. Thank you Sonya for sharing your experience. I would like to talk to ex members about how they finally got out if possible.

  49. The holidays are questionable and very much so include paganism! But the theory that mother god is supposedly real, well no. And the theory that the 2nd coming of Jesus already happened, well no!! They are literally worshipping Korean human beings as Jesus (The Korean guy died in the 80s) and god the mother. It’s insane. They basically say if you don’t open your mind to this, you’ll end up in hell. Just wow. I’ve been approached three times. But now I argue back because nowhere in the Bible does it talk about god the mother but they insist that it does, it’s how you interpret it. I tell them the same thing, they are interpreting and picking what they want to believe.

  50. Jesus is returning Trumpets 2028. We have to get ready. This message has been known and preached since 2008. Only a little time left.

  51. hay! Chrissy you are just making trap for the peoples who are walking on the way of heaven by making these video for your own selfish motive. go to right way and lead all peoples to right way and may god bless you.

  52. WOW am I glad I looked into this church before I went and visited. My wife was approached by someone from this church today. She was invited to a bible study just like this girl said. My wife told me about it and it sounded good at first until i watched this video. I really hope the young lady in this video finds God and is not 100% lost because of this cult. I would like to just say I know God is real and I have my own proof of his existence. God spoke to me one time in an audible voice and it was the greatest day of my life (this is the part where the heathens can stop reading and start bashing me for saying that). lol. Some of the stuff this cult says is way out there in left field. I think i have some answers to a few confusing issues this young lady had. #1. I believe God is a man based on one simple bible quote. Jesus said the only way to the "FATHER" is thru the son. FATHER is a man so end of story on that one. #2 This one really kills me… She said something about the holy spirit didn't come around until the 1950s (christ ahnsahnghung). The bible proves this is incorrect. It was the holy spirit that came down and conceived a child with Mary…. sooo obviously the spirit was around long before 1950. #3 I have this same problem with Jehova witnesses… There is no way God is only allowing 144,000 people into heaven. Jesus told us what we need to do to be saved. If you are saved you can make it to heaven. I promise you all God is real but beware of any place that tries to trap you until you give in to their beliefs. I wont be attending this place tomorrow whew lol.

  53. You didn't said anything against the church of God, all you said was, "Different teachings " "Hard to understand " and "Cult" that's it… Same words that people tell Jesus…. And the bible says everything will repeat… John 15:20 They're God! That is the truth.

  54. Three girls came up to me yesterday at my apartment. and asked if I wanted to learn about that church. I’m not sure why but I got weird vibes so I said no.

  55. Ex member here. DO NOT give these blokes the time of day. Its a mind control cult. Im still going through therapy.

  56. I am by profession a aircraft maintenance Engineer at Swiss airlines ,I am 26 and single .I know I am going straightforward but I am really in love with you and wanna ask you , will you marry me?

  57. The women sitting on one side and the men on the other. The early church was set up this way, in Orthodox Judaism is the same until this day, the Early church came out of Judaism.

  58. Hello sisters please read Bible carefully genesis chapter 1
    You can understand mystery of bible…. Dont opposed wmcog.

  59. En el juicio verá lo que nunca pudo ver cómo dice la biblia hoy este mundo a lo bueno le dicen malo y a lo malo le dicen bueno repito a la falsedad le dicen verdad y a la verdad falsedad yo sé que ustedes miran a la iglesia de Dios cómo algo extraño nomás porque hablamos sobre Dios madre y si claro que existe Dios Madre y está en esta iglesia pero no todos pueden verla porque ella vino en la carne eso significa que solo atravesó de las escrituras podrás verla y el echo que antes no se escuchó sobre Dios Madre fue porque está gran verdad fue bloqueada cuando comenzó el pecado, ustedes tiene ejemplos antes vuestros ojos pero no ven, explico un mundo sin madre no hay vida, Dios hablo a través de parábolas, el árbol en el jardín del Edén es una parábola Dios madre es la realidad por eso antes nadie supo sobre Dios Madre porque si alguien cree en Dios Madre tendrá vida eterna pero esa verdad avía estado blokeada asta ahora que a llegado el tiempo profético por eso hace 2000 años dijo que quien crea en el tiene vida eterna y lo resultaría en los últimos días, porque en los últimos días porque en los últimos días aparecerá La esposa de el todo poderoso y aparecerán juntos, algo si les Digo a quien no quiere creer aunque vea las evidencias dios les venda los ojos para que no vean asi que se humilde y mantén las puertas abiertas para que recibas la verdad y veas que está es la Zion restaurada que Jesús construyó y acuerdo a Daniel 7 que Constantino destruyó solo en esta iglesia podrás ver las profecías y como el mundo está siendo engañado por las otras religiones

  60. Only WMSCOG. Only follow the Teaching of JESUS. Why we believe heavenly father Christ AHNSAHNGHONG Because we study the Bible. According to prophetical KING DAVID. base only in the BIBLE.. Heavenly JERUSALEM
    Revelation 21:9-10
    Genesis 1:26-27
    Proverbs 6:20-23
    Proverbs 4:1-9
    Galatians 4:26

  61. I hope any of you that have had a bad experience understand that the devil deceives us in many ways. God has sent me to a location in my city twice now trying to reach them with the truth. Sadly the pastor would not hear it. But do not please again I repeat do not think that this is God or Jesus. I find a lot of times quite often people mistake or confuse people for representation of God and forget That just because somebody may say they come in the name are liars for it says many will come in my name preaching false teachings and a false gospel. It’s sad giving believers not so much a bad name as making life harder and making it harder to reach people so if you are one of those who think if this is God I want nothing to do with it NO this it is NOT and God loves you you are the bride groom we are the bride groom and sadly there is just no heavenly mother only but one God who is neither male nor female but love.

