I was sponsored by Square Enix to wreak havoc upon society in Just Cause 4

I was sponsored by Square Enix to wreak havoc upon society in Just Cause 4

So in case you can’t tell from the title This video is actually sponsored by Square Enix The gave me early access to Just Cause 4 which isn’t releasing until December 4th a lot of people have asked me to play a game In the Just Cause series on the channel So I thought this would be a good way to jump on in and I genuinely had a lot of fun playing I’m probably gonna revisit the series at some point Outside of all this so if you’re interested, there’s a link in the description to pick up the game This is the first of two videos I’m uploading from the session where I got the client and all the highlights I had should be noted that I’m playing a special Pre-release build of the game that gives me essentially every unlocking Supply Drop you don’t actually start the game with the ability to spawn cargo planes on people because that might be too much power they have and special thanks again to square for actually doing this. Oh hang on I need some new ground Amazon prime delivery, you know, they’re just too fast coming in Okay, so that–that one is spawned on top of the other plane Okay, so yeah that that came in as intended so this one yeah, no, that’s my that’s my third plane that one I got there That one’s having a bit of difficult Okay, so it just go up here I’m still getting the hang of this. It’s nothing. Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk all this Okay, so I just got to get in now Okay, so this should speed up the journey so we just gotta Maintain control of the vehicle once we get back on the road we should okay. I know I think we’re making progress Ay see I’ll cover in the distance quickly here It’s just like the Batmobile Driving the left on Ireland. I think they’re all gonna swear first. So if I just keep going like high-velocity, Oh this is cutting it close So this guy’s literally just wants me to drive in the turf ante Yeah, no problem, I just got to like make it out alive Oh I should probably be careful like Oh my. How is he still flying? Like Jesus Christ he’s close to it. Oh my supply drop got caught by the tornado. Is that gonna be able to settle at all if it’s Okay, then It’s so cool that you can just like ride it up I mean like it all of his ribs are probably cracked at this point from the force being exerted upon his body Get a quick drop here Only need one today, I’m not gonna go too crazy. That guy’s about to die Right now take off is actually gonna be pretty bad because I parked literally between like tall buildings I shoulda started somewhere better Okay, all right, let’s let’s go out into like the woods or something Oh no, he’s injured I’m kind of realizing now maybe a jungle for like a clear open field to spawn a cargo plane Wasn’t my brightest idea? Oh god it’s coming So all of our supply contacts are out of action after we spawn like six boats in the desert But we still have one cargo jet. God Oh my god, there’s a weight behind the ship. Okay. I mean I did something right I’m proud of that I need something small enough. Let’s get this in and hopefully Hopefully at hold. So we’re gonna have to get on this like really Okay, wait wait. I gotta get on I gotta get on So hang on my boulders getting away I I gotta get on. Okay the boot the first booster this activated. Oh god Where’d it go? Where’d it go? I gotta get on. Oh my god. It’s making it to the highway. Okay. Wait, no after him. I need this car. I Need this car oh My god move. Oh, no, it’s getting away Give me your vehicle everyone on this like motorway just like turn out when you see it, oh my god, it’s headed straight for the plant No, we got to catch up I need to get in the air I need to get in the air We gotta catch up Okay It’s all gone to plan. Okay, we’ll get her with a boulder. Like my plan is to literally just roll them over it’s like I’m gonna see if I can get like a bunch of boulders and just like launch them. Okay release the boulders Here they go. Oh ah come on We need more lift We need more lift Oh, okay. It’s lifting the boulder I reckon if we just attach a second one Oh Oh God, okay, I need to grapple myself onto the–no . I gotta hang on I gotta hang on Okay, this one’s going up quickly, I’m not gonna have time to tether it to the other boulders. Oh My god, you know, he’s falling off now Rico Rico you got to stay on. You gotta stay on Rice Oh, I just sounded the alarm cuz they just saw me like no no, I’m on the wrong side. No, no no, no Okay, there’s a lot of armed guards here though just Just don’t mind me. I’m just trying to get some lift. Okay? Let’s deploy and letter balloons. Okay, we have liftoff now I just need to work out the rest of my plan at this point we get another crash Okay, so I’m gonna need to Oh god I’m already too high up. Yeah, I think I can kind of steer it How do I fire I got a shot in Okay, we’re in the base Most enemies killed from the impact of a Supply Drop crate That is tragically at zero because every time the crate hasn’t killed them. It’s like the boat that spawns out of it Pop that in there, so if I just stand on This actually worked. Like Oh Jesus Okay, we need a bit of fine-tuning with the seesaw We just be like catapulted like preview the track accidental oh Oh my god it works Okay, so this is how you just get like some extra XP in challenges oh god Okay, I’m taking a lot of lightning damage already said I got to be careful, oh no, yeah, it’s literally just a balloon factory That’s amazing Jesus Christ Yeah, cuz it’s tap and hold let me just get a Prius It’s just the perfect thing to test it on Okay, there it goes Oh that went really high really quickly There into the objective area, I’m just above the entire world now You know how Elon Musk sent like a Tesla into space for an advert buy a Prius Oh God Yeah, I’m okay the Lightning just struck me again Yeah, okay, so I’m gonna have to be like really careful how I set this up because we only have one shot at this Because no one else is here. Okay, this is gonna be bad. I think if I knock her out it might be easier Where is she? Okay, the Lightning got her though this actually makes it so much easier, okay Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna sell a taper to the Prius. We’re gonna send the Prius, huh? Oh, no. Oh, I hope she’s gonna be okay

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  1. I hope everyone enjoys this early look at Just Cause 4! This is the first of two videos releasing from a pre-release session I got to play with the game. Massive thanks for Square for actually going through with this and letting me make my own style of video with the game. And the other person you can hear in the video from time to time is Ria, the rep from Square! Just Cause 4 releases December 4th – head here if you're interested in the game! http://bit.ly/JustCause4RTGame

  2. The cyclones in Just Cause 4 can pick up Horton Spheres (Large Spherical tanks used to contain fuel) and will not pick up Rico when he is closer to the cyclone than the Horton spheres are. That means Rico weighs at least that much. Using some rough and improper math that is most likely an underestimate those giant balls weigh 355200000 lbs. Using calculations for density and the size of the average human male I determined that Rico weighs 79641255 lbs per cubic foot. The densest thing on Earth is Osmium at 1401 lbs per cubic foot. Rico is at least 56846 times denser then that.

  3. holy shit I have that elevator music downloaded! XD


    The man's got good taste in real music

  4. Actually half expecting to see the 12 year olds who don't understand that entertainers need to take care of themselves to be like "Good job selling your soul to sponsors" while they have no idea what that actually means

  5. “just like the batmobile,” RT says as he attaches a rocket booster to the end of a car and prays to whatever god that hasn’t abandoned him

  6. hahaha i wish i could be as good of a content creator as you. Do you ever play games properly. or is it just how can i destroy the game LOL. love it keep it up…. PS you almost lost a house size bolder in a fairly open area how did you do that LOL

  7. You should see if square will sponsor you to play the Final Fantasy 7 remake since the rest of us aren't ever gonna get it

  8. I dare you to drop u41 ptakojesters everywhere

    I do not care if it's called the SkyCastle

  9. so all you have to do to get the attention of a company all you have to do is…. let a spuddz boi play like a child

  10. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    3:33 off we-

  11. Irish man breaks into South American military base, ties weather balloons to tank and uses it as escape vehicle

  12. Aka: "I was sponsored by Square Enix to play a beta build that performed better than the full release and had artificially boosted graphics to hide the game's true 720p/480p textures."
    No shit for you RT, Enix are scumbags.

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