  62. Man I’m so thankful to have had the gospel given to me so clearly.
    Jesus and Jesus alone nothing more nothing less. Believe on Jesus and you shall be saved.

  63. Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck:
    Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.1 Timothy chapter 1-19/20
    (Hymenaeus) (Alexander)
    The people who dont know the teaching of god and words of bible 2000 years ago also same case happen jesus is christ but this two members not believe first believe preach also after some time they left the church of God
    Truth is not problem faith is problem
    Iam also member of the church of God
    Long time i learns lots of thing from father and mother even now also learning
    Our truth is perfect
    No metter people lefts zion truth not metter faith matters understand
    God bless you

  64. I was in this church. There were several red flags to me and they happened slowly.

    The first one was how intensely they pushed to not do any research. Not research online, not research in books, not even research in books that they approved of. They insisted that the "teachings" needed to be in a structure, that I had to learn everything in a certain order and at a certain time. I had to do weekly bible studies where they did basically planned lessons, and it felt very similar to everything I knew about scientology and the way it was very structured lessons and you had to do them one by one, and you couldn't go on your own to learn.

    The second one was being told who I shouldn't invite to church. I forgot exactly how it came up in conversation, but I was talking to the sister that first initiated me, let's call her Sister Susan, not her actual name, and I think we were talking about bringing people to salvation and all that and I mentioned a way to get more people was to do what my childhood pastor did, hold events offering free food to bring people in and talk to them. And basically she told me that it would attract an undesirable group of people who weren't really at church for the right reasons, who were basically just there for the free food, who weren't going to be productive members of the church, who weren't going to donate. That was the first thing that made me extremely upset. The fact that she was basically implying that people who were poorer or homeless would be turned away because they weren't going to tithe or "aren't there for the right reasons". I personally found my faith by people extending unconditional kindness to me, so the fact that this church was willing to deny someone else of that because they were "undesirable candidates", it made me feel sick to my stomach.

    The third thing was when I actually did research. The second thing turned me off so much, despite being baptized, despite being in the middle of my teachings, I felt just so angry. I kept asking why they called the holy spirit Ahn Sahng-hong and they were refusing to tell me, they just continued to tell me that they would get to that in my bible studies. I kept asking. I kept getting the same answer. So after I had reached the limit of my patience and frustration, I finally went to google and what I found was the final straw for me. I closed myself off emotionally, I went in and basically was like "So Ahn Sahng-hong is a guy?" And I was met with more complicated explanations and going around in circles and not really giving information again, like, saying a lot and saying nothing at the same time. The thing with me is that I grew up being manipulated by my family my entire life, so once I saw that they were manipulating me, I stopped falling prey to it. I just nodded, listened, and then left. I thought it could be left at that, but it didn't end.

    They kept calling me. Multiple times a day they called me. I couldn't block their numbers because they knew where I lived, so they showed up at my apartment. I had to convince them that I was moving, because I didn't want to get the police involved, but they were showing up so frequently that it was either "pretend to be moving or call the police". At that point, those were my options with the level of harassment that they were giving me by asking why I'm not at church, why I'm going down the path of Satan, why I'm not answering their calls. So I convinced them that my phone stopped working, and I convinced them that I was moving and that I was going to start going to the same church in a different city. They literally called that church, apparently they already knew each other, and told them that I would be there soon.

    Eventually, after hiding and staying low for a while, pretending that I no longer lived there, going quiet and still whenever one of them knocked on the door, and eventually moving for real, they did finally leave me alone. It was one of the scariest six months of my life and I'm always grateful that I actually got out. A lot of the members who were isolated from their family members and are spending tons of money to the guy's wife in Korea, and their entire lives are taken over and controlled by these people, they aren't so lucky and I still hope that they eventually get out.

  65. Join the church of Satan promise you won't deal with all that crazy pedophile and cult shit like you do in all these so called churches of God or shall I say church of dog!!!!!! Hail satan

  66. I am a member and I will forever be. I love this church and they truly saved my life and gave me a purpose. I’m sorry you guys feel that way and I’m not dismissing what you feel in any way. Our church is the kindest and most loving church I’ve ever been to and they explain everything in a way that truly makes sense. Since joining, I have had miracles happen to me that I, myself could only explain by God. For example, I was really sick one sabbath day, I couldnt talk because i lost my voice and it was hard for me to focus because I felt that lousy. I went anyways because the Sabbath is very important to me. After the first service my voice was back and my throat was eased. Throughout the entire day I started to feel better. This wasnt a coincidence because its happened to me more then once. God bless all of you and I hope God comforts you in your time of hardship 💕

  67. At 33:00, she says, "They (the WMSCOG) start out slow and they get to the crazier beliefs later on." She describes this typical method that all cults use in their brainwashing techniques: start out slow, then slowly, step by small step, through careful indoctrination, introduce bizarre beliefs that you would wholeheartedly reject if they told you about them up front…like God is a South Korean female named Jang Gil-Ja that, if you ever meet her, she has to ask you your name because she has no idea who you are. They LITERALLY worship this woman as God.

  68. They are not a cult. These types of videos just scare people. I searched it up and there has been so many police called and so much research have been done on the church. Nothing. No evidence of anything bad going with this church with the many people claiming that there is.

  69. I live next door to one of these "churches" in South Florida, I could tell immediately it was a cult. The women repeatedly tried to bribe me to come to bible studies offering food and games etc. The building they lived in 24/7 were set up like barracks. Bunk beds set up in different buildings by male and female.They celebrated church on Saturdays and the guards at the door were all heavily armed. It was crazy.

  70. These cult people are everywhere
    I live in San Diego Ca and ever since 6 year ago in different times throughout I have been approached by these people and been invited to study the Bible or joint they in service but Moo I’m Good

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